Let’s Go North to Alaska

This is what some of you have been waiting for. I know I have. I am now at my number 88th Cruise.  I’ve flown to England, the Canary Islands, San Juan, Luxor, and    Jamaica and soon to Buenos Aires for Antarctica to board a cruise ship.  Finally, I can Uber to San Francisco and board Princess Cruise Line’s STAR PRINCESS for a 10 night cruise to ALASKA : Juneau, Skagway, Tracy Arm Fijord, Sitka and then on the return back to San Francisco we’ll stop in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.  Leaving from my hometown excites me to no end. Cruising still has some excitement for me but not getting on a plane to experience it…..is what’s up!

We have some Mini Suites 323 sq ft  with 61 sq ft balcony  for $2499 pp plus tax.  If you want Ocean View unobstructed $1599pp  plus tax, Interior $1099pp plus tax.  After spending time in the Spa on the Royal Princess, I cant wait for this experience.  To get the low rate, you must deposit by Sept 3rd.  Deposits are minimal and non refundable.  Inbox me, Space is limited.

The dates: JUNE 22 – JULY 2, 2020.

Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

It’s been a busy time for me these past 6 months, as I touched a minimum of 5 Continents. I couldn’t tell you how many air miles I’ve flown this year.   It’s been grueling and enjoyable at the same time but I’m so happy to be home with my family for a month.   Now I’m blessed with another family in Egypt that I’m missing terribly.    Damn, what’s a girl to do?  I guess as they say, “ain’t nothin to it but to do it”.     Before I begin with the Kibbles; you see this lovely 2 piece  sofa and love seat…. it’s for sale $600.  Inbox me if you are interested.

To the many that continued to inquire about Black Paris next May…. we have reached our max and now it’s waitlisted only.

Well Travelers, It’s ime to explore a new frontier!  A couple years ago while in  Cali, Colombia waiting to board a flight, a little boy named Ricardo stuck to me like glue.  He couldn’t speak English but he kept repeating the words “SAN ANDREAS”.  He eventually brought over his sister Maria, then grandma who just had to take our photos .   Our group joked about San Andreas seeing how we In California have the San Andreas Fault to contend with.  Ricardo was giving me a destination to add to my list of places in this world to see.  That night in my hotel room  I researched and discovered it’s an island 800 miles off the coast of Colombia.  It’s a tiny island that belongs to Colombia but geographically it’s closer to Nicaragua and Jamaica.  They speak an English based creole similar to Belize Kriol and Miskito Coastal Creole.  It’s a place that loves reggae music and fresh seafood and where Colombians go to get away on holiday.  I couldn’t make it happen this year but God willing, I’m aiming for next March:  Medellin ( med a jean)  San Andreas Island, Cartagena (car ta hay na) and Palenque (pa link kay) where the slaves ran off to in the 16th century and with their West African roots, the descendants continue to maintain their own culture.  They don’t speak Spanish. They speak Palenquero. It’s an hour drive from Cartagena….definitely off the beaten path and they love the KATTRAX GROUPS.

The new KAT TRACKIN’ ball caps are currently in production.  The new ones will be replaced with purple stitching and the yellow KAT TRACKIN luggage tags will now be purple with black text.  The black totes for Paris will continue with the purple graphics.  The tee shirts we’ve offered have all been designed by yours truly.  My BFF from Havenscourt Jr High; Margaret Ware  and I collaborated on the Egyptian design. I’m especially proud of the Egypt Tees. They are the truth.  Matter of fact, I was wearing my lucky tee when I met my Mr. Hamada Mohamed Ahmed Nazim.  To Those that are confirmed for Egypt 2019,  please send me your tee shirt size by private email.

In Cartagena, our traveler, Stevie J Portlock, discovered a gem of a restaurant not far from our hotel; LA OLLA.  I had these wonderful crab claws in garlic and parsley.  Others raved about the whole fried snapper.  I can almost taste those crab claws as I write about them.

One more thing I love about Colombia is the fact that it’s only 3 hours from Miami and each city we visit within the country is only a 2 to 3 hour flight.  We already have 12 interested parties and even if they decide not to go… KATNESS will be in full effect.

A Special Farewell


Lovin The View


We stayed on an extra 3 days and 2 nights.  This  last day started off fabulously with me getting my Business Class upgrade for my flight and the Duty Manager advising we could have a late check out in the suite until 6pm.  Purr-fect!  Our private pickup is  at 6pm with our flight departing at 10pm.

