Good morning my friends,

I trust all are easing back into your regular routines now that the holidays are over and some of you are seriously looking forward to exciting upcoming KATTRAX adventures for 2017 and 2018.

CANARY:   We have had a cancellation for Canary so if  anyone is interested; call me 510 499 5909 and I will give you the available options.   Just know that taking one of our staterooms at our protected rate will save you a couple hundred dollars because Celebrity’s current rates have all increased for new bookings.

SOUTH AFRICA:  We still have  a female holding space, willing to share accommodations.  Your rate including all flights, tours, game drives, meals, etc is $5622.

GHANA:  Space available

JAMAICA : Space available

CUBA:  We are still in a holding pattern. Jazz fest organizers are only releasing “tentative” dates in Dec.     It seems some countries, Cuba included, as we here in the US of A have no idea what executive orders will be signed that will adversely affect how we travel in the future  or where we will be able to travel to.  We must also remain cognizant of so many things; one being how other countries will receive us. With sanctions, embargos, taxes, stringent immigration/visa requirements in place by the new administration; other countries may be of the mindset: Turnabout is fair play.  How dare you Trump!    That being said,  if there are places you want to visit, that you’ve dreamt of since you were a child…..don’t delay…..GET IT IN!!!  Literally, it could be a cold day in hell before you ever get the opportunity again.    Make 2017 your year. If it’s on the KATTRAX WORLD TOUR schedule;   I’ll take you there!

All You Single Ladies…..

The Kattrax South African experience is truly the Kat’s meow.  That is why we are into the 11th straight year with this incredible destination.  We give you straight fabulosity, with a cool blend of culture, history of the struggle, fine wines, 5 star dining, awesome safaris and shopping galore for the serious shoppers.

Are you Interested in this tour but without a friend to join you?  No worries, we have a share available for a single lady.    You’ve got til Monday 5pm  to make a decision. Pay your $600 deposit to lock you in.  Inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com


South African Luxury Safari

We are approaching our 11th consecutive year to this beautiful country. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…..I have been blessed to continue to take it up another notch.   We’ve had 1 cancellation so now you that had an interest now have  another opportunity to join us.  Need more time? A mere $600pp will lock you in.  3 nights Joburg, 2 nights near Kruger, 4 nights in the romantic and cosmopolitan city of Cape Town——ALL 5 STAR ACCOMMODATIONS, hand picked restaurants, wines, a day in the WINELANDS, 4 game drives, and the best conceivable tours with the best and most knowledgeable certified guides.  Sept 7-19, 2017. TOTAL PKG. $5622pp on Emirates from SFO.  Thinking about it? Inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com


Hello my traveling friends,

We have 1 room for South Africa.  If No one grabs it by Monday; I will release the hotel and air space.   There is a single share available for Asia. If no one grabs it by Monday, it too will be gone.  There is a single share for Peru…….Yes,you guessed it…. it too will be off the block.

There is 1 stateroom left for Canary. It’s a 2B Veranda for $2799pp with fantastic airfares available.   All the rates have jumped except what was already being held.  Singles,speak now if interested.   We may be able to match you up.

Until next time,


It’s Almost Over, Its Been Relaxing!


This, my 87th cruise has been quite relaxing.  I am averaging 9-10 hours of u interrupted sleep a night, I am in the Enclave daily—the best thing since sliced bread     Considering I’m abstaining from spending $$$$ on Princess’internet.  As I enter the Enclave, my first stop is the Hammam (Turkish Bath) where I scrub with the special salts, then into the Tropic Overhead Shower, then into the Caldarium 104 degrees F to 122, warm fragrant mist.  Then into the Laconium –  dry fragrant heat 122 degrees to 140.  After which I enter the thermal hydro pool, with a center raintree, swirling jets all around, forceful streams centered to relieve stress from your shoulder/neck area, then my special station for 20 mins, then to lay on the bars for more relaxation.  Once out the pool, a cold mist shower then on to the bed of  heated ceramic tiles.  Oh such a wonderful experience.  I never miss a day!  My other highlights have been the All You Can Eat Crab Shack.  It was AWESOME!  More Alaskan King Crab legs and peel and eat shrimp than you can imagine.  My 5 Star Speciaty Dining experience was the CROWN GRILL STEAK HOUSE–specializing in seafood, steaks and chops.  I had a prawn dish that was marinated in whiskey (yummy). Lucille ordered the Chilean Sea Bass of which I was lucky to get a more than a taste.  Now that was to die for.  The sides were creamed spinach, mashed  potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and fries.  There were 3 accompanying salts: black Hawaiian,  pink Moutain Himalayan and smoked Applewood from Washington State.

Last stop is here in Curaçao (Kur a Sao) a Dutch island, a very beautiful iskand.  Brianna Said hello to your mother resting peacefully   We will sail til Monday morning then its back to work   It’s been great chilling with 20 of my friends and family.

Will there be another New Years cruise with Kattrax?  I don’t know…….a good chance though.  Happy 2017,

St Thomas –Part II

This day in St Thomas, Lucille and I headed to World famous GLADYS for a breakfast of fish and grits.  Why, with so much food on the ship? Because when you are a foodie; you go where you know it’s known to be good.

Just thought I’d send a few more pics from where I’m wifi-Ing at the Dog Hose Pub here on the beautiful island of St Thomas.  Headed back to the ship now.  See you tomorrow.

New Years Celebration

Our first stop was the privately owned island in the Bahamas, Princess Cays.  Zee, Lucille and myself enjoyed this experience.  Toni who rounded out our foursome was not feeling well that day and she was seriously missed.  So, private island, private bungalow; why not private gourmet lunch.  Y’all know I wasn’t for making my way to the buffet, standing in line, making my way back to the bungalow carrying a plate.  No thank you! Let’s ride this private thing all the way to the end.

Please forgive my silence as it’s now day #4 and you would have heard from me by now but after spending $99 on Carnival for a week of internet access, I refuse to pay $249 on this one. Trust me, it was tough refraining for 3 days until we docked here on my island of ST THOMAS where wifi is free everywhere you go—bars, restaurants, and jewelry stores.

This trip has been different for me in that I invested $199 at the LOTUS SPA in their thermal suite called the ENCLAVE: hammam Turkish bath, wet/dry sauna, 4 showers with tropical  rain, cold mist, rain tree showers, rolling water beds, thermal hydro pool with 6 stations of jets and a center raintree shower, several hot ceramic beds, and a relaxation room all for my enjoyment 8a to 10pm, as long as I want to stay, and or return for part II.  It’s been divine. A thank you to Gail and Michael Palmer of SA 2016 for the insider tip.  They only offer up 60 spots and you can only sign up once on board. There are several treatments to pay for but since I don’t go for anybody but my guy rubbing on me; I easily pass on those.

There were parties and dancing all over the ship on the eve including under the stars and a balloon drop in the atrium of the Piazza.  Was I there?  No, after dinner, I made my way to my room to enjoy my music and thank God for HIS many blessings this past year as we move forward to 2017.  Happy New Year to all who have supported KATTRAX TOURS and continue to allow me to show you the world the KATTRAX way.

Tomorrow we will dock in the French island of DOMINICA (not to be confused with the D.R. –Dominican Republique.