Hanoi – All Things Do End. We Are Coming Home!

Myself, Ms Vera and Ms Paula are still in Hanoi on a “Special Assignment”.  We said our goodbyes to the group yesterday morning after breakfast and prepared to settle in for another day,  Late afternoon we decided to try this hip little American diner I found.  It was in the cut but an easy to find “in the cut”. Lol.  Every Uber I have taken in this country,  even if the drive is 15 mins, has been an unbelievable $1.24  to $1.60 and every amazing meal has been ridiculously inexpensive. This country definitely gives you more bang for your buck. S and L Diner, is ranked #112 out of 2561 restaurants.  We enjoyed root beer floats,  burgers, and  chicken wings.  They have an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, friendly servers that speak English, and they play American oldies but goodies. We all felt quite “at home”.   Bottom line, this place did not disappoint. After awhile, one tends to tire slightly of Vietnamese food and begins to long for what is most familiar to our palates.

We call it “The Vietnam War”, they call it “The American War.  In any case, war just the same and Edwin Starr said it best,  “War…what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! It means destruction of innocent lives, war means tears to thousands of mothers eyes when their sons go to fight and lose their lives”.  That war ended April 30, 1975 but the aftermath is still devastating with our thousands of homeless, jobless and ill  vets suffering  from the effects of Agent Orange-related diseases and the Vietnamese people producing families of deformed babies as a result of that herbicide.

She died at 87 in 2016.  She was known as “Hanoi Hannah”,   North Vietnam’s chief voice of propaganda. She was famous among US Soldiers for her propaganda broadcasts on Radio Hanoi. Her scripts were written by the North Vietnam Army and were intended to frighten and shame the soldiers into leaving their posts.  She made 3 broadcasts a day, reading lists of newly killed and imprisoned Americans and playing popular US anti war songs to incite feelings of nostalgia and homesickness among the troops.

Hoa Lo Prison, aka HANOI HILTON named by American prisoners of war and MAISON CENTRALE by the Vietnamese, It was demolished in the 1990s, though the gatehouse now remains as a museum.  It was first  used by the French colonists for political prisoners then later by North Vietnam for U.S. POWs.  Most were Navy, Air Force and Marine Officers and Airmen.  Navy pilots that were shot down, were severely  injured in ejection and landing . They were already in terrible condition when captured and then subjected to extreme torture, long periods of solitary confinement and malnutrition.

We began this journey in the South, made our way to Central and have ended it in the North. The entire journey has been a sobering, eye-opening and in some cases an emotionally charged experience.  Now, we are coming home. Tam biet (goodbye) Vietnam.

Again, yes, I’m coming back; even if it’s only me and Chauncey coming for the “Tailor Made” clothes, leather boots and shoes.




Halong Bay…How Long?


After an early, very early breakfast we were driven to Halong City (a 3.5 hr drive). How long to HaLong?  It seemed like forever but sometimes we must endure the bitter to get to the better.  I don’t do well with road trips.  I always say, past 2 hrs, drop me at the nearest airport.  It wasn’t the Minnow but  we were transferred to a traditional style Chinese sailing ship,  When we entered the overcrowded terminal and I saw hundreds of Vietnamese with a smattering of Americans and Europeans; good Lord, I was thankful we had a private boat just for us.  That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.  That’s when Chauncey’s mantra comes in, “Who ya wit”?  Those that have never traveled with me, just know that I like for my travelers to travel as I seek to always travel….. in the most comfortable way.

So here we were, 50 miles from the China border. Halong Bay Translates as the Bay of Dragons. the mystical landscapes of Halong Bay are one of Asia’s most iconic sights, breathtaking beyond words.  Shortly after we set sail, the feast began. Everything was piping hot and so delicious: fried spring rolls, peel and eat prawns, calamari, stir fried cabbage with a hint of ginger, soft shell crab, fries, etc. After lunch a few went up top to chill.  This was an excellent culmination to this “tailor made” tour.

Once back in Hanoi, A few went to the water puppet show at the theatre. I had seen it before so instead I preferred to walk less than a block from our hotel to the highly rated CLUB OPERA NOUVEL RESTAURANT, joined by Yvonne and the Nicholsons who in the future must be kept apart… yes all 3. With my dear niece Yvonne as the ringleader seems like all they know to do is clown. Seriously speaking I’m thrilled she flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to hang out with us.  Tomorrow most fly home.  I’m on assignment so 1 more day for myself, Ms Paula and Ms Vera.