After breakfast, chillin seaside,  one of the lovely servers stopped by and said they would like to sing a farewell song for us and would it be okay.  Absolutely !!! It was such a nice gesture and a special farewell.     My friends,  It’s difficult for me to say I will not return to such a happy place as Fiji  where everybody greets you with a smile and , “Bula” as they pass, even if you are on the Bula Bus rolling through town and they are at a bus stop waiting for the city bus or a taxi.  If only everywhere was like this.

From the start on the Coral Coast to the finish here on Denerau Island; it’s been a most wonderful and relaxing time.

Livin’ Your Best Life – In Dubai and Abu Dhabi

I’m still in Fiji but I continue to work.  I’ve got 1 room left to sell for an 8 night stay in ABU DHABI AND DUBAI – NOVEMBER 24-DECEMBER 3, 2019.    If you’ve never been; here’s your opportunity to do it and not break the bank. You’ve already read what the KATNESS is about so allow me to escort you on this one and show you first hand, up close and personal.

The land package has been slashed by $300. So $2000pp plus airfare which is  Currently $1117 r/t  nonstop from San Francisco.  The tour begins in ABU DHABI spending 3 nights at the  5 Star RITZ CARLTON, GRAND CANAL and then 5 nights at the 5 Star KEMPINSKI AT THE EMIRATE’S MALL.

If there’s an interest and you would like further information on what’s included please inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com


Tonight’s The Night

This morning I happily packed up from the Sofitel to move to the Radisson Blu to be reunited with the Kattrax Group of whom I seriously missed hanging out with.  The group, is comprised of some lively characters and out of 17,  8 including myself, are retired  Public Safety employees from Los Angeles PD, Berkeley PD, Berkeley Fire, Richmond Fire, and last but not least Oakland Police and  Fire.    Tonight would be our Farewell Dinner at Radisson’s CHANTARA  THAI RESTAURANT.

I can be that hotel snob but after 36 hardworking years in this industry and paying my dues; you better believe Kat is coming in the gate letting it be known, of course   with a smile on my face, “the room better be right Mr or Mrs Duty Manager or else I’m coming for you”.  Well, The 1 bdrm suite was sweet: full kitchen, washer/dryer, large balcony with a full corner view of the ocean.  I was in heaven.  Bodies of water have a calming and soothing effect on me. Its  a biological craving, I need it, I must have it.

There have been inquiries as to whether or not I’d be returning to Fiji.  After 3 times since 2016, probably not but what beats Fiji is THE MALDIVE ISLANDS,  For years  rich  folks have been enjoying that best kept secret in the Indian Ocean, a short  4 hr flight  from Singapore.   We are going back December 2020, God willing and yes, we still have space.   If you think you want to join us; please don’t wait too long and I have to say, “Sorry, sold out”.

Tonight the dinner venue was impeccably set up. It was on an outdoors deck, live music drifted up from below, and there was a light breeze felt from the ocean. Dinner table chatter and laughter  was enjoyable.  I had Ethell Wilson on my left   and Terry Harris on my right.  They both kept me laughing nonstop. Their lovely wives at their sides seemed happy to have a break.   It was as our welcome dinner was,  the Kat’s Meow. Everyone seemed to enjoy all the Thai choices prepared for us and served family style. I’m not a fan of  Family style nor buffets but as long as the group was happy, that is what mattered.  We missed the Nicholsons who had an early departure and Briana who is now  known as Auntie Bri by the handsome young guys all over this place; seemed to be in a reflective mood tonight.  The group cuts out tomorrow. A couple more days of rest for me and then I’m out.  My friends, tonight was an excellent  “nightcap” to a purr-fect Fijian Holiday


No Hurry, No Worry

My Fijian day began with breakfast and then it was time for me to enjoy the Private WATUI BEACH CLUB.  Upon entering you are presented with as many beach towels you desire, chilled bottles of water, personal sized sunscreen and skin cooling gel,  then escorted to your shell, cabana or lounger. They have a swim up bar, their own kitchen where one can order breakfast, lunch and dinner and  Club attendants casually stroll the grounds checking to see if you need anything.  After spending a good amount of time at the Club,  I retired to my room to prepare for the evening meal at the Radisson Blu.  It was to be the LOMANI WAI, where your table is in a pool of water and you are served by handsome Fijian warriors.  I missed it 2 years ago because it’s only twice a week and seating is very limited.  In walking into the pool, the water hits you about at your knees, some rolled up pants legs, some got wet clothes but the KATNESS was ready for the experience with my cute white denim mini skirt.

