Halong Bay…How Long?


After an early, very early breakfast we were driven to Halong City (a 3.5 hr drive). How long to HaLong?  It seemed like forever but sometimes we must endure the bitter to get to the better.  I don’t do well with road trips.  I always say, past 2 hrs, drop me at the nearest airport.  It wasn’t the Minnow but  we were transferred to a traditional style Chinese sailing ship,  When we entered the overcrowded terminal and I saw hundreds of Vietnamese with a smattering of Americans and Europeans; good Lord, I was thankful we had a private boat just for us.  That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.  That’s when Chauncey’s mantra comes in, “Who ya wit”?  Those that have never traveled with me, just know that I like for my travelers to travel as I seek to always travel….. in the most comfortable way.

So here we were, 50 miles from the China border. Halong Bay Translates as the Bay of Dragons. the mystical landscapes of Halong Bay are one of Asia’s most iconic sights, breathtaking beyond words.  Shortly after we set sail, the feast began. Everything was piping hot and so delicious: fried spring rolls, peel and eat prawns, calamari, stir fried cabbage with a hint of ginger, soft shell crab, fries, etc. After lunch a few went up top to chill.  This was an excellent culmination to this “tailor made” tour.

Once back in Hanoi, A few went to the water puppet show at the theatre. I had seen it before so instead I preferred to walk less than a block from our hotel to the highly rated CLUB OPERA NOUVEL RESTAURANT, joined by Yvonne and the Nicholsons who in the future must be kept apart… yes all 3. With my dear niece Yvonne as the ringleader seems like all they know to do is clown. Seriously speaking I’m thrilled she flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to hang out with us.  Tomorrow most fly home.  I’m on assignment so 1 more day for myself, Ms Paula and Ms Vera.

Its been a wonderful tour and I hope you enjoyed the ride.  Will I return? Absolutely! But definitely with an empty suitcase for my custom made leathers, shoes and fits. The carriers allow free  (2) 50 lbs suitcases. Now that will work!!

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