And On The 5th Day…She Rested

Today is my actual birthday and the entire 5 days here in Mykonos has been a celebration of epic proportions.  As the old blues songwriter  Lightnin Hopkins said, “I’ve had my fun….if I don’t get well no mo’”.

DeeDee and I slept in til noon, then off to Lady Finger to eff with the Chef.  We totally had him change his recipe for their steamed mussels and he obliged us with our request for “mussels in garlic and white wine”.  DeeDee had a salad and I catch of the day.  She sipped on margaritas and I on my drink of choice – tonic water. Afterwards, we chilled poolside, even though the sun was blazing, we were chillin’ like west coast villains.  I reflected on how good God has been to me, how HE has blessed me to see and enjoy so much of what HE has created in this universe and to be the vessel to share and to show others to Dare to Dream, to live their lives to the fullest and enabling me to bring the world to those unable to travel due to health challenges, as well as to those incarcerated that so look forward to the sunshine I bring on that side of the concrete and razor wire via my blogs.  They have come to call it, “Getting stamps in their passports” and for this I give thanks.

As the group sat around the pool having lunch, saying their goodbyes; loud laughter could be heard coming from Alisha J’s balcony where she and others enjoyed her jacuzzi and several bottles of wine.  Again, it’s about enjoying yourselves. I got another cake, candles and a happy birthday song.    Things got a little emotional as we said our goodbyes to the wonderful staff.  It made my heart glad to hear comments such as, “This is the best group we have ever had here”,  “We don’t want to see you go”, “Everyone is so nice”.  After the hugs and tears,  the bartenders offered up a couple rounds of gold tequila shots for the drinkers.  They learned, with Silver, use lime.  With Gold use orange slices.

Half the group goes home tomorrow.  The party continues for the  other half hangin with Kat.  We fly to Naples. We will be picked up for our Amalfi Coast Tour up to one of my favorite restaurants, LA TAGLIATA in Positano, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with the ISLE OF CAPRI in the backdrop ( Bey and Jay just left there last week by private helicopter).  By the way,  The Amalfi Coast is one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world.

Stay tuned… It ain’t over yet!



Yikes! Yachts Everywhere


Miss Juanita and the Captain of her Yacht

Everybody was pumped up for this sailing adventure but the one that gets the prize for the most contagious excitement, the one that made me feel this experience that I planned for my guests was something she would forever remember is Juanita Pree McVey.  At press time, I still hadn’t received her pics so they will be forthcoming.

Our private transportation picked us up at 930 to drop us at Port Ornos so we would set sail by 1030.  Everyone should have already  known their positions as in which vessel they would be on but if they didn’t, after “Goldie” announced “If you don’t know, you won’t go”, they started pulling up the assignments on their devices.  Lol. Today was extra special and I nor Goldie was about to play with folks.

Tenders carried us to our respective water crafts and once safely on board it was on and crackalakin’.  Hostess with the mostest, Robbie Bell, was still runnin’ things and that was okay by me.  After all, It’s my birthday and I’m on vacation.   The fellas and Alisha J donned life jackets and jumped in the beautiful turquoise blue water.  Both vessels moved together in tandem and stopped together at a nearby beach.  At one point we looked up and here comes a speedboat pulling some kind of  rubber tube with 3 familiar faces, howling with incredible laughter.  We’ll I’ll just be damned…it was none other than our Three Amigos; Darryl, Davion and Edward. Smdh.  I know exactly who the ringleader water baby was that orchestrated this activity but with me   It’s all about having fun and letting the good times roll.

While they were out scoping the beaches, our crew was preparing a feast for us: Jumbo prawns,  mussels in wine sauce, risotto with mushrooms, Greek Salad, cheese salad, Feta Cheese,  and bread. Those on the other boat were getting the same 1st class treatment.  Music is my life and at a point, DeeDee was ready for some of her music, no not the latest rap but one of her old school playlists  that she knew moms would enjoy and it was poppin for real then.

The crew put on their Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday and I was serenaded by those on both boats as Felipe came marching over to me with this Orange Pie with a candle in it.   I made my wish and I hope it comes true.

We hated to say goodbye but the time had come.  This sailing day was all that I hoped it would be and MORE….  Truly a day that will forever be remembered


The Hottest Beach Club in Mykonos Town

Today was our day at the beach. For 2 months now we have had our reservations for a spot at JACKIE O’s.  We were all so excited for this experience. Our private transportation picked us up promptly at our hotel for the 20 min ride to the beach. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the handsome manager, Max who escorted 19 of us to our sun beds on the beach.

Our personal butler, Valentino provided us with our beach towels, bottled water, bucket of ice and a welcome drink of Prosecco. The water, so pretty and blue and so inviting  beckoned us to come on in. It was so refreshing and for me to be up close and personal with the yachts cruising in and out was a real treat.