Its been a wonderful tour and I hope you enjoyed the ride.  Will I return? Absolutely! But definitely with an empty suitcase for my custom made leathers, shoes and fits. The carriers allow free  (2) 50 lbs suitcases. Now that will work!!

Highlights of Hanoi

After our short hour plus flight from Da Nang, we were greeted by our guide, Ms One.  She is truly “Thee One”.  Raised in Communist Vietnam, with a grandfather that ranked high in the party; you can imagine the fascinating stories she is sharing with us. Our  5 Star hotel L’Opera Hanoi Mgallery by Sofitel is no joke. We are located in the French Quarter with wide open streets, majestic buildings, high-end hotels, restaurants and shops.

After a brief  2 hr rest,  well most rested but Portlock hits the ground running every time  and immediately gets the lay of our surrounding land.  Thanks, Steve. Soon we were whisked away from the hotel for a cyclo tour.  This was really the Kat’s Meow, right up my alley.  Here we were in the capital city, a fascinating blend of east and west.  I was kicked back sitting in my cycle  lost within my own thoughts as we rolled through the city, passing our neighbors of Prada, Valentino, Maserati, Louis Vuitton – all in the French Quarter.   Intermittently taken from my private thoughts by my driver tapping me on my shoulder, “Madame, Madame….as he pointed out various landmarks.  Oh he loves Obama and Clinton, said he didnt like our current idiot president. You can imagine I get a lot of that sentiment worldwide.    We went through the chaotic but intriguing OLD QUARTER  jam packed with shops, hole in the wall eateries where back in the day the streets were named by what was sold on that street.  Hang means “merchandise or shop”, thus the Silver shop or the Silk shop, etc.

Most of us could have continued another hour but it was time for our welcome dinner at the WILD RICE RESTAURANT. Our cyclo drivers dropped us off at the restaurant. I had arranged for a surprise birthday cake for Michael.  He and his wife, accountant, travel person (she’s his everything and he’s hers) have been traveling internationally with me since before 2005.  After we settled in, they dimmed the lights, played some pretty cool happy bday music and presented him with a candle-lit cake. Nice!!!  Our 5 course Dinner was served family style and yes, another hit, everything was delicious.    After dinner our private bus picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel.  A purr-fect ending to a most wonderful KATTRAX kind of day.

There are stories about Hoa Lo (the POW prison) aka Hanoi Hilton now referred to as MAISON CENTRALE,  where Senator John McCain  ( Navy pilot) , spent time and stories of Hanoi Hattie and her propaganda radio broadcasts during the war, but I will revisit later.

Tomorrow, a day trip to HALONG BAY

Where’s The Freakin Beach?

Our last day in the laid back town of Hoi An, Yvonne was determined to take auntie Kat to lunch, dinner or both.  My first inclination was to return to the restaurant Robbie Bell and I loved in 2013, Restaurant 328 but then thought to try something different.  My tailor in Saigon suggested “oh you must try Hoi An’s Cao Lau”. Well all the places we found that made that dish the best, all looked like local Street food places. We didn’t want to chance getting sick.  So Yvonne finds this AN BANG BEACH VILLAGE RESTAURANT.  She says, they have great reviews, rated #46 out of 714 restaurants here. Yvonne says, “ Yes Auntie, a nice lunch right at the beach”.  The first sign of “be careful” was the taxi driver needed the map on Yvonne’s phone to locate the damn place. Ok, so we are off. At a point, the  Driver had to get out his taxi and move a motorbike off the narrow road into someone’s yard and close their gate. Ok, we rollin again. We must have come the back way because there was not a sign in sight to indicate we were at a restaurant, just an arrow stating 10 meters.  I kept thinking, rated 46 out of 714?  But as we got out the taxi and proceeded down this dark outdoor passageway (and it’s daytime), I kept saying, “Yvonne you got us down here in the cut, I don’t know about this”. Yvonne:  Oh Auntie, it’s going to be fine”.  We are from Oaktown.  Me: Right, but I ain’t trying to see Oaktown over here”.

