Still Kat-a- Pulting into 2018 & 2019

You already know about Italy 2019 but you don’t know that I have been diligently working on Vietnam May or June 2018,  Rio & Salvador di Bahia In August 2018 and now let’s get ready for one of the most intriguing but expensive destinations on the planet…….ICELAND.   Yes we want some of that geo thermal spa at the Blue Lagoon.

Stay tuned!!!!!

Kat’s Kibbles and Bits


We have had an extraordinary 2017 whirlwind World  Tour thus far: beginning with the New Years Caribbean cruise, Colombia South America, Australia, Paris, Bangkok, Tokyo, Vietnam, Peru and Machu Picchu, Jamaica, this month Fiji and in less than 2 weeks South Africa followed  by Canary Islands, rounding out the year in November with back to Cartagena, Palenque, Bogota and Cali.   It’s been wonderful and I give thanks!  New friendships have been  formed, old friendships renewed, and the best touring and dining experiences one could imagine have been enjoyed

Update on what’s available:  South America in November 2017  will be the most fun ever and we still have space.

Mother’s Day Week at Negril Tree House Resort May 10-17  2018;  We have 1 ocean front 1 bdrm suite available and 4 1bdrm gardenview suites available   Rooms are going fast. If you want the “Suite” life; don’t delay, jump on it.

4th of July weekend, 40 of you will be on the NCL Cuba cruise. It’s a 4 night cruise with an overnight in Havana. I know the time there  is short but with 45 changing policies, I say get it how you can and when you can.  There are some great Shore Excursions for daytime and nighttime being offered.

2018 SOLD OUT:  Paris, Egypt, Dubai, The Maldives

Now for 2019… There will be another Black Paris tour in April.

The Italian countryside tour by private bus  in July 2019 took off like gangbusters.  Selling  out in 3 hrs last week and without pricing was amazing.    We have 32 confirmed and 14 on the waitlist. Unfortunately, that waitlist is now closed.

So there you have it….. If you  see something that will float your boat please inbox me at




Returning to Italy July 2019

The cousins have spoken.  They want to return,,,,, it will be another fantastic bus tour.  We had 30 in 2014 and that’s a magic number.  It hasn’t been put together and it’s over half sold. I will say this:  we will fly into Rome and out of Florence.  They want to shop til they literally drop in Florence. That way, you all can pack and fly with all your goodies without hauling them all over Italy.    We will dine and they will wine taste & drink all through Tuscany. Planning for  Cinque Terre so we’ll see.  I’m sure this will sell out before the ink dries on the flyer.  We had a natural ball on our  private bus tour.  Only positive, cool peeps on this one!


It’s been absolutely wonderful.  Plenty of activity here and Kat gets to continue with her rest and relaxation. Last night I celebrated a few who have traveled with me to far away places and it was Ms Marie and her daughter Traci’s birthday time.  I salute Ms Marie who was with me in Paris 2002, South Africa 2008, Greek Isles 2011, Western Med Cruise 2016 and  Egypt during the uprising, when 16 cancelled for fear of the civil unrest but Ms Marie and her friend Vera thugged it out with me in spite of the unrest.  We had a natural ball.  I love you Ms Marie!  Keep on keeping on Leo!!!!

We missed the Lomani Wai, at the RADISSON BLU where your feet are cooled in the lagoon as you dine and you are served by Fijian Warriors.  Its only on Tues and Sat now but management came through for the 8 of us with a specially prepared SIGNATURE TABLE.  It was definitely a culinary delight. 6 of us had the Seafood Platter with lobster thermidor, grilled prawns, grilled fish, mussels, fresh marlin, salad and garlic bread. Damn it was so good!!!  Will I come back??? You betcha — next time on Denerau Island the RADISSON BLU will be home for me.

Today most are going out on the boat but I will continue to  do my thing of R and R and prepare for our FAREWELL DINNER tonight.

Until next time!


Before leaving the WARWICK about 15 staff members gathered at our bus and sang a very moving farewell song to us.  We had been there 4 days and this had not been done for anyone else.  Several in our group were visibly touched. It was special, it was love.

After checking out of the Warwick on the Coral Coast we were en route to The Sofitel Resort and Spa on DENERAU ISLAND but first we would spend some time with our Fijian brothers and sisters at the NAYAWA VILLAGE.  Our 2 village guides received us and presented each of us with a flower lei. We were then led through the village with explanations of life in the village. They showed us the Lovo (oven in the ground) where they cooked our lunch of vegetables, chicken, fish and lamb.   Afterwards we removed our shoes and entered the community hall for the Cava ceremony. Richard represented our group as our Chief and Tye was our Spokesman.  It was all about the men at this point with them on the right and the women on the left and they passed around the Cava.

Once at the SOFITEL everyone was settling in and excited to be signing up for zip lining, boat cruises, parasailing, golfing and I was so looking forward to my spa treatment.  I would have 15 mins of exfoliating body scrub with the sugar rub and hot oil followed by 45 mins of Hot Stone Therapy.  It was a special time with DeeDee and Tiffany. Who knows I may go for round 2.   Dining…….hmmmm…..  There are so many dining options here on the island.  I’m enjoying as many as possible and I look forward to a very unique dining experience at the RADISSON BLU served by Fijian Warriors.  Of course I will tell you all about it.

