Let’s Talk Black Paris

As long as Europe opens up for us, our group will be going. The new dates are APRIL 15 – 22, 2021. I’ve been going to Paris annually since 1983 and the fact that there is a ban has been a very bitter pill to swallow. Nonetheless, my focus is on 2021 and I so look forward to escorting my group of 25 to the “City of Light”, showing them Paris on the black side and showing them all that has made this beautiful city what it is.
One of the highlights of our tour is spending a full day with Ricki Stevenson, owner and founder of Black Paris Tours. She recently did a very informative interview now on YouTube, of which I’d love to share with you.
You are invited to a screening of Episode #7 of the Griot, where we catch up with Ricki Stevenson, the Founder of the award winning, internationally acclaimed, Black Paris Tours…now celebrating its 22nd year of operation
This lover of Black history turned her passion into a culturally, histororically rich Paris experience that attracts travelers from around the world! Ricki and her crew of scholar-guides (Nawo Crawford, Miguel Guerra and Dedie Stevenson-Bailey) offer Full day tours or two-thirds day tours providing insight into the significant contributions made by Black Americans in France! With each tour they remind us of the importance of knowing who we are, where we come from and the crucial importance of sharing our stories with the next generation.
Check out this newest episode of the ‘Griot: Power in Narratives’, where we use history to help us understand current events and the pressing issues of race, class, gender, and popular culture.Tamara Gibbs~

Do You Need A “Rejuv-acation”?

For the past 7 months most of us have been sheltering in our local areas, not enjoying what we love so much…..traveling around the world.
In order to bring pleasant and happy memories to you, I have reposted over 100 past blogs. We were blessed to move all of our 2020 tours to 2021 but that brings me to this: I’m sure many of you are are wishing and hoping to go somewhere. To date, due to the poor handling of the pandemic in the states, there are few destinations we as Americans can go provided the individual has a negative PCR test, proof of “International Medical Insurance “.and agree to a few safety protocols of that destination.
This will be a 5 night package staying at the 5 star Habtoor Palace, enjoying all that Dubai has to offer as in our past adventures. I’m ready, are you? The 5 night Package includes: airport transfers, daily breakfast, full day city tour and evening dinner cruise. Dates: February 14-19, 2021 $1086pp dbl occupancy. (Based on 20 participants). Interested? Please inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com

C’est Parfait in Marseille

The last time I was in Marseille was in the 90’s.  I was on my way back to Paris from seeing my boyfriend in Portofino. I felt compelled to find the intersection of  La Canibiere et Rue du Rhone to take a photo of the intersection where my dad as an MP directed traffic.

Our guide, Martin Grizzell, resident of Marseille and owner of the newly launched Black Marseille Tours met us at city center.  Our tour was a combination of walking, bus,  tram and train.  After our orientation at an outdoor cafe’ where we had the freshest croissants, juice, coffee; we were soon on our way.  As we moved towards Vieux Port (old port), our guide made us aware of the vast contrasts between Paris and Marseille. It is much more laid back and a much slower pace.  This is where Jamaican author Claude McKay finished writing “BANJO”.  The town has named a passage way after Mr.McKay.

Martin made us aware throughout the city that Marseille refused to embrace skavery and there are NO negative images of blacks.  They were about commerce.   It was refreshing to see buildings and statues of women and  men that clearly had African facial and hair characteristics. We saw the various demagraphics of the city and when we walked thru the Arab section of town we could feel the love as some shouted OBAMA OBAMA!   A total surprise for me was  that my dear sister friend, Ricki Stevenson, owner of Black Paris Tours took the train down from Paris to join us. She was accompanied by Richard Greer from the Bay (family of Dorsey’s Bos’ns Locker) now living  in the ATL.  PHOTOS, COURTESY OF MR. GREER.

Our lunch was at TOINOU (twa new) one of the best seafood restaurants in the city.  Robbie and I and several others shared platters of crab, razor clams, mussels and prawns.  Everything was seasoned to perfection.  Others had fish and chips or mussels and chorizo.   A total feast was enjoyed by all.

Mr. Grizzell, is an artist with Quilting pieces in the Smithsonian.  Some participants went to visit his studio and others took the ferry over to go up to La Bonne Mere (cathedral)  where the best views of the city are found.

