What’s On The Horizon For Kattrax?

We are just back from sailing the southern Caribbean islands on Celebrity. We sailed right into 2014 and had a ball. Trust me, there is nothing like being on the high seas New Year’s Eve. There were some things we missed that Carnival’s brand-new “BREEZE” had so next new year’s eve we will BREEZE into 2015 on the beautiful “BREEZE”. Enjoy a Spa Suite with a balcony and a jacuzzi — having a cocktail on your balcony as the sun sets or having breakfast on your balcony as the sun rises is the absolute BEST!

What’s in store for 2014 – 3 Black Paris tours from March thru April.

May 10-17 A Mother’s day cruise visiting the southern Caribbean islands on Royal Caribbean

June 30-July 13 – Touring the Italian countryside from Rome to Lake Como in the quaint village of Bellagio. We will spend time in Tuscany and enjoy the culinary delights of cooking classes and wine tasting. Space available

July 20-29 – 9 hot reggae nights on the beach of Negril at the Tree House Resort. The week’s activities include: a sunset cruise, a gospel brunch, day at the waterfalls, and a dinner party. If you are into cooking, Join Kat in the kitchen — Cooking classes in the mountains of Negril which is quite a memorable experience.

Sept 20-27 Exotic Dubai — The most over the top, out of the box destination imaginable. This place is definitely not to be missed. They have the biggest, the prettiest, the best of everything under the sun (spas, nightclubs, restaurants & shopping malls). Included will be full day tours of Dubai and Abu Dhabi including a fabulous lunch at the Emirates Palace which happens to be the most expensively built hotel in the world. How could that be? Well it was built as a home for Sheik Zayed but it just wasn’t to his liking.

Oct 15-26 South Africa – Walk in Mandela’s footsteps as you visit Johannesburg, Soweto, Cape Town and then chill out on safaris at a 5 star game lodge. This is truly a trip of a lifetime. Cape Town is one of the most romantic cities in the world.

After the next new years cruise, 2015 will begin with “Kat’s Tailor-Made Asia” in March. Our tour begins in Tokyo. The weather will be a little chilly (50’s) but Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Nha Trang (pronounced Nya Chang) and Bangkok will be in full summer mode –in the 80’s. You will have the opportunity to get fabulous outfits tailor-made in Tokyo, Saigon & Bangkok. We’ll enjoy some jazz in Tokyo and a world renowned cooking school in Bangkok –“The Blue Elephant”

Where is Nha Trang? It’s a seaside town located on the “south central” coast of Vietnam. It was once a small fishing village until the French recognized it as a perfect place for sunbathing. So they invested and turned it into a hip resort town. Today it attracts international tourists from all over the world. Thanks to its tropical climate the temperature stays warm all year long for you to enjoy the beaches.
Our hotel is the only beachfront resort in Nha Trang and it offers the ever popular “Six Senses Spa”. Inbox me for the day to day itinerary and additional information.

Black Paris Divas will return to Paris for our signature tour, “La Vie en Noire”
mid April 2015. This sells out fast, don’t delay…get on board.

Mid June – A quick getaway to Waikiki Beach – Some fun, sand and sun for the kiddies.

July 9-16, 2015 – Montreux & North Sea Jazz Festivals in Switzerland and the Netherlands respectively. For 18 years straight this was my summer playground, been away for awhile and now I’m returning with a vengeance. European jazz festivals are musical treats one should experience at least once in their lifetime. We have a few rooms available if you would like to join us.

What’s brewing for 2016? Perhaps Maldive Islands, maybe Bali, perhaps Mykonos… Celebrating your 50th? What’s on your “getting it in” list? Tell me and we’ll make it happen. Remember: The use of the phrase “bucket list” is strictly prohibited. Let’s just get it all in.

Until next time, Kat