After walking the 10 meters, we enter this dimly lit place that looked nothing like the internet pictures.  In thought, mmm fake pictures, false advertising,etc. Yvonne still smiling and talking about “the adventure”.  The host was welcoming and seated us.  Okay fine, but then my ultra sensitive nose detected “another cat”  in the house, one with 4 legs not 2 but I didn’t see it.  There were 2 other tables that seemed to be enjoying themselves. The host immediately put on Bob Marleys “Legend” cd. I have to admit, that calmed me down a bit.  Yvonne still smiling and I’m trying like hell to show my appreciation but where is the beach we were suppose to dine adjacent to? The menu looked fantastic and we ordered a few things.  Yvonne started with the grilled scallops and she raved about them. I’m allergic so I can’t vouch. My fried spring rolls were good as was the deep fried whole snapper.  Then we shared the bbq prawns on a skewer of which the owner/server kindly removed the shells. Overall, the food was very good but where is the beach?  I won’t describe what I saw when I visited the ladies room. Still  Smdh

A German couple entered as we were leaving and told us the best way to get Uber was to go the opposite way out, said they love this place, they eat there every  night.  REALLY???????  Well, yeah they rent a room there.  Still Smdh about this adventure.  Oh no, the rain is beginning to fall as we made our way to a main road.  Uber showed 16 mins. FOR REAL????   Along came a green taxi, cancelled Uber and on our merry way to our safe, comfortable haven.

I was in for the evening, refused to go back out.  I needed to repack anyway.  Would you believe Yvonne decided to go to my original suggestion RESTAURANT 328. She and Lucille headed out later in the evening……bon appetit!

Heres another misadventure of Chauncey.   Chauncey was determined to get this leather jacket and boots custom made. Somehow she got turned around thinking she could take a shortcut back to the hotel. Her cell had died, no way to get Uber, finally got someone to call the hotel but all she could give was the intersection so the Hotel sent someone on on a bicycle looking for the only black woman with a long ponytail standing on the corner.  And yes, she made it safely back via bicycle and would pick up her lovely custom made leather goods the next day.

Today, we fly to Hanoi, an hour plus away  for more Kattrax adventures.



Even though located 45 mins from bustling  Da Nang, the ancient town of Hoi An is an unbelievable walk back through time.  During the war years, it was spared the destruction that raged throughout the rest of South Vietnam. For whatever reason, neither side launched major attacks on this rare ancient town.

Hoi An is renowned throughout Vietnam for its delicious culinary specialties and this morning’s cooking class begins with an introduction to some of the region’s best known dishes.  We walked with our guide from our hotel to a cafe owned by the Red Bridge Restaurant.  It actually seemed like a forever walk, and yes, I was complaining….it was hot as blazes and my back was killing me. Meanwhile, Yvonne was utilizing her diplomatic HR skills in keeping our guide, Phai on point.  When we finally made it to the Cafe, after passing countless tailor shops, leather shops and restaurants; some wanted to go to the market to purchase a few items but you can bet Ms Kat and a few others, were staying put until we boarded  a small boat that would leisurely take us to the cooking school.

Upon arrival, I immediately saw that the set up, the Chef and her sous chefs of THE RED BRIDGE COOKING SCHOOL were right on point. What we each  prepared would be our lunch. Did I luck out. My cooking station was right next to Yvonne’s and I followed her lead because I was very sleepy  and not focusing very well.    After the preparation of each dish  though,  she and I were 1, 2 in completion.  I must say, all that was prepared today tasted as good as any top notch restaurant. Some said it was the highlight of the trip so far but all in all it was an experience not to have been missed.

One more night here in ancient  HOI AN and we will be flying on to HANOI.


The Original Black Civilization of Vietnam

We were off to a great start this morning.  Happy we would only have a 1 hr flight to Da Nang.  There’s never a dull moment with Chauncey and her so down to earth mother, Gert (aka Thelma and Louise). In going through security, they confiscated Chauncey’s “bullet necklace” she purchased in Saigon and how in the world Mom got through SFO and Taipei with a knife in her backpack is beyond me. Leaving Saigon, she told the Security officer, “just take it. I didn’t know it was in there”.    Smh.  That gave us all a good laugh.

