Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Greetings Travelers,

As I mentioned previously,  we will be going back to “The land of the Pharoahs” EGYPT  November 6-19, 2019 . The program will be very similar to 2018 with a slight increase in cost . The land package is $2800pp double occupancy.  The single supplement is $800 .You will enjoy 4 nights Cairo, 2 nights Luxor,  3 nights Aswan; all hotel rooms have Nile views, 3 welcome dinners, a 4 night Nile cruise with all meals on board and all tours.  This is a heads up: we currently have 18 on the “interested” list and they get 1st  choice in signing up now that the rate has been announced . If interested;  Don’t delay… Paperwork will be ready in a few days.

We hope to have Dubai Dec 2019 rates and dates any day now.

This next tid bit  is bound to blow your hair back:  We have announced Iceland in the summer of 2020 .  Just know  the “interested” list is growing.  Yes, we’ll visit the Blue Lagoon – named in 2012 as one of National Geographic’s 25 Wonders of the World . The unique properties of it’s waters provide not only an enchanting lagoon experience but also the active beneficial ingredients of silica, algae, and minerals.  In the summer the sun rises at 3am and sets at 11pm .  Oh, what an experience!    But what has not been announced is that  I am working on connecting it to the North Sea Jazz Festival July 2020 . For those that don’t care for the long flights,  flight time from Amsterdam is a mere 3 hrs.  Stay tuned on this one.

That’s it for now….so we’ll see you next time .



NEWS FLASH! All About Dubai

Greetings Travelers,

Dubai  Nov 13-19, 2018  has been completely SOLD OUT for months. We’ve got 1 room at the 5 Star Kempinski Hotel at the Emirates Mall.   The rate is a steal $1680pp dbl occupancy plus your airfare, which was at last check in the $800-900 range.  The single occupancy supplement is an additional $852.

This opening  won’t last long.  So if you are flexible with your time; come on and join us or pass the word along to your coolest friends, perhaps they will.

If interested;  Inbox Kat at rivoli98@yahoo.com





South Africa – Behind The Scenes

It’s been a wonderful trip thus far.  We are now in one of the most romantic cities in the world; Cape Town.  Cousins Darryl, Van and Gary among others rate this experience tops out of all their tours with Cousin Kat. I received an email this morning from Cousin Darryl concerned that there were no current blogs and was directed to the archives to reminisce. So, since this was the Robben Island and Township day and I would not be joining, I thought I’d write a few lines of behind the scene happenings.

While in Johannesburg at Michaelangelo, Niece Donneva met Moses Mayekiso, leading activist in the struggle against the apartheid regime during the 80’s, now stepping up from party chairperson to party leader of the African Democratic Change (AdeC) and his colleague, Swedish billionaire, Erik. She in turn introduced several in the group to these gentlemen one evening and their organizers gifted the entire group with Lovely tees.

Moving on to Shepherd’s Tree Game Lodge….we hadn’t been there 10 minutes before the word went out that Gerie of Gainesville, Fl was stuck in the bathroom and maintenance was trying to remove the door.  Brenda Ray and Tannia Weaver were standing by for moral support. I arrived from the dining room just in time to hear Gerie singing, “Freedom” and saying she hoped she didn’t have to be like El Chapo and dig a tunnel. Gerie a natural comedian had us cracking up as they tried like hell to get the door off.  They finally sent a worker through the window who she stopped in his tracks and said, “hold up, I’m video taping”.  He got he door open, I said, “Thank you Jesus” and joined the group for lunch.  On the game drives, most saw all the big 5 except the elusive leopard.

One of our young ladies in the group (whose husband chose not to come) sent him a picture of an African king who she jokingly said wanted her to stay and be one of his 6 wives.  His response was, “What?  Does he think this is Coming to America”?

My Suite here at Table Bay is right on the front with a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean.  I swear the balcony has got to be 20 ft x  5 ft.  It runs the entire length of the bedroom and living room combined.  Last night it was bid whist time in here. Gainesville Delta Sorors, Gerie Crawford  and Jean Ingram  against Bay Area sistas, Tosha Eagles-Williams and Regina Harris. I can’t say who but there were a few trains to Boston and a whole lot of noise along the way.  Donneva Johnson, the bartender kept them supplied with vodka and cranberry and she and her new found cousin, Lori Webster (Johnson by birth) one of  Marilyn Gainey’s nieces; kept me laughing.  The two together are hilarious!!!!

It was Regina’s daughter, Ariann’s 20th birthday and the hotel staff had decorated her room with rose petals all over, complete with a bottle of champagne and hors d’oeuvres.  We had a superb welcome dinner that night complete with flowing wine, Ari’s birthday cake and her mom surprised her with the cutest, tiniest  badass Gucci. Nice!!!

