Brighter Days Ahead

This past 8 months has been like a prison sentence and I have not ventured out past 45 minutes from my residence these past 8 months but I so look forward to 2021. I am prayerful and hopeful that things will be better for travel and to those that are still on board…..YES, I’m all in for the following: AUSTRALIA, PARIS, MOROCCO, NEGRIL, ROTTERDAM, ICELAND, SOUTH AFRICA, KENYA, EGYPT, and last but definitely not least THE MALDIVES. Why just this morning an 8 year old that was at my birthday party in Mykonos 2 years ago, told his dad he needs to go to THE MALDIVES now because it may be gone in the next century. Wow! Out of the mouths of babes. I’m so glad those of us had an opportunity to visit our 7th continent, ANTARCTICA while it’s still there. There is good news about the vaccine. Well, I get a flu shot, I had to get the Yellow Fever vaccination and pay $325 for it in order to enter Ghana plus carry that yellow card around with all my immunizations listed…. so that being said; if these scientists get the effectiveness together for the COVID-19 vaccine… call me crazy but count me in. Let’s not look at the “right now”, let’s look to the brighter days ahead.