Good morning Travelers!  In my excited haste to tell you all about the new website: kattraxonline.com; I neglected to tell you about my wonderful car rental experience.  My daughter DeeDee put me up on this tip.  If you travel and rent cars,this may be for you.  For the last  2 years I have business that takes me to southern Cal and SILVERCAR is the bomb diggity.  Here’s how it works:  All of their cars are new silver Audi’s.  Everything is done via your smart phone.  They have locations in: Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco.  You make your reservation with your phone app.  Before you take off they will text to welcome you.   When you land you text or call them and then they send their driver in your car for the pick up.  They drive a few minutes away to their location to verify your card info and drivers license, you unlock the vehicle for your use with a barcode on your phone and then you are on your way.  No hassling with luggage to the rental car shuttle stop, no waiting in long lines at the rental car office, etc.  this is the cutting edge of the industry.  If you ever decide to give them a try; here’s my promo code for a discount:GTMOQIVC.  SILVERCAR IS WHATS UP!

Matey, In a few days I will begin my blogs from the land Down Under.  Stay tuned!


Good evening Travelers,

Its what I’ve been waiting for…. Finally…. And it’s been well worth the wait.

Take a peek:  kattraxonline.com

The old website no longer exists…

Note to Fiji travelers in August:  Cyclone Winston did no structural damage to the properties where we will be staying.  Lots of shrubbery and trees down. So no worries my friends.

Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch

Greetings! I’ve been telling you the new website is coming…… It should be live by tomorrow and I know you are going to absolutely L-O-V-E  IT.

We still have space on the following tours: Rio, Jamaica, Paris,  South Africa,  Canary Islands cruise and  our 14 Night Christmas/New Years cruise to Trinidad.

I am presently in LA. with family and leaving in a couple days headed to Australia.  Even though my “Gone Fishin” sign has been swingin’ in the breeze; several apparently did not get the memo because I’m getting reports that I am not responding. Well,  my fishin pole is in the water and I cannot answer at this time.  Ms Marie said, “just tell me when to show up for the fish fry”.   Lol.  Seriously, I will return 3/12.

Stayed tuned for the new website address! COMING VERY SOON!