Benkos Bioho Breaking Out of Chains of Slavery

Benkos Bioho Breaking Out of Chains of Slavery

Today, a full weather report was sent to those already on board for this tour.  We will be visiting 3 very distinct areas of Colombia:  Cartagena, Bogota and Cali; all of which are different.  I’m anxious to get to Palenque, 1 hour drive from Cartagena where they speak a language  not quite Spanish with African echoes.

Over 400 years ago escaped slaves formed Palenque. Today the Colombian town celebrates its African roots.  Although the town now has electricity and running water in most homes, locals still gather  the creek to wash clothes, chat and bathe speaking their local creole tongue, a mixture of African languages with Spanish and Portuguese.

In the center of town there is  a statue of Benkos Bioho aka Domingo Bioho said to have been born in the Bissagos Islands off the coast of Guinea Bissau.  Locals say he established Palenque in 1603 with 36 other escaped slaves

Another among many other new and exciting things to experience will be going to Cali during this Afrocentric time of the year.  Cali is the for real salsa capital of the world.   Join us why don’t you? Deposits are being accepted now.

As I end this blog, I will mention to those that missed out on Bahia and Rio the last 3 tours; we are going back again mid October 2016.  Bahia has the largest black community in South America  and truly deserves the title of: The “Soul of Brazil”.  Oh, the food, ahh the music, oh the vibes…….No, I will not be there for the Olympics as I try to avoid pricey high profile events .  If want a piece of Brazil and you want to take a Kat Walk on the wild side……inbox me!


Mima, Shanice and Shante'

Mima, Shanice and Shante’

They were just  tiny tots when their dad, my son, Mario was murdered.  I know He is as the rest of the family mighty proud of their accomplishments.  Shante’ graduated Magna Cum Laude and Shanice Cum Laude from James Logan High in Union City. They both along with their sister Marshell are on their way to Penn State.  The twins as Freshmen and Marshell as a Junior. Congratulations on a job well done!!!

Shanice and Shante'

Shanice and Shante’