They began with a Kava ceremony.  I have yet to try it.  I just can’t fade it though.   It’s suppose to have a relaxing effect. I understand it gives the tongue a numbing sensation. No thank you!     It’s made from an indigenous pepper plant and only the root is used, pounded into a powder, mixed with fresh water and then the cup is passed around.

Dinner was divine from the starter to the main to the dessert.  Before leaving, we were treated to a fantastic fire show. I have now upgraded the blogsite which allows videos (thanks to DJ DeeDee).  Enjoy!

A new day has dawned here on Denerau Island at 5:30am and a few of us early risers met the Fijian sunrise.


The “KATNESS” Party Continues

Today is a beautiful day on Denerau Island as I relax and reflect on last night’s continued birthday dinner/celebration  at BONEFISH SEAFOOD RESTAURANT hosted by the gracious Ms Briana Moore. She has created a new name for my style of travel and just being  Kat. It’s called “Katness”.

The evening was magical as they enjoyed cosmos and I my tonic water.  We started with seafood chowder with brandy cream. They enjoyed garlic, chili prawns while I enjoyed a 600kg lobster with garlic butter. Thank you, Ms B.  We laughed with a New Zealand couple next to us who of course like most of us cannot believe the foolishness going on in the White House.  When I blew out the candle my verbal wish was for peace on earth.  Lord we need it now more than ever before.

My beautiful morning has been spent communicating with my husband in Egypt,  Mr Nazim who has been patiently rescheduling the 3 day religious ceremony and festivities that were postponed by his prodigal wife but will now  take place in January in his family’s Village. You will all get to see the beautiful hijabs to be worn and modeled by myself and my #1 girl, my daughter, the beautiful DeeDee also now known as DJ DeeDee.

I’ve got another 6 days here in this paradise as I work on some upcoming KATNESS projects:  Tanzania and Zanzibar is in 4 weeks,  Colombia 2020 should be in March and Australia in March 2021.  Inbox me if you are seriously interested. No fakers please.  In other words: I remember the lyrics to a song my parents listened to: First you say you do and then you don’t. Then you say you will and then you won’t. You’re UNDECIDED NOW so what are you gonna do?

Until next time, I will continue to enjoy FIJI TIME. “No hurry, No worry”


My plan was to enjoy 3 nights of relaxation on the Coral Coast at the Warwick Hotel and then move onto the lively DENERAU ISLAND (den er rau rhymes with cow).  Being the foodie and hotel snob that I am; I couldn’t wait.  I must admit though, the lobster at the WICKED WALU and the tempura at SAZUNAMI was the bomb diggity our last 2 nights.

En route we would stop off at the Nayawa Village where we would spend some time with our Fijian brothers and sisters in the VILLAGE.  Our 2 village guides received us and presented each of us with a flower lei. We were then led through the village with explanations of life in the village, pointing out various plants they boil to combat a variety of illness including the C word.    They showed us the Lovo (oven in the ground) where they cooked our lunch of vegetables, chicken and fish.  Afterwards we removed our shoes and entered the community hall for the Cava ceremony. Terry Harris retired RFD represented our group as our Chief and  Spokesman.  It was all about the men at this point with them on the right and the women on the left and then  they passed around the Cava. Later the women showed us their ancient art of pottery making by hand. No wheels used in the making. This is the real deal.    Then it was lunch time and they served us a hearty meal.  We purchased various handmade souvenirs and the lovely Judy Brandle delighted the excited children with slapsticks on their wrists she brought from home.   

In the Chief’s message to us he stated “Lots of people come to the Fiji Islands but very few visit their village”.  He thanked us profusely. A few in our group brought gifts of books and school supplies and we left monetary donations when we briefly stopped in their place of worship.  It was a very humbling and emotional afternoon.

We bid our farewells, hoping to see them again one day.  In another hour we were at the Radisson Blu to check in the group. There was a minor last minute glitch a few weeks ago in that sadly the Radisson overbooked so yours truly had to find other accommodations for a couple nights. No problem, Roommate Sandra and I made the best of it at the Sofitel. I wasn’t too excited since I stayed there twice already but to make myself happy I upgraded to their newly redesigned and renovated WATUI BEACH CLUB. It is truly the Kat’s Meow. Later on in the week we will move to the 1 bdrm suite at the RADISSON.