The tour was wonderful however, my regret is that I tried to include too many.  He cautioned me to keep it small but my heart didn’t listen.  I wanted several to get this experience.  We were 17, it should have been a more intimate group of 8-10. .  At any rate, I trust all that were privileged to join, enjoyed it.

we are now sailing back to Barcelona and soon I will be back on US soil for 2 weeks, then on to South Africa.   See you then!


Kat’s Kibbles and Bits in The Med

When I needed Serenity; to deck 15 I would go — Adults Only.  Trust me when I tell you it was much needed by me, just to get away from it all and “oo sahh” did wonders for my soul. I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie Flood of Los Angeles, daughter of the legendary  MLB center fielder, Curt Flood, who grew up in Oakland and we have a ballpark named in his honor.

Five of us: Robbie, Yvonne, Jessie and Gail had the much sought after reservations for the acclaimed CHEF’S TABLE. There were 9 other unfamiliar cruisers at our table 4 of which appeared to be Trump supporters since they did not raise their glasses to the “No Trump” toast.  Lol. Oh and did those South Carolinians get a rise hearing about my 86 cruises since 1986 and my monthly around the world stops as My friends join me in making Kat Tracks wherever we go.

If you ever get an opportunity to dine at the Chef’s Table do not pass it up. It is one memorable culinary experience.  An extraordinary gastronomical experience like no other.  Unlike  the Carnival Breeze with the table for 12 between the 2 galleys, The Vista has a private glass enclosed dining room with place settings for 16.  We started with champagne and appetizers that included a frozen Greek yogurt pop with salmon shavings on one side and lemon and lime zest on the other. It literally melted in your mouth.   We had 8 courses .  My favorites being: Betkshire Pork Belly, Shrimps; the Slow Cooked Crispy Lamb; and the Olive Oil Poached Seabass with asparagus and white miso.

Stay tuned for more of my KIBBLES AND BITS on our very interesting Black Marseille Tour.

Amazing Amalfi Coast


Our drivers Sergio and Ivo met 60 of us at the ship with 4 vehicles and we were soon on our way.  DeeDee and Nikki had been jokingly inquiring about Guido once we hit Italy so they were surprised when I asked Ivo where Guido and Carmine were.  Lol  yes real life mafia names.  Wait til they meet  Mauritzio in Rome, a true Godfather.  I’ve been blessed with the best connections wherever I go in the world and I tell you my Italian family really takes excellent care of me and my groups.  As we passed Mt Vesuvius and made our way to Positano, it became evident to all that the views of one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world were more than breathtaking   When I stepped into La Tagliata Restaurant, I was blown away with the setup of the dining room.  Pepe, who runs the restaurant is the son of Dora the master chef.  He greeted me with nothing but love.  I have been bringing groups here for the last 7 years and he assured me, this group was in for a treat.  We were served so many courses I lost count— from the anti pasta to the platters of desserts.  I might add that  red wine, white wine and bottled water were free flowing.  After our bountiful meal, the hired  vocalist treated us to her repertoire of Italian standards and got our participation in Volare and Tbats Amore’. Oh and she passed out plenty of tambourines and things. It appeared everyone was having a great time.  Befiore it was over, Chef Dora (Mama Mia is what I call her) came out waving her linen napkin and to say Grazie!  To all.  Shortly thereafter, 54 were on their way to Pompeii while me and my 5 were headed  back to the ship.

We had 8p dinner reservations at Ji Ji Asian Kitchen and man was it a feast.   I highly recommend this Specialty Restaurant.  The 6 of us chose to share: 4 appetizers, 5 mains, 4 sides and a few desserts for a mere $15pp.  Unfreakinbelievable !   Yvonne and I had to rush to our rooms to change and get a blanket then down 1 level to the IMAX theater b/c we had a date with Denzel Washington.  OMG! Our brotha played his part. My friends, MAGNIFICENT 7  is off the richter.




