We are going, going, going to Colombia!  Nov 3-12, 2017, to experience their African roots in PALENQUE plus enjoy the Independence Day Festival in Cartagena.     Airfare is slowly increasing but you still have time to get in under $500. That’s from/to Miami and all points in between within the country; CALI, BOGOTA and CARTAGENA.   So far it’s beginning to look like a reunion from a lot of past KATTRAX tours plus several new new travelers are joining us.  Don’t delay…..Get in on the fun……Call Kat 510 499-5909

Colombia Airfare —Great Deal

We are departing from Miami, visiting CALI, BOGOTA AND CARTAGENA; r/t tickets less than $500. Wont last long !!! Paperwork will be emailed tomorrow .    Trust me, you haven’t seen real fun until you visit COLOMBIA.   Great hotels, dining experiences and party atmosphere.   Inbox me!

Colombia, It’s On And Crackalackin Nov 3-12, 2017

Colombia,  South America! Experience it with me! Trust me, it’s South America’s best kept secret.  3 nights Cali, The salsa capital of the world. We’ll have a private salsa show and dinner Saturday night and I wouldn’t miss Salsa Sunday the next afternoon for anything. You shouldn’t either!   — 2 nights Bogota for art lovers and party people will visit Andres DC (5 floors of partying) located a short walk from our hotel in the popular Zona Rosa district;  lastly,  4 nights in Cartagena will include a typical Colombian dinner at Cande’,  a day trip to the unforgettable off the beaten track “PALENQUE”, Learn the history of the place where escaped slaves took refuge 400 years ago. They still speak a local Creole tongue which is a mixture of African, Spanish and Portuguese. It’s still their little corner of this crazy world we live in.   The lunch prepared there just for us is out of this world. You will notice how those seasonings and culinary art  has been passed on to our black American culture.  This will be a beautiful day spent tracing our African roots. One not soon forgotten. Next  Get ready for Cartagena’s Independence Day Festival: parades and all the festivities that go with it. This will be more fun than you’ve had in a long time. I kid you not.

Land Package:$1930pp. Deposit $250pp due NOW. Final payment  due Oct 1st.   Email me for reasonable air rates

Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

We still have space for the NEGRIL GETAWAY July 13-20, 2017.   Unsold rooms will be released on Monday. We still have 1 oceanview suite available.

SOUTH AFRICA 2018—- You missed out on September 2017.  You said you were interested for 2018 but I haven’t heard from you so it will probably get cancelled.

The coolest of them all is COLOMBIA –  CALI, BOGOTA AND CARTAGENA.  More fun for me than I had in 1987 when I first fell in love with Jamaica.  Colombia is Thee best kept secret.  It’s probably safer than Oakland and Los Angeles now that she’s been all cleaned up from those cartels, etc.   Join us for Cartagena’s Independence Day Festival in November and practice up on your salsa moves for Salsa Sunday in Cali —-the salsa capital of the world.

If there is an interest in any of the above….inbox me at



Right In My Own Backyard

If you live in the Antioch area and a lover of crab and garlic noodles; this is the spot —MOC CRAWFISH.   They have a varied menu of crawfish, crab (king and dungeness) shrimp, lobster calamari, fish, etc…..whether it’s boiled or grilled in a succulent blend of out of this world seasonings or deep fried you are going to love it. The staff is very welcoming and they immediately make you feel at home.  There are several choices of sauces plus you choose the degree of heat.  My favorite is the garlic butter/mild— just enough heat for me.  I’m hoping they stay around a very long time.  It’s tucked away in the corner of a strip mall at Lone Tree and Tregallas.  Check them out…. they will make your mouth and tummy feel very happy.

Farewell Photos March 2017

Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Greetings from the land “Down Under” !  It’s been an incredible tour but as most of you know; Kat is always working and I have received a barrage of requests for Our Stroll through Black Paris 2018.   The dates: APRIL 12-19.  Here’s what’s going on:  PARIS 2018 is just about maxed out without paperwork being sent out.  The land only rate remains unchanged at $2800pp dbl occupancy.   If you were even thinking about it; don’t think too long.

South Africa 2018:  if you missed getting in on 2017 and thinking about this one let me know.

Colombia – Nov 2017 –  the best kept secret.  Don’t worry about how it use to be. It is one of my mist favorite places to visit. The food, the salsa, the people…..THE BEST!