We purchased our Bula Bus Pass ( a hop on hop off Transportation)  around the island and made reservations at the RHUM-BA SEAFOOD RESTAURANT. It has blown me away at how many of the fine people remember me from 3 years ago at the Warwick, in the Village and now at Rhum-Ba.  Our server told me where I was sitting, who  I was with (cousins Darryl, Van, Gary and Alisha.) and she wasn’t even our server then.  Smh

Last night I was in Foodie Heaven.  We started with the best damn garlic bread this side of the moon.  Garlic bread is the American cousin of Bruschetta which originated in Rome in the 15th century. This Fijian chef put a Fiji twist on this warm ciabatta baked loaf steeped in butter and infused with fresh garlic. Yummy , yummy, yummy!! I’d go back just for the bread and I’m not even a bread lover.

I chose the Seafood Pasta –  with prawns, mussels & baby calamari with house rolled squid ink fettuccini, chilli, garlic & chardonnay cream sauce.   Sandra went with the SPAGHETTI ROSA BOSCAIOLA  with sautéed  chicken, bacon, onion & garlic, in a white wine cream & tomato basil sauce, topped with shaved parmesan cheese.  Yes, my friends, I kid you not. The dining experience was the TRUTH!! 

Stay tuned, more to come from DENERAU ISLAND.

It’s Fiji Time

We were off to a great start Thursday night. There are 17 in the group and 6 of us were going Business Class. Friends, I say, “Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself”.  Fiji Airways uses the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Lounge for their Business Class clientele and when  you enter the Clubhouse you are presented with a menu for complimentary meal and beverage service.  Also enjoying the Clubhouse were Marlon and Judy Brandle along with Terry and JoAnn Harris.  I ordered my usual tonic water, a chicken Caesar salad and sesame ginger chicken on a bed of noodles. Yes , it was quite delicious.  It was Aug 1st and our 10 hr flight would land in Nadi (pronounced Nan Dee) Aug 3rd since we would be crossing the International Date Line.

After arriving, I discovered we were missing my  4 Durham and L.A. folks. Dr. Bernadette Watts, I miss you traveling with me but thank you for all the beautiful Raleigh Durham folks you have sent my way.   It turned out the 4 were all on the flight from Los Angeles which would be almost 3 hrs delayed.  What’s a girl to do?? After tossing it around in my mind while 13 waited patiently on our tour bus; it was decided to set up a private car for them to be transported the hour and a half drive  to our destination at the WARWICK HOTEL on the Coral Coast.

After my arrival, the first thing I needed to do was schedule a spa treatment. Yes, I know, I never wanted the experience all these years of traveling but now I’ve come to realize the importance for my well-being.  I needed mine now, this day.  I selected the Vakacegu Signature Massage. It combined a rich exotic tropical coconut oil, with a tapping technique to release tension, and  long strokes increase blood circulation to draw the toxins away and reduce muscular pain. A warm poultice of Fijian medicine is placed on specific areas of tension.  I was in heaven and it didn’t stop there.  I followed it with a hydrotherapy “Milk Bath”.  It was a blend of mandarin, lavender, and patchouli essential oils infused in creamy organic coconut milk and exotic nut extracts  Yes, just what the doctor ordered.

After a short nap, I was ready for the group’s Welcome Dinner. Unlike the last Italy tour, we had choices up the ying yang for our 3 course meal.  Briana Moore and Sandra Phillips from the Italy tour were hanging tough with me on this tour and like myself appreciated the large variety of selections.  My starter was smoked salmon, king prawns and avocado.  They chose seared scallops. My main was slow roasted lamb while others had several different fish and chicken  entrees.  My dessert was Pavlova (delicious but half eaten). I seriously watch that white demon called sugar.

Today is Sunday and a day of rest and relaxation,  lounging poolside, a stroll on the beach and just maybe another visit to the spa.

On a sad note, those of you that were here 2017, 2018 remember our guide, Daniel. He always referred to our group as “Family”.  I was looking for him at the airport and was shocked to find out He transitioned a few days ago and today is his service.  He was a beautiful, most knowledgeable and most humble gentle giant and will be terribly missed.