We were greeted by our guide, Mr. Phai, such a knowledgeable, soft spoken humble gentleman.  En route to our resort in HOI AN,  our first stop was the Museum of Cham Sculpture.  The Kingdom of Chams dominated southern Vietnam culturally and politically for about 1,000 years. The Chams of Champa are the original Black Civilization of Vietnam.  This museum  has the largest collection of Cham sculptures in the world. All excavated, mostly  dating back to the 10th Century.  The museum is full of statues, friezes, altars and other items.  You can see so many statues here clearly showing African influence.

Our next stop, one of my favorites; China Beach, where our troops went for R and R. Due to some political brouhaha with China, it has been renamed Da Nang Beach so we are not to refer to it as China Beach in public.  It is such a beautiful beach. Anyone wishing to visit the next couple of days are welcome to return.   Immediately, the group could feel the difference in the busy, hustle and bustle of Saigon and now the more calmness and peacefulness  of Da Nang. Soon we were at THE ALMANITY RESORT in Hoi An. Da Nang was my first choice to stay  but none would include a 60 min spa treatment and 90 mins in the spa daily.  ALMANITY HOI AN  WELLNESS RESORT is sheer tranquility and serenity.

Check in was quick, smooth and sweet; we were seated in the bar area,  given a cool refreshing towel and a healthy welcome drink while giving us an overview of the property and then we were shown to our rooms.  We needed to make our upcoming appointments for our massages. Time was running out.   I know, I know…”Kat you don’t even like strange folks rubbing on you”.  Right! That was before last year in Saigon. They made a true believer out of me. Lol.   The others went to the Spa to make appointments. I let my fingers push the buttons on my room  phone and snagged one of the few appointments available for the afternoon.  Today was the “herbal compress massage” and in a word it was FABULOUS! and  I look forward to the next 2 days:  Bamboo Stick and Aromatherapy.

We were picked up by our private bus and Mr. Phai for our welcome dinner at BROTHER CAFE just a few minutes from the resort. We dined Al fresco riverside and were served a Vietnamese set menu that was excellent.

Tomorrow, after breakfast we will journey by boat to the Cooking School. This is guaranteed to be quite the experience here in this culinary capital.






Mekong Delta… Read All About It

Because Kat will not be trackin’ this way again.  The Mekong Delta was a name I heard a lot during the war and I guess curiosity got the best of this Kat. So here we are. The Mekong Delta is a vast maze of rivers, swamps and islands, home to floating markets, villages and surrounded by rice paddies where boats of all types  are the main means of transportation.

The Mekong River is the 12th longest river in the world. Today we just touched a portion of this brown and muddy river that is still wild and free. During the war, The Delta region saw savage fighting between the Viet Công guerillas and units of the U.S. Navy’s swift boats and hovercrafts. Our guide said, “Americans think they lost so much because of the casualties but we lost too; 5 million to your 500,000 and Agent Orange will continue to affect our plant and human life for the next 50 years”. Land mines are still exploding when people unknowingly land on them killing entire families.  Nevertheless, these humble people allow us into their country and treat us with the highest degree of dignity and respect. It’s such a beautiful country.

We had to drive 2 hrs from Saigon to a Province called BEN TRE, located on a branch of the river.    Upon arrival, we all paid a visit to a nearby “Happy Room” and then boarded our motorized Sampan. Then at a point we disembarked and began a very long walk in the hot blazin’ sun.  Yeah, I was complaining…”Are we there yet”? , now what?”  Chauncey and her mom had to bring up when we were in Egypt under similar circumstances out of my comfort zone and we had to walk through mud and poop (me in my Louis Vuitton sandals) to get in a cart pulled by a damn donkey to take us down the hill.   I honestly believe “Comfort” is my middle name.

Today it seemed like we walked for miles in the hot sun and heat as we visited a coconut candy factory where they also sold this snake wine that’s supposed to work wonders for men. Smh.  Then a stop at a mat making place.  At some point we got in a Tuk Tuk (different from the ones in Bangkok). The order of events are kind of foggy to me but finally lunch at a Riverside Homestay. Homestay….if you want to get away from it all and be on the under without creature comforts; this is the place. Lol.   On the menu was “elephant ear fish”.  It’s a delicacy here, deep fried with scales and fins and served on a rack.  The server rakes the fish off and prepares spring rolls with rice noodles and vegetables in rice paper.  I passed on all that spring roll business. I just raked off some of the sweet fish and nibbled on that, tasted some of the pumpkin soup, had a couple prawns and called it a day…. so ready to get the heck back to Saigon.  Little did we realize we had to first get in these tiny row boats to get us back to the motorized sampan to get us to the station to board our bus. Those tiny row boats were nothing nice. Most of us had some kind of challenging issues getting in and out but thank God we made it.