Later, I enjoyed a fabulous lunch that was prepared to perfection.  The restaurant claims “tastes with no limits” and they never lied.  Shortly after, I was ready when our transportation arrived to return us  to our hotel.  However, half the group stayed over for the wild azz party and drag show.  As I nderstand it they had a natural ball! Matter of fact I think some had waay too much fun but that’s what it’s all about.

Tomorrow is our “Sailing Day”. We will be sailing the south coast of Mykonos in tandem —-    a yacht and a Catamaran Sailing together, stopping off at private beaches where we will all come together.

Stay tuned!


Cats and This Kat on Mykonos Island

My day began at the gym, a quick healthy bite, then our Photo Shoot at the Sky Bar. After which, folks had their own agendas lined up.  This Kat would be taking life easy until my appointment at the hotel’s Earth Spa for an oxygenated massage. Thank you Kellea for the lovely gift.

Cats on Mykonos Island are all around, from the very well known spots to the very unfamiliar ones.  Cats are everywhere , totally amazing and cute and have adapted to the island’s culture and rhythms. Each cat has its own story and unique name.  That being said, this Kat St Thomas with her own unique character has fit right in on the local  Mykonos scene.

Several of the ladies in our group went into Mykonos town to do some shopping. The town has streets that seem to be a maze where one can easily become turned around.  They got lost, then found their way, made it back to the hotel and settled in for some specialty cocktails created by Bartender, Panos.

Tonight was the hosted birthday dinner at Catari Italiano Ristorante.  My long time road dawg, Robbie Bell orchestrated every detail to a tee with the assistance of her friend and restaurant owner, Egidio. I made my grand entrance to Ray Charles’, “Let the Good Times Roll”. He says,  “hey everybody let’s have some fun. You only live but once and when you’re dead you’re done, so let the good times roll”. Those that know me, know that’s definitely me

The entire evening was over the top from the dining, the impeccable service, the outrageous sparklers on my lemon cream dessert to flowing champagne for everyone and all capped off with shots of the Italian lemon liqueur —Limoncello. Of course, with my serious health regimen of no alcohol for 4 years, no added sugar or flour for 5 months, I took a rain check but will moderately resume, and perhaps  take my place as the queen of the best champagnes in the world  and expertly made cosmos with the best vodkas next year sometime but for now….I’m daring to live young!

In closing, I’ll share a quote from my very wise older brother, J Fox: “Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself.” Every new day God allows me to see, I try to do exactly that.

Tomorrow we’ve got reserved sun beds and umbrellas at one of the most popular beach spots; JACKIE O’s at SUPER PARADISE BEACH.  Stay tuned!


Let’s Get This Mykonos Party Started…..Right

They came from DC, Florida, St Louis, Virginia, Los Angeles, SF Bay Area, Houston, and Chicago. As the rich kids sporting their YSL, Hermès, Diamond Studded Sandals, flew in to do their party thing from Athens & Naples so did Kat’s guests sporting their Louboutin, Prada, Gucci and LV.  They say in Mykonos in July, “Every night is a Saturday night”.  No doubt, cousin Darryl and company will certainly give me the lowdown on that

No thanks to the airline industry, a few faced major  challenges with flight delays but nothing was stopping this party.  In attendance: Daughter DeeDee, Cousins Darryl, Van and Gary, nieces Nikki, Nicole, nephew Davion Jenkins,  Long time friends; Robbie Bell, Lucille Johnson, Juanita McVey, Shonda Leary, Debra Taylor Johnson, Dessie Nelson, my invaluable colleague Simon Gluckman and his family from Naples, FL and  a host of other dear friends.

The staff and management including the owner at the sexy Hotel ANDRONIKOS have been wonderful in treating my guests like the royalty that they are.  Tonight’s Welcome Dinner was hosted by me and the Chef and his team did their thing from starters to desserts in their highly acclaimed restaurant, LADY FINGER.   The drinkers, turned it up at the bar until well past 1am when our folks shut it down. Another treat which was visible from our location was the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

Tomorrow morning is our photo shoot with my specially designed tee shirts,  the gym for me, a spa treatment for me and a few other Spa lovers, followed by shopping and tours for the shopaholics.  Another hosted dinner tomorrow night at Robbie’s friends joint; the popular,  CATARI RISTORANTE ITALIANO,  of which I have renamed for my birthday dinner: KAT-ARI and  I’m looking forward to sharing another wonderful dining experience with my guests.


