Good morning Travellers on this beautiful day!  You are probably wondering “What is Kat talking about now”? I want to share this testimony with you. The scripture is from Luke 5:5 about Simon and Jesus. Jesus told Simon to let down his nets.  Simon said, “Master we been out here all night long fishing and haven’t caught a thing.  But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” They ended up catching so many fish their nets could not hold them”.  You know the Lord gives it to us ABUNDANTLY, EXCEEDINGLY above all that we ask for.

Now, I have a colleague named Simon and in wiorking on the upcoming November DUBAI trip we really took a beating financially. In this business unfulfilled contracts with hotels and airlines can really hurt you.   I mean we were so far in the hole we couldn’t see daylight.  .  A few days ago as I began my evening prayer, the spirit gave me an idea.  That next morning I mentioned to my colleague Simon the story about Simon out there fishing and about my  idea.   We chuckled about it and before hanging up I said to him, “Now Simon, drop those nets”. Well my friends, within the next few days folks were calling about DUBAI and before we knew anything it was like fish jumping up in the boat. God is good and his mercy is everlasting.

Before I end this blog I need to send a message about RIO, BAHIA AND IGUASU FALLS.  I was planning for October but that conflicted with South Africa and Ive got to escort my South Africa group. So now Rio will be early November.   If you are still interested I need to hear from you to make sure you are kept abreast of the upcoming info.

Blessings to you all!!!


Greetings Travelers,

This is a deal you cannot afford to pass up!!!   If you have the free time and have always wanted to see the out of the box and over the top DUBAI in Kat’s 5 Star Style; NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.   Some heard about it yesterday but thought it was next year.  No No No!  We are rolling out of here Nov 14th for 6 nights.   I have 1 room left and an even better price today.  Deadline is Friday.  The original price was $2465pp  dbl occ plus air.  Single supp WAS $1,000.  You can get there however you can.  Lowest air is 800-900.  The fantastic rate now is $1782pp dbl.   and if you are a single call me and I will work some Kat magic for you

What’s included:  R/t transfers, 6 nights at 5 star Kempinski, daily breakfast (normally $50/day), city tour, tour to Abu Dhabi with lunch at Emirates Palace (home of the 24k gold cappuccino ), sunset dinner cruise.

Call me if you are interested  925 732 3606

NEWSFLASH! Hidden Genius Project Came Out On Top

My dear friend, Eugene Lemon says their non profit  won the 2015 Google Impact Challenge, which was a total of $500,000.  He sends a heartfelt thank you to my blog followers.  He said without our votes they wouldn’t have won because there was a 3 way tie for 4th place and every vote counted!!!   We had votes coming worldwide— South Africa, Jamaica and France.  Job well done!!!  Eugene, we wish those HIDDEN GENIUSES the best life has to offer.

What’s It All About, Kat?

Greetings World Travelers!
I pray all is well with you all. This past Sunday night was very special. Sista Ricki Stevenson breezed in from Paris for a magnificent birthday soirée at Geoffrey’s uptown Oakland. It was so nice seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends.
For those anxious to get busy and confirm on a fabulous upcoming trip; here is some updated news:
Want to get away for the holidays NEXT YEAR and experience that warm, captivating weather of the Caribbean islands for 14 glorious days from Christmas to New Years. Right now, even if you are a single you can deposit for $100 and work on getting a roomie later. This fantastic promo expires 10/25.

We still have space for our Black Paris tour April 28. The adorable, Dedie B, daughter of Ricki Stevenson will be assisting throughout that week. Dedie has worked with me on several Paris tours as well as to the Dordogne region to Josephine Baker’s chateau. She is very knowledgeable and her command of the French language is amazing; Afterall she grew up in Paris and blossomed into a lovely young mademoiselle.   This package is $775 less than our package has been in past years. We have changed the hotel for the savings but it’s still a great package.

All you veteran, seasoned travelers that are looking for something NEW….. been there, done that! Well how about this? AFRO HERITAGE IN Bogota, Cartagena and Cali….The Salsa Capitol of the world.
We are going May 9-17th.

Holiday in the Fiji Islands will be in August and last but not least our 8 Night Med cruise out of Barcelona will be Sept 23. Booking for this expires Oct 31.

Are you waiting for the RIO trip? Yes, we are going back in October and will stop in BAHIA; the SOUL OF BRAZIL as well as a trip to the amazing Iguazu Falls.

What’s up with Cuba? The powers that be are not playing fair. They want us to jump through hoops in taking a group with some “program” that does not excite me in the least ADDED TO THE FACT that from just 2 years ago the cost has doubled to over $4500pp not including air. Goldie, was like, “screw that”.
Now on the flip side; We can get you booked as individuals on a 4 night or a 7 night for $2553pp or $3403pp respectively including air from Miami. All on request.
But now seriously speaking for that kind of money you can treat yourself to my signature South Africa Luxury Safari Oct 14-24, 2016 –THIS MY FRIEND IS STRAIGHT UP 5 STAR SWEETNESS!! Deposit NOW $500. Inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com for any additional details on the above offerings.

Dedie B, Rev Andriette, Ricki and Kat.  Courtesy of  Cheryl E.

Dedie B, Rev Andriette, Ricki and Kat. Courtesy of Cheryl E.


My childhood friend and colleague, Eugene Lemon needs votes to win this Google Impact Challenge for their non-profit. They are in the running — #5. They need to be in the top 4. It’s to train 2000 black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship and leadership. You can vote from as many different devices you have but only once from each device. Voting ends 10/20. Come on now!!!! Let’s do this!!

The url to vote is http://bit.ly/votehgp. The url to vote is case sensitive

There is a KPIX NEWS SEGMENT AND A NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE about the program.  Email me for the links

This a link to our website http://hiddengeniusproject.org

“The Hidden Genius Project trains and mentors black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities.

VOTE to help Oakland based non-profit, THE HIDDEN GENIUS PROJECT win $500,000 to train 2000 black male youth.image


TRINIDADJoin my Southern Califirnia friends next year.  Visit 11 islands including the Crown Jewels  of the Caribbean: Trinidad &’Tobago and nestled between St Kitts and The Grenadines you will find Bequia (beck-way).   We are only holding balconies at $3724 pp. Now this has got to be the greatest promotion ever…..Its called 3-for-Free.  You pay a deposit of $100 and get your gratuities paid plus a Specialty Dining. It’s due to expire 10/25/15 but can be withdrawn anytime.  The normal Princess deposit is $718pp.   If you are interested, let me know.