Finally back in Saigon, there was some talk about going to the “Night Market”.  Lol. Okay, no thank you! My tired behind headed straight to my room where I remained for the evening.  Mama Yvonne arrived from Indonesia, Yeah!!!!  Tomorrow we fly to DA NANG and make our way to Hoi An, the culinary capital of Vietnam and I cannot wait.


April 30, 1975 North Vietnamese tanks rumbled past the gates of the Presidential Palace signaling the fall of Saigon and ultimately the end of the Vietnam war, however some Vietnamese call it the American war.  That Palace has since been renamed  The Reunification Palace.  Today’s tour first stop was a visit to the Palace where the group learned a bit about that period in time. Contrary to the history books that state the last Americans were airlifted from the Embassy; it was the top of that little building that was the CIA HEADQUARTERS.    After which, a photo opportunity at Saigon’s government district where they saw the replica of Notre Dame which was built between 1863 and 1880 by the French. Across the street in that square is the French colonial-era post office.  Then later, There was a stop at the Phuong Nam Fine Art and Lacquerware Company.  This is where  one would purchase authentic lacquer  boxes and such.  If you aren’t looking for the real deal then you will find knock offs at the tons of souvenir shops in town.

The group took a break for lunch and our guide spoke of the best Pho (fa) noodle soup restaurant he would take them to.  The 3 floors were jam packed with locals and the Kattrax Group. Lol. It was already hot and yours truly wanted no parts of soup nor was it my plan to ride for  an hour plus afterwards to the CU CHI TUNNELS. I hit up an Uber and headed back to the comfort of our hotel, had  a nice Caesar salad and enjoyed my lovely view of the Saigon River from my room. Scores of motorbikes abound. This city has over 8 million living here with over 7 million registered motorbikes. Truly a sight to see. Some drivers with stilettos, and  some pregnant with a baby, no helmet but face masks riding with papasan. They are too tough for me.

Construction of the tunnels began in the late 1940s during the war with France. When the US military entered the picture to support South Vietnam, communist forces began expanding the network.  At its height, there were over 250km of tunnels, no more than 70 cm wide, 90 cm high, some running 30 ft deep.  This subterranean maze served as shelters, communication centers and supply lines.

The US had men, modern equipment, firepower and aerial bombing at their disposal. The North Vietnamese and Viet Công, most of them peasants, were outnumbered. During aerial attacks, to survive, whole villages moved underground—cramped, dark tunnels with kitchens, sleeping areas and hospitals.  Despite clever engineering with disguised ventilation and drainage, the conditions were almost unfathomable.  It was sweltering, hard to breathe and at risk for disease, flooding and snakes.

Only a portion of these tunnels are open to the public.  Steve of Sacramento was adventurous enough to take a partial trip down. Only he can tell that story.

Tomorrow after breakfast, we drive toward Ben Tre Province which is located on a branch of the MEKONG RIVER.  It promises to be an exciting tour day. Sometime in the afternoon, niece Yvonne McIntyre will join us, flying in from Jakarta, Indonesia where she is currently residing on assignment.  She is so full of unbelievable humor and I can’t wait for her to get here to hang with us the remainder of our time here.

Saigon…Tale of Two Cities

With well over a million air miles under my belt, this would be my first time flying Eva Airlines, part of the Star Alliance Family.  5 of us opted for Premium Economy which was an excellent choice.  Their Premium Economy  was actually better than some Business Class routes I’ve flown in the past. There were only 7 rows in our special, private cabin, the food was outstanding and the service top notch.  The drinkers loved the complimentary beverage service.  One said, “whenever we hit a little turbulence, I just pushed my call button for another shot of VSOP.” LOL.  They had a wide range of spirits from vodka, champagne, wines,  Baileys, Plum Liqueur, and including cocktails such as Mojitos for those that like to imbibe.  Even though I no longer for 4 years now, Prior to that, I actually stopped during flights about 15 years ago when I realized it heavily attributes to jet lag (something I no longer experience). With my schedule, I couldn’t handle that.  Bottom line, this was one of my best flown experiences. If I do Vietnam again, you can bet I will fly no other than EVA AIR.