My longtime guides in Joburg and here in Cape Town were saddened when they overheard I will not be returning next year. I must admit, I’m saddened as well but if any of you that have missed all this 5 star luxury these past 12 years, holla at me; even though unescorted by yours truly,  I can definitely hook it up for you.

On another note: The dates for EGYPT 2019 are confirmed: NOVEMBER 6 – 19. It’s half filled up as I write.  Think long, think wrong. You already know what happens when you snooze.  Dubai 2019 dates coming soon and yes Jana, there may be ANTARCTICA 2020.

Until next time Travelers……

Here’s What’s Coming Down the Pipeline – 2019

Greetings Travelers,

We are about to “Kat – a Pult” to 2020 with Iceland.  Yes, Reykjavik and visit the infamous BLUE LAGOON. It will be in the summer months with continuous daylight hours but before that, our 2019 WORLD TOUR will culminate with return trips to  EGYPT, “The land of the Pharoahs” in early November and then early December; Dubai, known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, top chefs,  and a lively nightlife scene. My hope is to keep the land pkg rates as close to 2018’s as possible.  Egypt $2575pp.  Dubai $1680pp.

I know how quite a few, like to take their time making travel decisions but with KATTRAX, it’s like in dice…. “point seen, money gone”.   As always, I maintain an “interested” list.  So if you are the least bit interested in NOT missing out on any of the aforementioned tours, inbox Kat at rivoli98@yahoo.com

Where Is Kat?

Greetings Travelers,

This is the first time that I can remember NOT BLOGGING. I never realized how much of my energy was expended handling this task of bringing the destination to you.  I’m sure some of my regular blog followers have been wondering why there have been no postings.  This is my 12th consecutive tour here to South Africa and next year Ghana, Tanzania, The Serengeti and Zanzibar will take its place. Yes, this trip is rather bitter sweet; considering it took me 40 years to finally get here and to be able to bring so many others here with me.

There are 31 traveling with me from Florida, Atlanta, Chicago,  North Carolina, California and Michigan.  We all flew one of the world’s top airlines, “Emirates” met up in Dubai and continued on together to Johannesburg.  We landed at 530am, we were greeted by our  2 reps  as soon as we stepped off the aircraft, ushered through Immigration and then handed off in the Arrivals Hall to my long time guide, Joe Mtsogi, a true gentleman and a scholar. Upon check-in at the 5 Star Michelangelo; by 7am we were blessed to go directly to our rooms.  Favor ain’t fair and I’m always forever thankful when we are so smiled upon.

I’ve never had so many birthdays celebrated on any one tour. So big up to Vera Brown, Sonya Fife, Donneva Johnson, Ariann Ealy-Harris, Danielle Outlaw, Lori Webster and Alton James. It’s a pleasure having you join us on this one  and Kattrax wishes you a very happy birthday and may you have many more.

As I write this, at SHEPHERDS TREE GAME LODGE, the Group is on their evening game drive — the 1st of 4 game drives, of course, hoping to see some of the Big 5 (Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalo, and Leopards). So called by the big game hunters back in the day because they were the most difficult to hunt by foot and because they fought back.

I showed up at the afternoon tea to see who would be going. Everyone except yours truly but no doubt, several would not be going on the 530am drive. It’s tough to get up that early.     While they are out there this evening, I’m chillin in my suite and enjoying every minute of it.  Ooh, the lunch we were served was wonderful, and the afternoon tea was quite a spread.  After the evening drive, dinner will be served—- guaranteed not to disappoint.

Tomorrow after the morning drive and a sumptuous breakfast, I understand a Group will be going to Sun City, home of PALACE OF THE LOST CITY, a huge casino, a couple of Gary Player’s golf courses, a place black folk could not even think about going.  While they are doing their thing, I’ve got a 90 min Amani signature treatment, The Jewel of Africa.  I will experience the quality of crystals and warm oils which will work to rapidly reduce muscle tension, balance my energies and release emotional stress. I cannot wait!

I probably won’t blog the rest of the week when we go to Cape Town but you can always go back several years in the archives here (Sept/Oct) just to be reminded.  In 2 weeks,  my energy will be needed to blog while in EGYPT, “The land of the Pharaohs”

Until next time…..

