Meet Casey of Just in Case Event Planning

Granddaughter Casey Prevost traveled with me to Paris, Switzerland, Amsterdam and Jamaica as a tiny tot. She took notes. Now she has found her niche and indeed with a passion. As we move out of this pandemic and find that it’s safe to move about and have those long awaited celebrations; check out Just in Case should you need an over the top event that will be planned to perfection and that will bring your vision to life.


Hello my friends, it’s been a rough 11 months as we faced and dealt with this horrific pandemic, COVID-19. We’ve been locked down, shut down repeatedly and forced to change even the most basic things in our daily life. I know a lot of you are just like me; so ready to travel somewhere, anywhere.   Before I repost a couple of older posts allow me to share mes deux centimes (2 cents)    In no way am I pushing for anyone to get the vaccine.  I had my first dose of Pfizer with no adverse effects. I’d rather deal with side effects of the vaccine than be ravaged by the disease.   While it is a matter of personal preference; masking, social distancing and constant hand washing is something we all should be doing along with religiously taking the 3 important supplements: Zinc, vitamins C and D.  The difference between D2 and D3 is that 2 is plant  based and 3 is animal based. I remember as a kid we couldn’t go to school without immunizations for Diphtheria, mumps, rubella and standing in line at school to get the sugar cube for the polio vaccine.  In order to enter Ghana I had to pay $325 for the Yellow Fever Vaccine, good for 10 years and further, need to travel with it for any other country that requires to see it to gain entry.

Those that have a desire to travel once it’s safe…let’s do it.  CDC announced yesterday: “Fully vaccinated persons who meet the criteria will no longer be required to quarantine following an exposure to someone with COVID-19”. Next up: Those who have been vaccinated will not have to be tested to travel. There is already talk on the international level of some sort of vaccine passport (similar to our current Yellow Fever cards).
In South Africa most camps have reopened already.  Regional and international flights are currently operating  even though albeit on a modified level.

There is nothin’ like experiencing a tour the KATTRAX way: First Class and definitely top of the line.  That has always been my focus. That is my purpose. That my friends, will never change.

As my good friend, International Wine Broker, Jess Peters says: “Kat, folks like places and things where the lines are out the door, wrapping around the corner, like great restaurants.  That’s what you give your clientele”.  Some of you have met Jess.  He’s the one who connected me with the black wine estate owners in Cape Town.  I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go to: South Africa,  Rotterdam, Iceland, Jamaica, Australia, Egypt, the Maldives and Black Paris. I’m so ready