We changed planes in Taipei, Taiwan — a lovely airport with tons of designer shops. Our layover was not long at all.   Upon  landing in Saigon, we had to go to the Landing Desk to get our Visas (the cheapest way—$25) before standing in the Immigration line. I swear the Landing Desk area looked like a county general hospital emergency room along with folks trying to get public assistance at the welfare office.   At any rate we all finally got our visas and I hurried out to ensure our guide was still there.  Soon we were on our way to our 5 Star HOTEL LE MERIDIEN SAIGON.  In a word…. It’s fabulous!   As the group was getting checked in with our guide, I had to hurry for my appointment with the tailor at CaoMinh.  Once I finally arrived at their tightly secured showroom, the customer Service was wonderful. They’ve been in business since 1948 so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with them. I had been in communication with them for 2 weeks so they were expecting me.   I can expect tailor made shirts in 2 days, if I’m lucky; maybe tomorrow.

We were picked up by our driver at 6:30 for dinner reservations at Hoa Tuc Saigon.  I’ve been there several times so I was really looking forward to it.  In 2013 Robbie Bell and I did the Saigon Cooking School there in the courtyard where we learned to prepare Pho noodle soup and several other dishes. Last year Cousin Darryl and Alisha fell in love with this place.     Hoa Tuc translates to “poppy flower”  the building is over 100 years old and back in the day it was an opium factory.  Hoa Tuc’s art-nouveau cuisine certainly satisfied this foodie as well as those dining with us tonight.

Even though the official name is HO CHI MINH CITY (HCMC) many locals and past residents still prefer SAIGON.  The ladies at the nail shops say, “We didnt like Ho Chi Minh, he wasn’t a nice man, we prefer Saigon”.  The city buses still show “Saigon”. the river our hotel overlooks is still Saigon River, and the airport code is still SGN. The communist North won the war and changed the name to Ho Chi Minh City in honor of the prime minister, a revolutionary leader. The name change wasn’t voluntary on the part of those living in the South. It was a statement of the North’s success and many Saigonese locals fled the country. Nowadays the two names are not used to make any kind of political statement but an alternate way of referring to the city

It’s been quite a full day and I should be asleep because in 5 hrs we will be leaving for a full day of touring and sightseeing.  Good day, good night….wherever you may be.

Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Greetings Travelers,

I trust all is well with you. As for myself, I give thanks, I’m almost 100 % and I’d like to thank you  all for your prayers. I hate to have missed my 7th Continent but I’ve got my wings back and will be headed to beautiful, warm and sunny Vietnam (north, south and central).  Before taking off, I’d like to give you an update on the latest.

LA DOLCE VITA (the Sweet Italian life) July 7-17, 2019.  Some begged me for more space and now that I was able to increase rooms in Tuscany….where are they?  I don’t have a clue but if you are interested, I’ve got 3 rooms added and available. There will be no waitlist for this one any more. Whoever drops out, that space will go back into the hotel’s inventory.  In order for me to hold space costs money and cancellations bring on penalties for me.     Deposit is $450pp, all available single occupancy rooms are sold. Cost is $5280pp. Interested in one of the 3 rooms, inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com

A STROLL THROUGH BLACK PARIS  March 20-28, 2019.  We have 5 rooms available, Land cost is $2900pp.  A great week of sightseeing, dining, Paris by Night in stretch limos,  an African American historical tour on private bus with knowledgeable, historian Ricki Stevenson and more.  We have 24 excited Travelers ready to go next month.   This tour always sells out.  Interested? Inbox me for more information.

KAT’S AFRO COLOMBIAN TOUR – May 2-12, 2019  This will be my 5th trip, oh how I love this place. I swear it’s got to be one of the world’s best kept secrets.  Gone are the days when it was so dangerous.  I am especially excited about exploring Medellín for the first time.  You will also taste the flavor of Cartagena, Palenque and the tiny island of San Andres.    Land Cost is $2175pp.  We still have some space.  Please inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com

Until next time……