More Kibbles and Bits

Good afternoon  Travelers,

In 8 days I will be on my way back to South Africa for the 12th consecutive year.  When I wrote my high school English term paper on the Apartheid system in ‘66 and when I cut school in Los Angeles to go to a Free Nelson Mandela rally at Will Rogers Park in south central; he had been in prison only 3 years at the time.   I had no idea this would become a serious love affair with Madiba and his beloved country and that his prison sentence would span almost 3 decades, I have enjoyed every step of this journey.  Two  of my favorite quotes of Nelson Mandela, “In my country, we go to prison first, then become president”.  #2 “Difficulties break some men but make others”.     Some ask me,    “Will you go back in 2019.”  The answer is sorry, but no.  Next year TANZANIA, THE SERENGETI AND THE ISLAND OF ZANZIBAR will take her place in September and GHANA in February.

A lot of you are loyal repeaters with me and take maybe 3 International tours with KATTRAX annually. Much gratitude to you all from my the depths of my heart.  Shout out to Marilyn Gainey of Atl with 15 last count and coming up on 17 in the next month or so. Lucille Johnson and Juanita McVey, I know your numbers are high but the exact number is unknown until you tell me.    Even though I may have your contact info on a res form; for each new tour, I need a new form.  That form is my BIBLE , my hard copy. Your info i.e passport details, address, tel #,  frequent flyer info can and does change so therefore please understand that for each new tour you sign up for I need a new form. Plus after each tour those forms are shredded.   A few months ago I advised everyone that UNLESS I receive a completed Reservation Form; you are not OFFICIALLY signed up for that specific tour and moving forward will be cancelled without further notice.

For some reason, some of you seem to think the tours that are months away in 2019 will still have availability when you get around to seriously thinking about them.  Please know, these hotels are not playing with Kat.  They will not continue to allow me to hold tons of rooms just because.  So that being said, if you are interested in any tour for 2019, please complete a RESERVATION FORM AND SEND IN YOUR DEPOSIT.  Also note, and I’m saying this with love: Those of you that frequently sign up and subsequently cancel, you have finally made your way to the KATTRAX “NO FLY LIST”.  Yes, you can say that Goldie is on one today.

Morocco is a hot item for October 2019. A few jumped the gun, signed up, now out. So there are a couple rooms available on week 2 (Oct 12-21, 2019).  Call me if you are seriously interested.

Italy airfares are in and available : Approximately $1300 r/t plus International ticketing fees –  call  Ms McCree, our International Ticketing Agent 510-435-7050 if you need assistance.   This is her job.  Please don’t pick her brain, waste her time and then say Oh, I will do it myself.    Travelers, That’s not nice.

KAT’S PRIVATE MYKONOS AFFAIR –  Coming Late July 2019.  This past July was a KATTRAX takeover of the sweetest kind. 26 of us showed up and showed out on that  hip Greek Island. We dined at the best,  we beached at the best, those that indulged in fine spirits turned it up the best  and we yachted the best….. about the way the Rich and Famous do the damn thing.  We don’t know the price yet but it’s a guarantee that  by the time we do; all the space will be GONE.  IN JULY IN MYKONOS, EVERY NIGHT IS A SATURDAY NIGHT.  The preliminary guest list, those that have thrown their  🎩 in the ring thus far:   Jo Anne, Willie,Sekilati, Toni, Briana, Barbara W, Lisa, Dian, Kathi.

Until next time!



Greetings World Travelers!  We’re just back last week from a whirlwind 4 country stop – Jamaica,France,Greece, and Brazil….and in 2 weeks we will hit South Africa, Egypt, Dubai, and the Maldive Islands. Of what lies ahead, 3 are sold out but things do change and space has opened up for destinations pictured above.  Do you want to live like the rich and famous in the Maldives, sleeping in an over the water bungalow on a private island?  Meet some of the humblest people on earth that look like you and I and relax in style and comfort? Then Fiji is the ticket.  Learn about your black history in the fabulous city of PARIS, with Ricki Stevenson’s Black Paris Tour, dine on French West Indian cuisine and see Paris by night with Kattrax on our signature stretch limo tour?  Don’t play….there is still space for 4.   Lastly but definitely not least…. Oh how I love VIETNAM – we hit North, South and Central. It is a most beautiful country, filled with warm and friendly people. In spite of what happened 50 years ago; they still welcome us with open arms.   I’ve been holding on to this secret for a minute…..just an hour from Da Nang, the new Hand’s of God, 5 mile GOLDEN BRIDGE just opened in June and we are working diligently to add it into our existing itinerary in April.  It will be a sight to behold!

We have limited availability!  Here are the destinations, land only rates & dates:

THE MALDIVES – DECEMBER 5-12, 2018  $2175pp

BLACK PARIS – MARCH 20-28, 2019  $2900pp

VIETNAM – APRIL 5-15, 2019  $2300pp

FIJI ISLANDS – AUGUST 1-11, 2019 $2200pp

For information and reservations email rivoli98@yahoo.com or call 510-499-5909