Something About The Water

Our last blog mentioned we will again Kat Track back to Ghana and Iceland. Ghana is so rich with our history and culture it’s difficult not to return to learn more and more about our ancestors. When we return we’ll spend 9 nights divided between to beach resorts; Labadi Beach in Accra & Lemon Beach in Elmina on Cape Coast.
Our 5 days on the coast will be spent enjoying the annual Bakatue Festival.

Believe it or not the Ghana and the Iceland package without details or cost are over half sold out. The 102 degree geo-thermal water in Iceland is an unbelievable experience as is lunch at the Lava Restaurant overlooking the Blue Lagoon.
We’ve had several new blog followers that have been buzzed in by long time Kat trackers. I look forward to them joining some of our unforgettable journeys. There is 1 prerequisite and I say to them: “If you don’t read your email, these are not the tours for you”. Believe me, this aspect is most important.

In closing, just know there are a few rooms left for Ghana and the Iceland “interested” list is just about maxed out. Moving forward, the Kattrax magic number is 30. I like keeping it nice and cozy.

Kat’s Kibbles & Bits

Just back from a great Ghana tour and now preparing for a 3 city stop through the country of Colombia in 2 weeks. Now I realize I’m guilty of saying, “No more” for various destinations. Well it’s not that I’ve lied but it’s just like the pain of having a baby and while those labor pains are still on your mind, one might say, “I’m not going through that again” but as soon as the painful memories have left you; you’re ready for another little one.
That said, it looks like we’ll return to Ghana in 2024. I’ve been invited by Nana Tseasewaa III Queen Mother of Gwira Akyinim Elmina to attend their annual BAKATUE FESTIVAL. The Bakatue Festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana. The festival, established at least as far back as 1847, is celebrated on the first Tuesday in the month of July every year.

Some of our most loyal supporters who missed out on the ICELAND TOUR have been on my case to return to Iceland. If it happens it will not be attached to the North Sea Jazz. I’m really done with the Amsterdam airport. Our focus will be on returning to the BLUE LAGOON where the geo-thermal waters are 102 degrees year round.I can feel that experience now as I write. The other attraction will be THE NORTHERN LIGHTS, which like the Great Migration cannot be guaranteed but we’ll sure give it a shot between September and April.

Curating and escorting my special tours has not only been my passion but also my mission in life. How can one just end their “mission” when it’s a gift from God? How can I end all the relationships I’ve developed and maintained worldwide down through the years? I guess it’s not my call.

An Incredible Evening With Chef Ruby

Today we flew back to Accra after a 2 day visit to Kumasi. There are a couple of other groups visiting Ghana from the United States but their mode of transportation to Kumasi was by bus. Good Lord, 5 hours over bad roads each way. Our 40 minute flight was just what the doctor ordered. Once back, those that didn’t go shopping for gold just chilled at our hotel until dinner time. Were they in for an unbelievable treat. We had our same motorcoach and exceptional driver for every tour, activity and restaurant no matter where we were going.

After entering the affluent gated community, as we made our way to the front door, melodic jazz saxophone notes could be heard. What a welcome! Chef Ruby is a professional chef who for the past 30 years perfected her culinary skills and worked with several major international brands, clients and individuals, delighting many a palate in the processs…. Yes! Including the Kattrax group this evening. The evening began with several rounds of appetizers being served along with cocktails, and infused organic juices.
We were each presented with our own personalized menu with both our American and Ghanian names inscribed.
We were entertained by a small combo and a vocalist who really showed us what he was working with. Our 4 course tasting menu was wonderful. My favorites were the lobster bisque with pieces of seared lobster and lobster toast. My main of the slow roasted rack of lamb was so tender you could cut it with a butter knife.

Before the night was over, the dancers hit the floor as the musicians did their thing. As we said our thank you’s and farewell’s, Chef Ruby presented each with a gift box of her homemade jam. What a delightful dining experience.

Ghana…Back Home Again

We are into day 4 of our 8 day tour. I generally start to blog immediately upon arrival in the country and that’s because I want to encourage those thinking about a particular destination to join us on the next outing but as a lot of you already know, Kat has already scaled back considerably.
Here we are and again it’s been an emotionally charged experience in learning about how our ancestors suffered at the hands of the oppressors. We visited the site of the “Last Slave Bath” to the “Door of No Return” to where the narrative has been changed to the “Door of Return”as we here now are welcomed back to learn the horribly incredible path our ancestors had to endure. We’ve had as before amazing guides at the sites we have visited. At the invitation of my dear friend, Queen Mother Nana Tseasewaa III, of the Elmina Village we stopped by the Elmina Beach Resort briefly to say hello en route to our lunch at Coconut Grove Beach Resort minutes away.
The dungeons of Cape Coast Castle is always emotionally charged and draining but it was the reality. Our naming ceremony at the Torgorme Village has been an unforgettable highlight for the group.

Our dining experience thus far has been second to none dining at some of the best Ghana has to offer for lunch and dinner: Tam Tam, Treehouse, The Mix, Telande Tea Garden and the Royal Senchi.

Tomorrow we fly to Kumasi, the Ashanti region for a 2 night stay. Stay tuned…