If It’s All White, It’s Alright

It was one awesome evening for the group as they continued on in a sophisticated mode at our private function.   We had a date in the Limelight Lounge complete with open bar and the most delectable appetizers. We hired DJ Blendz straight outta Chi Town and he did his thing on the turntable. Our most impressive dance couple, Rick and Lisa Boseman kept the dance floor poppin with impromptu lessons on Biker Shuffle, Wifey, Just Fine, The Wobble, and Blurred Lines just to name a few. Later on after dinner Robbie Bell and I hot footed it over to the Punchline Comedy Club with the 40 something crew: DeeDee, Yvonne, Nikki, Robin and Nicole where more drama was going on in the audience before showtime than the actual showtime.  I must tell you someday how I have replaced  “Bye Felicia” with “Bye Priscilla’s Cousin”.  It has been one wild time.  I was so happy to see Lorraine, Heather and the 3 Michele’s stop by and they gave me the short version of their 3 days in Morocco before the cruise.   Tomorrow will be one of my highlights on this Mediterranean itinerary. Stay tuned.

It’s All About The Cruisin’

We had an 11am photo shoot and it was not an easy task getting 97 together in order to capture my vision. Some did not make it on time, too much party last night.  Big up to Gail Jackson Brooks for her expertise in photography and the unknown middle school teacher sent from above that said, “What do you need”? I can get folks organized for you”.. I could not have been more proud with the group turning out with my suggested color coordination. There were several groups running around this big beautiful ship  with their tee shirts on but NONE could compare to the way The Sophisticated Ladies and Gents were shining, truly sophisticated.  Yes, they had it going on.

Briana Moore was instrumental in arranging the bid whist games in the Library.  Ray Mosely, Jo Ann Barbosa, Debra Taylor Johnson, Patricia Nicholson got the Boston Tea Party off to a great start with yours truly just filling in where needed.  You know I aint bidding unless I have a road map in my hand.

I enjoyed lunch at the SEAFOOD SHACK on the back of the ship with 3 lovelies: daughter DeeDee, Nikki Britto and my Road Dawg of 20 years, my fellow foodie,  the incomparable Robbie Bell of Miami.  DeeDee and Nikki raved so about the Lobster Roll; we just had to sample.  The crab cake sliders and the clam chowder was on hit.  And I later found out from Mama Yvonne that the oysters on the half shell were pretty darn good as well.

Some 8 hrs later we all dressed to impress for The Vista’s ELEGANT NIGHT.  Everyone looked like they stepped out of VOGUE and GQ.  The dinner menu did not disappoint with Maine Lobster Tail, huge tender cuts of Prime Rib, Fried Oysters, Caesar Salad, Cream of Mushroom soup, etc.  When the waiters did their dance, they had some of the sexiest moves I’ve ever seen coming from waiters.  They were like Chippendale dancers — real hot stuff.

Tomorrow, we dock in Palermo, port city of Sicily —-home of the Godfather.  I will stay on board… Been there, done that, don’t have to do it again.  However, the newbies are anxious.  Stay tuned!

Barcelona Now, Maldives 2018

After our 6 hr flight from NY we finally made it to The W Barcelona.  In my opinion it’s a very sexy hotel and I love it.  Some had been here for a few days and already made their connections and introductions, noting the best restaurants around and my wine-Auxs making their way to the annual wine festival held here.     As you can probably tell, I’m at a point in life where I say just give me all the down time and relaxation I can be given and I’m one happy sista.     You know, like my time in Fiji. I want more of that.  Tomorrow we board Carnival’s newest and biggest ship, THE VISTA.   That 4 month old baby is big and pretty with the most to do on board.  Our stops will be Sicily, Naples, Rome, Florence, Marseille, and Palma — all very exciting but having spent so much time in most of these ports the past 6 years, my focus will be on the ship, however I can never get tired of one of the world’s most spectacular coastlines —The Amalfi Coast outside of Naples and our private  tour and feast at a very special restaurant in Positano. This year we are shutting it down —-we have the entire restaurant .  I also look forward to returning to Marseille for a special treat. Stay tuned.

