Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Greetings Travelers,

I trust all is well with you. As for myself, I give thanks, I’m almost 100 % and I’d like to thank you  all for your prayers. I hate to have missed my 7th Continent but I’ve got my wings back and will be headed to beautiful, warm and sunny Vietnam (north, south and central).  Before taking off, I’d like to give you an update on the latest.

LA DOLCE VITA (the Sweet Italian life) July 7-17, 2019.  Some begged me for more space and now that I was able to increase rooms in Tuscany….where are they?  I don’t have a clue but if you are interested, I’ve got 3 rooms added and available. There will be no waitlist for this one any more. Whoever drops out, that space will go back into the hotel’s inventory.  In order for me to hold space costs money and cancellations bring on penalties for me.     Deposit is $450pp, all available single occupancy rooms are sold. Cost is $5280pp. Interested in one of the 3 rooms, inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com

A STROLL THROUGH BLACK PARIS  March 20-28, 2019.  We have 5 rooms available, Land cost is $2900pp.  A great week of sightseeing, dining, Paris by Night in stretch limos,  an African American historical tour on private bus with knowledgeable, historian Ricki Stevenson and more.  We have 24 excited Travelers ready to go next month.   This tour always sells out.  Interested? Inbox me for more information.

KAT’S AFRO COLOMBIAN TOUR – May 2-12, 2019  This will be my 5th trip, oh how I love this place. I swear it’s got to be one of the world’s best kept secrets.  Gone are the days when it was so dangerous.  I am especially excited about exploring Medellín for the first time.  You will also taste the flavor of Cartagena, Palenque and the tiny island of San Andres.    Land Cost is $2175pp.  We still have some space.  Please inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com

Until next time……

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