The Journey Continues

We’ve come from a few small 3star hotels around the city to where we are now in the chic 16th arrondisement. It’s hard to believe we have been at this lovely 4 star boutique hotel for 15 years. The staff and management appreciates the Kattrax groups and they show it in every way.

Its official! The Kattrax team of Kat & Robin Bates will return next year for 2 consecutive weeks; April 20-27th and April 27-May 4th.

As we have grown over the years so have some of our young French brothers, now owning their own transportation companies and working very closely with us. They are smart, courteous, knowledgeable, bilingual, professional and handsome.

In addition to our exclusive, tailored Stroll Through Black Paris we will take it up a level with a day trip to the Champagne Region to tour, taste and enjoy lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Week 1 may have a couple spaces available. Week 2 has more space at the moment.

We look forward to hosting 2023! Teamwork makes the dream work. We have been a team since 2000 and we give thanks to the most High One for the divine connection.

On another note, in 2023 we will be doing it in Dubai Oct 14-23rd. Its about sold out so if there is a serious interest, don’t delay; inbox me..

Paris By Night

This is our night to visit our favorite Senegalese restaurant where the food is always on point and the vibes will make you feel like you’re in Africa. John & Justine Smith were celebrating 50 years of black love and we were delighted they chose to spend it on our Black Paris Tour.

We surprised them with sweets, sparklers and champagne and after dinner 4 stretch limos awaited to whisk us away, to roll through the streets of Paris admiring the monuments bathed in light; thus the nickname ”City of Light”.

i know I said this is it but what gets me is the love I receive while I’m here from corporate down to the housekeeping staff willing to jump through hoops to keep me satisfied. April 20-27, 2023 we will be back and word of mouth has us just about maxed out. Its been a wonderful week with a wonderful group.

Dinner Near the Seine River

Today was the excursion to the Musee du Louvre. Our private bus dropped the group off steps away from the glass pyramid. Paris has tons of museums but whats a trip to Paris without a visit to the iconic Louvre. Afterwards, all were free to do their thing, whatever it may have been

Dinner tonight was at a delightful restaurant a stone’s throw from the river which happened to be a short 10 min walk from our hotel. There were oohs, ahhs and 2 thumbs up on service, taste and presentation. It is definitely a keeper. Upon leaving, all were treated to Lady Eiffel blinging on the hour. She is truly a sight to behold.

There are several on this tour that are repeaters Cassandra Caldwell is one who has been with us for 13 years. We love the fact that we have devoted travelers.


The Kattrax group of 21 landed in this wonderful city 4 days ago. They were coming from North Carolina, D.C., Florida, Colorado, Nevada, and California all excited and ready to explore the “City of Light”, in a way most never have the opportunity to do.

I was so happy to see my long time limo driver, Fahim waiting for me as I exited the terminal. Upon my arrival at our delightful hotel in the chic 16th arrondisement I instantly felt at home. We’ve been using this property for 15 years. Oh how nice to see some of the same front desk clerks and housekeeping staff.

Dinner at Babylone was as usual on point, so tasty and everybody was excitedly chatting, meeting new friends and in some cases getting reacquainted.

Ricki Stevenson’s Black Paris Tour was definitely a highlight with Guide Miguel and Ricki’s daughter, Dedie B. The group learned so much as we paid homage to Alexander Dumas, a stop by the church to see the Black Madonna and the Pantheon where Josephine Baker was recently inducted as the first black woman, first Ametican and 5th woman to have such an honor.

The shoppers had an opportunity to pick up a few items at the newly opened LITTLE AFRICA VILLAGE, the brainchild of Jacqueline Ngo MPii and Patrick Banks. We took a break for lunch in the quaint suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine at Le Chalet. Overall, quite an enjoyable day.

I know I’ve said it so many times and I hate to be a liar but the pressure is on for a return trip. We shall see.

With Great Sadness

Sadly, I write this email to inform you that we’ve lost a member of our travel family.  Marlene Archey-Crim, mother of Kellea Woods passed away yesterday in her sleep. Kellea is devastated and rightfully so. Please keep Kellea and family in your prayers. 

Marlene traveled with us out of Barcelona 2016, Marseille & Ghana and was planning to join us next year on the Breakaway cruise.  With over 150 in our Kattrax Family that were blessed to have met Marlene and hundreds on top of hundreds that have met Kellea there is no way I could send individual messages, thus my blog

Let’s cherish our precious memories

What’s Going On?

Greetings Travelers,

So much has been going on. I’m super excited that borders are open, Covid restrictions are being lifted and those of you that faithfully held on and postponed when we were able to do so.

Black Paris is in 2 weeks, then next month we go ”Down Under” to Australia, The Great Barrier Reef, and trendy Melbourne. In July we have a couple openings for Negril. We have space for South Africa in September, Egypt and Sharm El Sheikh in November. Currently our Kenya Safari is sold out but things do change. You can always get on our waitlists.

2023 is in full effect with Ghana in February, Colombia in March, Tuscany in June and fabulous Dubai/Abu Dhabi Oct 14-22. Its almost sold out and it hasn’t been posted yet. It will be about Style Luxury Service and all about that Yacht life. Yes, you can get on the waitlist.

Today, I was invited to BOLD BRAVE TV and we chatted about ”Building Relationships” and in my case as it relates to my travel business. Check out the Youtube link