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Good afternoon on this blessed Christmas Eve 2017,

We have been blessed beyond measure and we  all have so much to be thankful for. I and the KATTRAX TEAM would like to thank you all for your continued loyalty and support and I pray that God continues to give me the direction, guidance and good health to keep on keeping on to take you to places you have only dreamed of.  Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2018.

DUBAI November 2018 –   Airfare is on sale on the BEST AIRLINE –    EMIRATES.  If you need assistance ( please don’t arrange your flights on the wrong dates— arriving/departing by yourself without a place to stay).    Call an expert-  our ticketing agent, Ms McCree 510 435-7050.   $995  INCLUDES TICKETING FEE.  r/t  Nonstop from SFO. Flying in from other EMIRATES cities; You should arrive and depart within minutes of the SFO flights in order to have included transfers. For additional flight info inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com. Please do not respond on this blog site

PARIS – YOUR WAY.  ITS YOUR THING, DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, STAY WHERE YOU WANT TO STAY.     Airfare on American  $675 r/t.  May 8-15, 2018.  Deposit $150, Final due March 20th.  Call Ms McCree 510 435 7050 –  A few seats available.


Kat StThomas

Ms Kat’s Koi

Some of you know of my prison ministry.  We have a prayer team called, “AK47”. It’s inception is another wonderful story to be shared at some point.    Several Inmates in federal, state and some county facilities pray with us collectively at their “count” times  6a, 4p, 9p but this blog today is about their children.

It was  In high school when I knew God had gifted me with the ability to write and to do so in such a descriptive and vivid manner and since then it has now been incorporated into my passion for travel.    When I tell you about a destination and what is/has been experienced by the group while on tour; it is without laying out a rough draft or planning what will be written. I just sit down wherever; be it in my hotel room, on an airplane, or in my stateroom……and it just flows.  You all have said, “it feels like I’m right there with you”.    When I return home I print the blogs and mail them to the prayer team all across the USA who in turn shares with other inmates.  It gives them an escape from their dismal surroundings of concrete, razor wire and all the nonsense going on there.  Trust  and believe they can’t wait for the next tour.  Some never even realized these places we visit exist. They have come to call it, “getting stamps in their passports”.

As if I already didnt have enough to do with arranging wonderful tours and taking some of you to destinations you only dreamed of and in an affordable, first  class, Kat kind of way. ——- As seasoned world traveler Gail Kelly says, “Its the WOW factor”.  I still have this need within to reach out and help those less fortunate.

Some of you may remember the fundraising we did for 3 years in getting uniforms for a preschool in the Langa Township in Cape Town.   Those babies were 3 and 4 yrs old  and so proud of their little blue and gold track suits. Now they must be about to start middle school.  How time flies.   Oh, we felt so  good about that project.

So now, here I am again.  I’m not quite sure how this will play out but for the last almost 4 years I’ve been handling this solo. Each year, I get a few more children. Some with struggling single moms, some being raised by grandma and grandpa trying to do the best they can for the children.

Ms Kat’s Koi (Kids of Inmates) Though no fault of the children, they suffer so many things separated from their dads and/or moms b/c of the injustice of our failed justice system.  Case in point: Gabby was about to be 4, a pretty little African American girl.   We were in the visiting room at a federal prison and she was counting in Spanish. She was so bright and mannerable. We instantly became friends and she called me either Ms Kat or Mima.  She told her mom I was her grandmother.  She was there to visit her dad. Her mother only lived 10 mins away so she was able to take her almost every weekend until they shipped him to the east coast and she didn’t see him for over a year.  She would be in high school before her dad’s release. I never forget her birthday or Christmas plus she and a whole lot others receive international postcards from me from around the world.  Gabby’s Mom said she keeps a postcard of  lions with her and says, “one day I’m going to Africa to see lions for myself”.  I’m joyful knowing that I’m planting seeds.    A few months ago  we spoke and she was so excited. She said, “Ms Kat, next year my daddy is coming home”,  It turned out the lead investigator was found to be a dirty cop so the conviction was overturned. God is good all the time.

Then there was a former minister with a date of 2041. His wife was on the same trumped up case.  She did 8. They had been married since high school and a bunch of kids and grand kids.  She was released 2 yrs ago and was struggling to be successful in her transition back to a somewhat normal life. Those females with her in a federal facility near Dallas loved reading the blogs too.  Last year the warden at her husbands prison allowed a special visit.  He had not even  heard her voice in 10 yrs. You can imagine their happiness.    He had a submission in for clemency.  He didn’t make the cut before Obama left and he was told his file would be turned over to the new administration.  He was excited when they told him his clemency review would be in Oct, 2017 and he had an excellent chance.    Well, sadly he had a heart attack and passed away in Oct.  There are so many sad situations.

