Is There A Single For Paris? March 21-28, 2019


Bonjour mes amis, The pictures tell it all.  This is how we do it in the City of Light. 5 Star class and luxury.    I don’t like losing. I have 1 unsold room and right now before I go to Ghana in a few days I’d like to gift some single, male or female.  Instead of paying the single supplement of $1150 plus the land package of $2900, they would only pay $2900 and have a single room.

Here’s what’s included: 7 nights in a standard room, daily breakfast, airport/hotel transportation, 3 dinners (French, African, French West Indian, 1 lunch) African American Historical tour with Ricki Stevenson of Black Paris Tours, music event, museum admission, and shopping excursion, Tote bag  and you  have 3 leisure days to do your own thing.  $500 deposit now and balance February 28th.  Interested parties call Kat at 510-499-5909

Calling All Sagittarians – Let’s Party!

Some of you cannot make the New Years Countdown In Dubai so now here’s another opportunity especially if you are a fun-loving Sagittarian.

NOV 25 – DEC 3, 2019 – This fabulous 8 night holiday will begin in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, ABU DHABI.    It sits off the mainland on an island in the Persian Gulf. Home to the vast Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the newly opened LOUVRE ABU DHABI, an art and civilization museum. We will have lunch at the amazing LE VENDOME inside the EMIRATES PALACE, which is truly a highlight.

After landing in Dubai, you will be driven to check into the RITZ CARLTON GRAND CANAL, ABU DHABI where you will spend 3 nights at this over the top resort.  I for one, who religiously follows FORMULA 1 RACING will be ready to catch the F1 fever up close and personal  and may even get a glimpse of my #1 Champion driver, Lewis Hamilton before he hits the track.  Right now, all I get is to go to bed every night and wake up every morning to his portrait on my wall.  Thanks to Myron Curry, artist extraordinaire aka Casso.  By the way, I will be doing a special article on the artist and those of you who already mentioned purchasing a piece or two better get crackin while he still has time to complete your requests. Website:   Tel: 360-644-4792  Email:

Once back in Dubai, you will check into another 5 star property, KEMPINSKI AT THE EMIRATES MALL which is adjacent to the indoor SKI RESORT. Here you will spend 5 nights.   Music lovers you better get  your reservation early at Quincy Jones Bar and Lounge inside PALAZZO VERSACE and my fellow foodies; experience 5 star dining at its finest –  inside the BURJ AL ARAB or one of the best seafood restaurants, PIER CHIC.

So my friends here you get 8 nights and a lot to go with it for $2325pp and you will be pleased to know EMIRATES airfare from SFO is currently $1150 for these dates.

If you are interested, for additional information,  contact me sooner than later…. Space is very limited  510-499-5909





 Good morning Travelers,
There are a few unpleasantries that go along with this seemingly glamorous job that I have.  It kills me when someone drops out leaving their roommate “roommate-less”.  That calls for a plan B.  Here it is:
I gave up my roommate so now I’m offering my upgraded room to share. Most know that Kat always has an upgraded room. On this trip, there will be 3: Saigon, Da Nang and Hanoi.    Perhaps you have a female friend or relative that missed out on our initial sign up and would like to go now.  They must be a cool, easy-going, non smoker. I’m in early and  I work most of the night with a night light.
Original land cost $2300, now discounted to $1800 plus your airline ticket which may be approx $800-900.  Terms:
Pay $900 now and balance by  Feb 15th
Interested parties email or call me:  510-499-5909

Two Cultures, Two Languages, One People

As I Kat Track around the world, it’s always been my mission to learn about and bridge the gap with other cultures some of which are off the beaten track;  just as I’ve brought you Palenque, the community of west African descendants of slaves near Colombia, South America and to also share my experiences with those of you unable to physically travel and look forward to my blogs.

I was invited by friends to travel to a village in Minya, 152 miles south of Cairo on the western bank of the Nile River, which flows north through the city.  In this day and time with so much hatred and discrimination of one group of people to another, not just because of skin color but religion as well;  I found it refreshing that I was so embraced.  Personally, I respect all people, their customs as well as their religion. I choose not to offend but to blend so I made a point to be dressed “culture appropriate” for the village complete with hijab and abaya. Here we had a coming together of Christian and Muslim, English and Arabic.  No, I’m not converting, just respectful.

It was decided I would travel by Super Jet Bus.  It turned out not to be so fast.  It actually took 5 hrs but the train or taxi would have been about 3. After arriving, it was necessary to then take a taxi to the hotel.  The village would be the next day which is located 1 hr away by car.

They had been waiting for Kat to arrive.  Plans changed a bit in that believe it or not, Security police at the hotel is required to inquire about your plans in leaving the hotel and in most cases, escort you.    I had actually read this posted by someone but thought theirs was an isolated case.  I quickly found out that was not isolated and also that  I was not only the “only” black American but possibly the only American in Minya but definitely in the village.  Grandma who is blind had been praying for my safe arrival.  Alibaba, who thought I wasn’t coming left to go to the fields.  The men are farmers, the women stay at home.  The little boys stuck to me like glue.  They had never seen a black American but were clearly attracted. I later found out after my return to Cairo the little ones  were crying because I would not be there that night to sit with them.  The women had prepared a meal of baked bread, lentils, boiled eggs, and salted potatoes (that easily gave McDonalds a run). Remember the people of Upper Egypt eat with their hands not forks.  They did everything to make me feel at home and they succeeded.