Just to get you excited for 2018…. When asked where would I like to go that I have never been and surprisingly my newest team member, my lovely daughter DeeDee has the same response:  THE MALDIVES.  Yes, over water bungalows set in the Indian Ocean, pricey as all get out but you know how I give it to you…the absolute BEST EXPERIENCE at an affordable price. You dont have to be a baller to do what ballers do when you do it the KATTRAX way with plenty of time to pay.    This my friends will be all about “RELAXING” in the lap of sheer LUXURY.   Interested in THE MALDIVES 2018.? Inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com.  Not on this blog site.  In case you didn’t know everybody sees what you write here.  Your comments are most welcome but let your private messages to me  be that…private.   Peace and blessings, Kat

The Culmination To Our Culinary Tour

As our time was winding down, everyone was trying to get in the last bit of what was on their personal agenda.  Kattrax gave them a well rounded itinerary and they still had time to do their own thing.  Shout out to Luchan Baker and Janice Manuel (Bay Area transplants here in NOLA part time) on hand to offer their helpful hints and suggestions  to the group. So happy to have y’all hangin with us. Big up to Jess Peters, NOLA resident who worked closely with me on this project. I can’t thank you enough.  What a guy!!

The Whitney Plantation, about an hour   away, was high on everybody’s list and all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, even though it’s  a very emotional experience.  12 Years of Slavery and other slave movies have been filmed here.  The Plantation Tour is definitely a “must see and do” when visiting NOLA.

Jean Perignon and I had to check out the Praline Connection, located on Frenchmen Street for lunch.  They have some of the best, freshly prepared soul food around.   The collard greens, red beans, and fried chicken were all seasoned to perfection and their bread pudding gets my vote for the best I tasted here.  We got boxes of Pralines to take home and they have more varieties than you can shake a stick at.

Our strategically located hotel in the French Quarter (Vieux Carre’) gave participants the ease of moving about and being walking distance to most of what we were doing without worrying about ridiculous parking rates and congested streets in the Quarter; this location only made the best sense… Bourbon Street, Canal Street, Deanies, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, Mr. B’s Bistro, Court of Two Sisters,  Brennan’s, Cafe du Monde, etc. all steps away from our wonderful HOTEL MONTELEONE. Other places in the city are a short Uber ride away so when coming make sure you download the Uber app.

If you missed this tour and want to join the next one; follow my blog for upcoming details or else you will miss it again.  Keep in mind, there will be a cap on the number of participants.

Next up: CRUISING ANTARCTICA – Feb 16- March 4th…..Our 7th Continent!

Saturday Jazz Brunch..Yummy!

We walked a few blocks to the COURT OF TWO SISTERS for our scrumptious all you can eat  brunch. It was ever so wonderfully, delightfully delicious. I started with sliced beef that was so tender it practically melted in my mouth. Moving down the line, a cup of gumbo, some soft bacon, a couple bbq ribs, red beans and rice and the softest, fluffiest homemade buttermilk biscuit you can imagine. I swear I haven’t tasted such a heavenly delight since I was a kid.

Lucille loves their Turtle Soup with Sherry and since I have never been a fan of turtle; was hesitant to give it a try but then there was Darlene seated not far from me . Ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it so I gave it a shot.  Much to my surprise…..I could really dig it. It was nice.  KATTRAX included a Mimosa  or Bloody Mary for everybody and all loved that little treat.  I went back for the Apple Cobbler and grabbed another fluffy biscuit on my way. Damn, those biscuits were off the richter!!

As usual, I made my early departure, left them enjoying to the max.  I finalized the bill and made my way back to the comfort of my hotel.  The Carousel Bar is off the lobby and no matter the time of day or night, it’s always poppin.  It attracts folks that aren’t even guests here hoping to get a ride on the carousel.     This hotel is quite the Kat’s Meow, a Grand legend and I love it.

So, everyone is on their own now to enjoy the city…..some will do the Whitney Plantation tour or City Tour tomorrow.  This is the beginning of the Mardi Gras Celebration and there will be a parade tonight plus some Zulu parties, all leading up to February 13th.      As for me, I’m chillin like a west coast villain ….I’m off til we fly home Monday. I had my charbroiled oysters yesterday at DRAGOS,  will hit NEYOW’S CREOLE CAFE tonight and DEANIES SEAFOOD tomorrow.

Will I do this again?  Absolutely!  Maybe in June, maybe in August. Stay tuned for details.