The Maldives – Dec 2018 –  celebrating my daughters birthday the early part of the month. I’m excited !!!

if anything strikes your fancy….. inbox me, don’t delay

Sea Temple in Port Douglas

We had a short flight on Virgin Australia to Cairns (Kanz), north of Sydney and a totally different vibe here in Queensland.  After landing we had about an hours drive to the Pullman Sea Temple Resort and Spa.  The group was in for a huge surprise. I got my 2bdrm Swim Out Apartment and they each got upgraded to a 2 bdrm penthouse apartment with a spiral staircase leading to a full patio with a BBQ and a jacuzzi.  This is the perfect place to relax.  I had mapped out 2 great restaurants for myself and 4 other certified foodies which happen to be from Miami.  Salsa Bar and Grill did not disappoint.  It was dining at its finest.  We started with the tempura soft shell crab….damn it was the bomb.  This Master Chef at Salsa knows his stuff.  My main was a cumin crusted sous vide (sue veed) lamb rump, pomme puree, olive dust, scorched onions, garnished with green long beans. The lamb was perfectly cooked,the right color and the spices in the crust were heavenly.  Thanks to the sous vide cooking process that rump was thee most tender lamb I’ve ever tasted (cutlet, shoulder, leg, rack, etc).  Our day at the Great Barrier Reef proved to be phenomenal for all — the Ocean Helmet Walk,  snorkeling, helicopter rides and even I came out of my comfort zone and went down in the semi submersible to view all the beautiful colored Coral hundreds of years old and tons of brightly colored fish.

Queensland is the only place in Australia where one can hold a Koala so today while they are all off doing their thing with koalas and kangaroos , I have chill-axed in my apartment enjoying the swim out and my in room jacuzzi.  Tomorrow is our last day here and some have planned to go to Mossman Gorge where they will walk with an Aboriginal Elder, no doubt another unforgettable experience.


An Emotional Aboriginal Day


What a day this turned out to be. No matter how many times I visit a destination, I always walk away with a richer, more in-depth, completely different experience than the last.  This would be my last full day in Sydney and as much as I looked forward to moving on north to Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef; I hated to say goodbye to Sydney. The view from my room was nothing less than spectacular. Enough good cannot be said about the people; genuinely warm and most accommodating.

This was our day in the Blue Mountains and visit to the Waradah Cultural Center. Our group had a private session with 2 very knowledgeable Aboriginal young people who shared as they called it, “Their Story”.  Time will not permit me to go into detail but it was most fascinating. There are so many Aboriginal groups across this country and they respect each other and their respective “Stories”.  Everybody has their own story. They come from Mother Earth, will go back to Mother Earth and while here they do not take from the earth. They live by 3 principles: Love, Humility and Respect. Later several performed dances for us and explained the birth of the instrument, the Didgeridoo. Last month in Colombia one sister with Me announced, “When I get to Australia, I’m buying a didgeridoo” . True to her word she did as soon as we got here and shipped home that very expensive instrument.

At the tender age of 18, my boyfriend, an East Bay Dragon, then owner of one of the baddest choppers in the club; began my attraction to this beautiful piece of machinery. So when I saw this bad azz  chopper on display at the Cultural Center, I wanted to know more.  It turns out it was created by George “Snake Charmer” Farah. He is  a rags to riches story if there ever was one. This bike has artwork on it created by a famous Aboriginal artist. It represents all races of Australia coming together. On it there is a boomerang, a didgeridoo and depicts Aboriginal life.    George stayed in trouble growing up, got expelled from every school he went to, he was of European descent, didn’t fit in in his small hometown and had to fight daily, later did some years in prison for manufacturing drugs where he would dream about building bikes and began to sketch designs of bikes. Long story short: his first customized bike was called “The Blade” which represented the vicious knife attack he barely survived while in prison.  It won more awards than I have time to mention . Then “Wet and Wild” which had 2 meanings: how girls get wet and wild and most importantly the tears shed by mothers whose sons get locked up. His secret technique that shows the water droplets in the custom paint is truly something to see.   His brand slogan is: Dreams to Reality. Two thumbs up to the Snake Charmer.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Boiler House restaurant and yes, after that mist were ready for a nap.  We skipped the Botanical gardens here as most had already seen the one across from our hotel.  We stopped at a cool little spot with picnic tables where over a hundred years ago they had a jail for the convict workers building the highway.   Our driver brought out the bubbly, the orange juice and the champagne flutes for our farewell toast. This was an awesomely, amazing day!