Maldives…It’s Been Real

Tomorrow we say goodbye to what’s got to be the Happiest Place on Earth . It was truly a blessing to have met the Minister of Tourism for the entire country who buzzed me into the General Manager of our resort. There were 10 in our intimate group and our wish was their command.

Where is this happy place? The Maldive Islands are located in north central Indian Ocean. They are comprised of 1200 islands with 154 inhabited with resorts. What’s illegal to import? Well aside from the obvious, no alcohol but there is plenty here to consume, no firearms, and no pork or pork products. Scientists say that in less than 60 years the islands will be submerged. What about tsunamis? The Maldives have natural protection against those.

No need to exchange to their currency. They run a tab and you settle at the end by card or cash. Just bring small bills for tipping. At Sun Island Resort and Spa getting from the International airport by seaplane and speedboat is included whereas other resorts you will pay a pretty penny. You can set up half board (breakfast and dinner) or full board. Every meal we’ve enjoyed has been a culinary delight. Will I return? Yes, without a doubt. Forget about sightseeing, its all about Rest and Relaxation.

Pamper Me

My day started by taking a dip outside my back door into the cool blue turquoise water. I broke my fast with an apple and a few hours later I arrived at Araamu Spa for a Wellness treatment that far exceeded my expectations. The full body massage I had a couple of days ago was definitely all that but the Wellness treatment took it to another level.

My 2 hour experience began with the washing of my feet, followed by a full body massage, followed by a full body scrub and scrub she did, followed by an outdoor shower, followed by a warm jasmine flower bath followed by another shower, some noni juice and an iced lemon My skin never felt so good. Next stop was Vani Cafe where I enjoyed a lovely lunch and a Banana Bizz mocktail. I can use another week of this goodness.

Name of the Game is RELAXATION

Today was a very good day. I started with a full body massage at the spa. After resting a bit in the Relaxation area, a buggy took me to ZERO RESTAURANT. That’s where you go when you don’t want to add calories. I ordered a delicious smoothie and a Banana Flower and Prawn Salad with chili sauce. I probably burned a few calories walking up the bridge to my table. The Banana Flower is a purplish plant that is high in potassium and good for cholesterol and hypertension.

After a nice stroll it was nap time. The group was wearing out the massage therapists not with just one treatment but packages. Theres bike riding, jet skiing, fun tubes, parasailing, yoga and so much more to keep one occupied.

A Kattrax-er here from 2002, one who treats herself, not cheats herself started this experience off right with her Emirates First Class cabin on the A-380 in pure luxury. Shower anyone at 37,000 ft in the clouds? Simply make your reservation from your seat then sit back, relax and enjoy

You know the sistas showed out in the club doing Karaoke. We had Beyonce, Minnie, and Gloria Gaynor singing I Will Survive. I even did Tina’s Proud Mary and finished rough . Everyone is having a good time and this is just what the doctor ordered for most of us.

Still Livin’ Again in The Maldive Islands

SARS CoV2, COVID-19, DELTA Variant and now OMICRON Variant has struck fear in so many and I understand. I will never forget the feelings I was overcome with March 15, 2020 when I along with 20 others were in Colombia, South America amid reports of borders shutting down and basically the entire world closing. The spirit said, ”You’ve got to move” and move we did. Within 6 hours we were packed up and en route to the airport. My mentor, Rev McCree answered her phone, got busy and got us all ticketed in record time. The next day Colombia closed her borders. Thank God we were on our way home. From that day for 16 months there was no work for Kat. Taking folks all over the world is my life, my passion and has been for almost 4 decades now. For my livelihood being snatched from me and having to deal with a few clients going for my juggler; it was at times more than I could deal with. I thank God for those Team Kat that showed me love and continue to support KATTRAX. I must say, ”And still we rise”.

Jamaica this past June was a beautiful tester, Egypt in October was an even more beautiful tester, and now here in The Maldive Islands for the 2nd time in my life feels so good, so right. It was a journey getting here; the 15 hrs on Emirates to Dubai, 7 hr layover but the lounge made it so nice with her showers and free deep tissue massage chair. We still had another 4 hr flight to Male’ followed by a 20 mins flight to the speedboat and then 10 mins on the water to our resort which happens to be the only resort on this massive island. Its like having your own private island. We had favor. Favor aint fair but its fabulous if you have it. Jan Glenn-Davis was in business class seated next to a gentleman who is the Minister of Tourism and the former managing director of our resort. She plugged Kat StThomas and Kattrax and he told her to tell me to call him anytime and he would also call the property and let them know we were coming. All the guests were in the hotel lobby getting the orientation and completing paperwork while we were escorted to a private VIP air conditioned room to get checked in. Nice!

Our over the water villas are killer and ready for us to enjoy. The AARAMU SPA is waiting for us to book our services and I can’t wait.

It was so nice to see niece Yvonne and hubby Wesley who flew in from the UK. We enjoyed lobster 3 ways at the Italian restaurant; Thai, French Grilled and Thermidor. Oh how wonderful it was to dine with them and catch up. Looking forward to a lovely week here on this fantastic island.