Just back from 2 weeks in Egypt and words cannot express how wonderful everything was from the moment we touched down in Cairo until the moment we left Aswan. There were 19 of us fully vaccinated, boostered up and ready to experience all the Land of the Pharaohs had to offer us I’ve been maybe 10 times with my groups combined with my personal trips but there was something magical about this one.

Our Cairo team meets our group in the airport way before the Immigration desk like the other passengers and hands out our Tourist Visas. Mohammed, who Ive been working with for years, is the man that runs things in that airport; no matter if we are arriving or departing He’s bullish and does not play when it comes to handling our group.

On the Nile cruise we had 4 tables in the dining room and so I mingled and moved about a bit. It was a delight getting to know some in our group and the table conversation we had was priceless. It was so interesting hearing Nana & Jack Wilford speak of her father, Nana Kwame Gyebi Ababio, a Ghanian Chief…royalty. She was his 21st child of 22. The Chief had 7 wives and Jack chimed in, ”We won’t talk about his concubines”. Hearing about her life growing up was most fascinating.

This international trip was a first for most in the group after being held hostage for almost 19 months, kept from living our best lives, kept from being with family and friends and from traveling the world. It was something to see how serious others take ”stopping the spread” vs our own countrymen. These other countries put Amerika to shame with the safety protocols they have instituted. Those that served us in all restaurants and on the cruise were always masked up. COVID-19 is here to stay worldwide for awhile and does not seem to be going anywhere. All we can do is be vaccinated, strictly follow the safety protocols in place and stay prayed up. I leave for the Maldive Islands in 3 weeks with a group. Yes, they are at a Level 4 now, the USA is a Level 3. I don’t see much difference. As long as I’m welcome in the other countries; I will follow their requirements/restrictions and enjoy the visit.

Take a look at the new updates on our website and see how we have Kat-a-Pulted to 2023. Colombia, Tuscany, Ghana are filling up fast and now Egypt and Sharm El-Sheikh has been added to 2022.

I continue to say, I’m giving up the travel game but like Jerry Butler sang, ”Giving up is so very hard to do”.