Kat’s Headed to Mykonos, Greece. It’s Her Birthday Celebration

It’s been a busy Kattrax World Tour 2017 and 2018.  Now It’s time for the Lioness to take a break. The party is on the beautiful island of Mykonos – sorry if you are missing it;  the rooms sold out at this sexy hotel before I had time to even post it.   Maybe next year I will do it again, we’ll see.  So far 2019 “early” birthday party will be in June in Negril at Tree House Resort.  Who’s to say, there won’t be an “after party” party  in Mykonos in July 2019. In the summer months, in Mykonos every night is Saturday night.

I will be unavailable beginning July 23 – August 2nd.   If you have any questions about your upcoming personal travel; please hold those thoughts until my return.

Stay tuned for Mykonos updates and birthday photos!

More About The Marrakech and Marseille Tours

The above named tour information has now been added to the 2019 Kattrax World Tour for October.      FYI:  Our 7 bedroom Riad is for our “EXCLUSIVE USE”.   The paperwork will be emailed soon to those on board.  Checkout website: This is guaranteed to be a very AWESOME  and UNIQUE tour


Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Hello Travelers,

Vietnam April 5 – 15, 2019  We are moving right along with those on board.  We have our International tickets, next we are about to ticket the regional flights within the country and get the visa process started.  If you have only been thinking about it, time is ticking, don’t miss out.     The other times we saved money by getting our Visas upon arrival in Saigon. That waiting room looked like the county hospital emergency room in any major city.    This time we will arrive with Visa in hand. Costs a little more but so worth not dealing with it that way.  Space is available

Fiji  August 1- 11, 2019  Bula Bula!  It’s in full effect. We will be on the happy island with the most beautiful, humble and warm hearted people you ever want to meet. They look just like you and I and they are truly our family.  Space is available.

Marseille/Marrakech  October 2019.     The Tour cost was just published  but just so we are clear; There are 2 separate tours.  You only sign up for 1 or the other.  They are identical, both include Marseille AND Marrakech.  Week 1 is Oct 2-11 It begins in Marseille and ends in Marrakech. Space is opening up, get on the list

Week #2 is Oct 12-21 It begins in Marrakech and ends in Marseille

Until next time….




Marvelous Marseille and Mysterious Marrakesh Oct 2019

After returning from Marseille last month,  it was such a hit for those that experienced it; an idea was born to return next year but this time  combine it with its North African neighbor, Marrakesh, Morocco.  I had been  to Casablanca and Agadir in the 90’s with my mother (rip) but Casablanca was just so so. It didn’t show me the mystique and  the intrigue I was hoping to find. Even so, I do have stories to tell like when I was in search for the “fictional” Rick’s Cafe in the movie, Casablanca. Was I ever on one. Yes, a real goose chase.   But all  my mama would ever do was shake her head and say, “Now Kathy”.   Lol.   Little did I know then, It wasn’t even filmed in Casablanca.  It was entirely filmed in a Hollywood studio. Oh, do I have stories.  Perhaps that is what led me to eventually meeting my “was-band” years later  at the famous, Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica. Stranger things have happened.

Once I got this new tour destination in my head, trying to make it work was not happening. It had to be affordable once approximate airfare was attached from JFK to Marseille to Marrakech then back to JFK.  I slept with the folder on my bed day in, day out checking every angle and possibility.   I was making headway with the properties and the tour inclusions but the proposed air was giving me fits.  My MVP told me to stick with it, don’t give up, it will be a great tour. Then I got Simon involved with navigating the roadblock and then there was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Simon!  I didn’t want a Riad, did I Robbie?   I wanted a hotel. Well we got a Riad not far from the Medina (funky cold Medina???) Probably not, Tone Loc. But our Riad is a bad ass Riad.  In addition to our 5 nights in Marvelous Marseille, we will offer you 4 nights in Mysterious Marrakesh – daily breakfast, welcome Dinner, a full day city tour including all entrance fees and lunch, a Day tour to a Hammam, herbalist, bakery, and Caravanserai including entrance fees and services.

Spa lovers, the Moroccan Hammam takes spa to a higher standard of full body bliss. Though the exact experience may vary from place to place, it’s usually divided into 3 steps: Bare it all in an extra hot steam room to open the pores; get lathered in olive oil based black soap and scrubbed with the traditional kessa glove to remove dead skin; and finally get immersed in COLD water by bath (or bucket) for an invigorating finish. The result? Silky smooth skin and a refreshed feeling that can beat even the hottest of days in North Africa.

We are offering 2 Tours: Oct 2-11 and Oct 12-21. Land cost $3780pp. Projected air cost from NY $1286.  The first tour is Marseille to Marrakech. The 2nd is Marrakech to Marseille. Single rates on request, and Jr Suites in Marseille also on request.

If you were tentatively holding space before this pricing and you’ve changed your mind; inbox me privately at and we’ll give the waitlisters a shot.

Flyer, Reservation Form,  Website Update are forthcoming.