Until next time,  vinaka!

A Special Mother’s Day Treat 2018

Kat StThomas and The Negril Tree House Resort invite you to enjoy a very relaxing Mother’s Day Week on the sun-drenched, white sandy beach of Negril.  May 10-17, 2018


Life is short and tomorrow is not promised to any of us. So let’s get it in while we can. This will be a wonderful time to spend some one on one time with your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister that raised you or just that special someone in your life that has been there for you, encouraged and inspired you to be all that you can be.  This can be that time to “pay it forward”.

We still have a few oceanfront 1 bdrm suites available.  Mom will surely enjoy gettin’ her praise on at our Sunday Gospel Brunch/devotional service with live musicians. Then later on that afternoon she can relax on a very comfortable sunset cruise reminiscing her good old days back in the day when she was doing her thing. We have a week of fun-filled activities scheduled that will surely give lasting precious memories to all.

Husbands and sons are definitely welcome to join. Your Big mama or Nana will love it!!!!!   Interested?  Inbox me at



We were off to a great start! At check in I inquired about an upgrade to  Business Class. They had 4 available at the mere cost of $1360 1 way. “I’ll take one! My daughter and Tiffany said, “We’re down with you, hook it up”.  Fiji Airways shares their Lounge with Virgin Atlantic and its to die for. We had our own server who handed us food and beverage menus as we entered and the food is cooked/prepared to your specifications.  We were rushing so we had to cut it short. With our priority status we had  no waiting through the  TSA Security checkpoint.  Sweet!

I can’t say enough good things about the in-flight service.  It was heartwarming to have such pleasant flight attendants that looked like my family.  It was one of the best in-flight services I’ve had in my life and I’ve had more than I can count.  After our dinner service ( I had the yummy plump grilled prawns); I reclined my seat to a flat bed, covered up with the most plush comforter and drifted off to dreamland.

The flight was about 10 hours and shortly after a lovely breakfast service we landed in Fiji.  Our guide, Dan, from last year was there to greet us with the KATTRAX sign. Fiji is a place of the most humble people and everyone greets you with, “Bula or in some cases, Bula Bula”.

I was blessed with a great group. Several repeaters and some very cool newcomers to the KATTRAX experience.  Ms Marie Napper and her  daughter Traci, Tye Peyton and his wife, Joanne, Dayna Cullins of southern Cal, Shirley McWilliams, Tracy  Beverly of L.A., Barbara  Miller and her daughter, Jennifer and I was happy to meet first timers: Sharon Taylor, Richard and Katie Terrell and Walter and Phyllis Brown.  I’m always so thankful to be blessed with easy going, fun-loving, and positive minded travelers.

Our tour began on the Coral Coast which is about a 2 hr drive from Nadi (pronounced nan-dee).  Upon arrival the WARWICK HOTEL staff was on hand to greet us with traditional drumming.    It’s always nice being remembered and trust me they showed us love.  Even though our rooms weren’t ready; we were made comfortable in a private lounge and taken to the hotel’s breakfast buffet.  The Executive Chef was summoned to our lounge to be on hand to answer any questions about our private customized dinner menu our Welcome dinner at the Wicked Walu restaurant which sits on its own private island.

It took a wait for all rooms to be ready but   I always wait until the last room gets their keys.  Finally, I was in heaven in my 1 bedroom suite with living room which overlooked the ocean.  Seeing the ocean to the right from my bed or straight ahead from my bed was more than I could ask for.

Most of us, like myself, have crazy schedules and routines at home. The purpose for this first 3  “chill” days is to take it down a few notches, de-stress, decompress and to allow our body and mind to relax and rejuvenate. Lord knows I need it and truly plan to get it in.

After our 3 days of rest, en route to Denerau (den er row) Island we do a village tour before Checking into the 5 Star   SOFITEL RESORT AND SPA.  I’ve already made my reservation for 60 mins of Hot Stone Therapy. Yes, me, Ms I don’t like random folks rubbing on me”.  Time and the effects of stress can bring about a change.  Smdh

Tons of activity abound on Denerau Island: jet skiing, zip lining, ATVs,  Boating, golfing, great restaurants and lots of shopping.

With Sydney, Australia 3 hrs away; a future trip to Fiji could include an Australian extension.  Trust me, my mind is working on it

Until next time,

Negril Getaway May 10 – 17, 2018

We are going back to Negril to have another AWESOME time.  If it was so nice you want to do it twice, call me while the oceanfront suites are still available.  Pricing should be available soon.  The good thing is the increase from this year will be minimal.  If you have yet to experience it the KATTRAX way ; it’s true….you have no idea.  We kick it off with a cool meet and greet in the Lobby —- live music, dancing, cocktails, and fashion show. The entire week is fun-filled with our epic sunset cruise, our inspirational gospel brunch, cooking class in the cool mountains, day trip to the waterfalls complete with rope swinging and zip lining, parasailing…and all culminating with our scrumptious dinner party with open bar.

If  you missed the platter of lobster at 3 Dives or the superb dining experience at my favorite, “The Rockhouse”; come back to Jamaica and I’ll hook it up for you.

How can you be down?  Email or call and I’ll tell you how. or 510 499 5909