It Is With Great Sadness

We will miss her smile and her humor. Marcia Kat Tracked with us to Paris, Tuscany and twice to Australia. My heart is heavy.

Marcia G. Cooke, the first Black woman to serve as a federal judge in Florida history, died Friday after an 18-year career on the bench in Miami.

Cooke, 68, struggled for months with inoperable cancer after she had been admitted last June to Mount Sinai Hospital and underwent surgery for a pulmonary embolism after a trip to Australia with friends, according to people close to her. She then stepped down from the federal bench in the Southern District of Florida before spending her final weeks in her hometown of Detroit with family.

Tailor Made Vietnam

One of the most beautiful countries in the world that unfortunately does not get its due justice. Trust and believe, we bring love and they give love. This will be my 4th visit and I cannot wait to return. You will get to experience this specially curated tour with Kattrax. You will visit North, South and Central Vietnam and for those that opt for the 3 night Bangkok extension will enjoy the beautiful country of Thailand. Aspiring chefs will enter the famed kitchen of the Blue Elephant Cooking School for a one of a kind culinary experience. As I write this blog, I passionately feel every bit of it.

Those on the Interested List have already received the paperwork and are already locking in. There may be room for a few more. I don’t know but If you are interested…do not delay as the max on this intimate tour is 30. has already been updated so check it out.

Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

United States, imagine nationwide not one airline was allowed in the sky. I was stuck in Savannah for a couple hours after the announcement was made at 530am eastern time and most of you all were still asleep on the west coast.  Finally up and running things became a domino effect. Thus next being stuck at DFW, no crews to fly and flights backed up.  My arrival gate was A 2 which was literally almost 2 miles from my next departure gate; D2.   Thank God for wheelchairs. 3  wheelchairs, 2 electric carts, 2 elevators and the train. I made it to my gate but still another long delay. Smdh but patience is key. It is what it is until it ain’t what it ain’t.  Travel these days is  filled with more hiccups and rough spots than ever.

 In a few weeks myself and the Ghana group will be on our way, followed by the Afro Colombia group a few weeks after, followed by the Black Paris group a few weeks after that. My advice to all travelers whether with me or not; Ask the Lord for what is known to be a virtue; PATIENCE! Stay calm and go with the flow.

KATTRAX NEWS: What’s available this year:

April – Black Paris – April 27-May 4th Space for 2

July – Negril Getaway July 20-27 – Only Kings, Twins, Kitchenettes. All Oceanview and Suites have been sold out.

October – Dubai/Abu Dhabi Oct 6-15 – 1 room

November – Egyptian Odyssey with Optional Red Sea 4 night extension – Only space for 6 participants.

What’s Happening in 2024?

March – Vietnam & Thailand. Visit Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang (hotel across from the beach), Hoi An (cooking capital, with class at Red Bridge, get clothes made; Hanoi with day trip to Ha Long Bay. A spa treatment included at each hotel. All followed by 3 nights in Bangkok which will include a cooking class and lunch at the world famous Blue Elephant. Sign ups will go out next week to those on the interested list.

August- Kenya Safari & Zanzibar SOLD OUT

December – The Maldive Islands – Info coming soon

Until next time, take care of yourself.

Hope Is On The Horizon

Next month is Black History Month and you are invited to attend an amazing health fair where the focus will be on physical and mental health awareness in our communities, sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta Alumnae Chapters. Not to be missed!