My little ones, Ms Kat’s Koi  are like the black koi (Japanese Fish) because there is a relation to adversity but it is also used to symbolize strength, courage, bravery to challenge the odds in order to create one’s own destiny and get reborn. It can serve as a symbol of rebirth.

Koi fish swimming upstream: can be interpreted as a struggle or the fighting of obstacles, and is used as a reminder that you won’t give up. It can also mark overcoming obstacles and having gained the strength needed to continue against the current.

I want my Koi to succeed, to have some happiness.  I know I can’t save the world nor help everybody but if only a few and only occasionally I pray a difference will be made.

As Christmas approaches, we know that Jesus is the reason for the season.  So in the spirit of giving, If any would lke to donate whatever is on your heart for the children, for this Christmas, and upcoming birthdays,   you can send to me at the agency.

Today I fly to Tucson —— another Federal spot.  Until next time

Mother’s Day Week in Negril, Jamaica

Tree House Resort –  May 10-17, 2018,   Enjoy a fabulous Mothers Day relaxing in Negril, Jamaica,  We have 1 ocean front 1 bdrm Suite available –  sleeps up to 4.  We have an action packed week lined up:  Gospel Brunch, Sunset Cruise, Dinner Party, and  A Day at the WaterFalls. Standard Garden View rooms are  Less than $900 plus airfare.  Call for details 510-499-5909

Egypt October 2018

Good morning

we have a single share  available. Emails have been sent to those on the waiting list with no response., and some of their mailboxes are full.    The cabin on the 4 night Nile cruise is an additional $600 for the upgrade.  Only serious single female travelers needed to respond.   If you are a couple we will still keep you on the waiting list.   Folks do cancel.

More Kat Kibbles and Bits

I had no idea so many world travelers had  never been to “Nawlins”. In the 80’s I took several groups  to the Jazz and Heritage Festival. They were so much fun.  I probably won’t do the jazz fest again but I just may return to the BIG EASY on a culinary tip only at a different time. We have a group of 24, ready to let the good times roll. I promised a culinary 4 day getaway and that’s what it will be.

Our home will be the the historic luxury Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter with their one of a kind revolving carousel bar.  We kick it off with a welcome dinner at the world famous Brennan’s Restaurant where we will dine on sophisticated creole cuisine.  The next day we have a lunch date at The New Orleans Cooking School.  We’ll hit a museum , a jazz bistro and I am so looking forward to our jazz brunch at the Court of Two Sisters.  If you like oysters on your backyard grill; you haven’t tasted anything until you try those charbroiled oysters at Dragos Seafood Restaurant. Isn’t that a fact, Robbie Bell?     In the last past few days several have been turned away from our tour ——SOLD OUT.  We’ve got a great group of Travelers from the Bay, Sac, NC, FL, and TN.  So for those that have always wanted to go but never got around to it……stay tuned to the blog so you don’t miss out next time with KATTRAX.   It just may be in the spring 2018.

Shout out to my dear friend, New Orleans resident,  Mr. International Wine Broker and Cigar Aficionado, Jess Peters, whose connections and hookups are unlimited.  Merci beaucoup!

Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Good morning Travelers!

I trust Thanksgiving was nice for you all and I’m wishing  you all the best as you look forward to a happy holiday season.  Here’s what’s going on with KATTRAX.

1 We have a couple rooms available for VIETNAM.  We will visit North, South and Central.  What an opportunity to visit Saigon, Da Nang, Hoi An, Da Nang, Mekong Delta and Hanoi.  We will be leaving March 14th…..right around the corner.

2. We have a single share available for our AFRO BRAZILIAN TOUR – AUGUST 14-23, 2018.  We are offering this tour at a very very affordable price: $2800 including air from SFO.  Call me for details 510 499 5909

3.   STROLL THROUGH BLACK PARIS – MARCH 2019.   We are currently accepting reservations for this one. If you missed out on the  2018 sold out tour; here is your chance to join us in 2019,

4.   GHANA – CAPE COAST AND CASTLES – FEBRUARY  2-9, 2019  Land Package rate $3450.   The paperwork will be available shortly.  Deposit $350pp. It will be Black history month here but we will be getting the real story there.

5.  TANZANIA –  SEPT 14-22, 2019.   Information was sent out   If you are interested, let me know and it will be sent to you.  Reservations are coming in.  There is a max on this one

6.  MALDIVES – DEC 7-12, 2018. We have 1 room available and 1 female share situation available


Until next time,