The home appeared to have about 4 stories, each level occupied by a family member and their offspring.  The lowest level was basic  and un-tiled, where grandma feels most comfortable but the upper levels were nicely tiled and decorated, with a nicely equipped kitchen, flat screen tv’s and the Internet. I didn’t stay long but it was a visit I will not soon forget.  My departure was filled with kisses on my hand, prayers by grandma and blown kisses by the women and children as we drove off.  Later baba called to say he was sorry he missed me but the entire family loves me as their own.

In 3 hrs we were back in Cairo at the Hilton.  Hungry?  Yes, I was.  The choice was between Mexican, Lebanese and Italian.  Italian won out only because they offered a nice baked sea bass with mussels, shrimp, and cherry tomatoes.  The starter was minestrone soup, a pasta dish and dessert was a molten lava cake and a cheesecake with an orange sauce both accompanied with vanilla ice cream.

Tomorrow will be Lunch with my longtime guide, Mo.  He thanks all of you that send positive thoughts his way.


A Fun-Filled Day and Night Around Cairo

When I landed 3 days ago, the night temperature was a very chilly 46 degrees.  Yes, It’s winter time here.  I was prepared with boots and coats but today was a lovely 70 degrees and my toes were so happy to make an appearance.  Today breakfast was skipped and I was ready for my surprise.  Lunch would be a few miles away from Heliopolis, the location of my Hilton hotel; at a place called Tivoli Plaza.  With my imported California “sunshine”, the scene actually mentally transported me to the city of Paris with her sidewalk cafe’s.  I totally enjoyed my seafood bisque.  After lunch, a few minutes away was CITY STARS, a world-Class fashion, retail and dining destination with over 750 luxurious stores.  I know my shoppers would have been in heaven at this place.  I enjoyed the sights but having worked on the blog all night, it was time for a nap.   After all, I needed to be ready for another surprise tonight.

We drove to a place called Festival City.  There were so many people out and about, strolling and enjoying themselves in the night. I enjoyed the company of Jassar and his wife Heba. Festival City has a water fountain show that reminded me of the show in Dubai.  We had dinner and it gave me an opportunity to practice my Arabic.

Tomorrow, we travel 3 hours from Cairo to a place called Minya.  Jassar and Ahmed are police officers and both hail from the town of Minya.  Upper Egyptians have a slightly different culture and even some of their Arabic is slightly different.  They tend to remind me of the warm, down to earth people of Aswan….home of the Nubians.

Walk Like an Egyptian

The night before my flight, as I was checking in, up popped an invite to Polaris Business Class for $829.  With published fares on United averaging $5,000-$6,000 r/t, you better believe I jumped on it. It’s become a health thing these days versus a just because it’s so nice; but with those lay flat seats I now notice there is no swelling of my ankles.   This gave me an opportunity to check out the new Polaris brand United has been promoting, starting with the Polaris First Class lounge. They have a special dining room with a fabulous menu and waiters. If you must wait for a table, they give you a pager.  Everybody gets the daily soup which that day was clam chowder.  I ordered their Cioppino, the crispy shrimp cake, a wedge Cobb salad and for dessert; profiteroles.  The regular areas have a ton of food, all the premium alcohol one might want and these private high backed clamshells to chill out in.

My flight was smooth with a layover in Paris of which my Priority Pass got me into.  Landing in Cairo is different when you are without your grounds team to meet and greet.  I was prepared with my “E-Visa” since it wasn’t handled by my grounds team. I made my way through Customs with a trolley since I had an extra suitcase with gifts for grandma and Alibaba.  Doggone it!!! I got stopped by Customs so they could take a look in a suitcase. Smdh.  Whew!! Got through that and I could see my friend, outside waving excitedly.  My hotel was minutes away so that was a good thing considering it had been a very long day.

I learned at breakfast that the people of Upper Egypt eat a typical breakfast and they eat with their hands. It was different but quite tasty.  It was a busy day ripping and running through the crowded streets of downtown Cairo.  Afterwards, I needed a nap and needed to be ready for a surprise.  So later in the evening we were headed to the Maadi Corniche for a dinner cruise.  I was escorted by not 1 but 4 handsome Egyptians.  Security was tight leaving the hotel through the garage.  Security acted like I was being kidnapped.  Lol.   Getting to the Corniche was quite an adventure, zipping in and out of the crazy Cairo traffic  Maadi is an affluent, suburban district south of Cairo on the east bank of the Nile, 12 km upriver from downtown Cairo.  At this point the Nile is paralleled by the Corniche; with a waterfront promenade.  The promenade is quite a lively area.  We had dinner reservations on a boat so we didn’t get to hang out much on the promenade.  The dinner and show was good.  I enjoyed it but it had been a full day and I was glad to get back to the hotel.  I still can’t believe I walked like an “Egyptian” crossing that busy as heck  6 lane expressway.  Yeah, crazy!!!!  I understand I’ve got another surprise tomorrow.  I’m up for it!!!