Machu Picchu


Fabulous Sea Temple, Port Douglas, Australia


Cracked crab table side, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Ocean View Suites Right on the Beach Negril Tree House

Greetings my World Travelers!  It was my intent to tell you a fascinating story told to me last week but first things first.   Deposits are now due for the following:  Australia see the Great Barrier Reef in March,  Black Paris in April, Asia – see Bangkok, Tokyo, Vietnam in May, Peru/Machu Picchu in June; Negril Jamaica in July; going  back to Fiji in August.  If you missed something this year, you get another crack at it next year.  If you are still dragging, you may get there but it will not be a Kattrax experience with Kat.  It won’t be long before I close my chapter on this travel game.  If you are serious about any of the above tours; don’t hesitate, inbox me


Last week I was sent to an auto shop in Oakland for some body work.   As I walked in the yard a worker called out to his boss who cheerfully came out, greeted me and ushered me into his office.  It was obvious this 30 something  young man was Vietnamese.  I spoke a greeting to him in Vietnamese, his youthful face lit up and he said, ” You know my language, my country”?  I said, no only a few words but yes I have been to your country and I absolutely love it.  After we got paperwork out of the way he began to answer my questions. You know I had plenty and he was eager to answer.

45 members of his family, friends in the village where his grandfather and parents lived had to flee by boat. They loaded up what they could and just left not knowing where in the world they would end up but they knew they would be killed if they did not leave South Vietnam.  My new friend, the young Phat Tran, owner of this body shop was not even born yet.

He was told they sailed for days and days and finally landed on an uninhabited island.  This is where he was born without any doctors around. This is where they lived for 8 years before being rescued by a Navy ship, taken to Thailand and taught how to live in a civilized manner for 3 months before getting sponsors to get them to the United States.

Life on the island wasn’t easy.  They prayed daily to be rescued.  They were blessed to find water by digging over 50 holes and also found a waterfall but had to walk 4 miles daily to get water.  They fished for food, there were animals running around, and snakes they ate.  Several members were eaten by sharks in their quest for food from the sea and several died from illnesses.  Before water was found, urine was boiled to be consumed and fires  were made the primitive way.   Imagine 8 years of this.

Tran’s grandfather started this business, passed on to Tran!s father and now Tran runs the business at the tender age of 34.   He says he use to travel to Vietnam to the beautuful beaches all the time until his father informed him:  not so many vacations young man, I am getting old, you must now take over and run this business.

He seems to be doing a wonderful job at his young age.  He said to me, ” When I think of all the hardships my family had to endure all those years; I cannot understand how some people here in America are not thankful for the opportunities and the life they have”. Amen Phat Tran.


New Years Cruise Newsflash

Greetings!   Princess has a promo for our 10 night cruise.  . Not sure how long it will last but right now you can get a regular balcony for $1624pp.    Deposit $200pp.  Air from SFO $438 r/t.   Other cities available.  East  Coasters and  Mid Westerners you don’t have far to go to get to the ship in Florida and  we’ve  got some singles standing by for a roomie.  Email me at rivoli98@yahoo.com

Depart from Fort Lauderdale –  Ports: Eleuthera, The Bahamas; St Thomas, Dominica, Grenada, Bonaire, Curaçao.  Dates: Dec 30 – Jan 9.



The Royal Princess,  She’s Beautiful!!

My friends,  we’ve decided to remove the Christmas portion so now it’s straight New Years throughout the Caribbean.  This will be our 4th New Years cruise. So many of you whined so about missing the others now you get another chance to see just how special it is to ring in the new year on the calm seas of the Caribbean.  Don’t sit at home alone watching that ball drop in Times Square, don’t watch everybody in other countries that are ahead of our time zone enjoying their fabulous fireworks displays, come have a blast with us.

Your children have flown the coop and now you have an empty nest so don’t cheat yourself…..TREAT YOURSELF.  This will be North meets South …..won’t you join us?

You will not have to worry about careless revelers playing with firearms or drunks behind the wheel and for you;  enjoy yourselves to the fullest…..designated drivers not needed.   We still have spacious mini suites with balconies available and this time you can get a reasonable airfare through Princess.  For reservations and additional information;    Just inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com



Theresa, Chandra, Van and Deb

Again, as far as relaxing goes….. This is the ticket….FIJI Time.  This group of 22 starts the day with the bountiful buffet breakfast which includes omlette station, fruit station of fresh pineapple, papaya, watermelon, stir fry, grilled chicken, bacon soft to crispy, sliced bone in roast ham or baked fish, steamed cabbage, green beans, cereals, croissants, pancakes, create your own Caesar Salads with whatever you desire, and everyday bottles upon bottles of Champagne and every conceiveable fresh juice.  I especially enjoyed the daily morning  ritual of choppin it up  with the “bubbly brigade”.  They were wearing out that champagne and  They know who they are.  But seriously it’s been great; they’ve had reunions from past Kattrax Tours, telling travel stories, barrels of laughs,  making new friends and planning when they will meet again.. Will it be Rio, Peru, Australia,  Canary Islands, Asia, Cuba. South Africa, Antarctica, Paris, Jamaica, or the New Years Cruise?  Whatever…. They all know ain’t  nothin’ like a KATTRAX TOUR! We do it movin as we Kat Track All Over the World …. Giving you Straight FABULOSITY!  If there are any overworked newbies that want a piece of this Fiji Time  next August; inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com

Tonight is our Farewell Dinner at the Sofitel’s top restaurant, THE V.  This foodie is excited. I’ve had a hand in selecting the choices now Chef do your thug thizzle  in the kitchen.  No one has said, nor have I read but since the  SOFITEL  Brand is French inspired,  THE V is a French Restaurant,  V is cinq (5) in French and this property has 5 restaurants …..This one being …… Oui, you got it.

I may report on tonight’s dinner but if not; thank you for Kat Trackin’ with me this past 10 days. Shout outs to those shut in: Lil Rico, Yahya, Casso, Donnie, Tarus, Dupree, and Scoe.   Keep getting those stamps in your passports.  I love all y’all.


This has been thee most relaxation I have had in years. I believe we have all been rejuvenated. FIJI TIME, unlike CP time is do what cha wanna do when ya wanna do it. Or don’t do a damn thing if you don’t want to.  Take your time and do not be in a rush. As you can see in the picture above; its champagne breakfast everyday, help yourself to straight champagne, mimosas, kir royales or Bellinis….. Yes, bottomless!

Cousin Van got his R and R on at the Spa.   It’s written all over his face and his words to me were, “It doesn’t get any better than this”.  They have run the gamut trying out most of the treatments offered from sugar this and milk bath that.  So much so til even I who does not like strangers rubbin on me ; have a 1 hr appointment at the SO SPA  shortly.

The rooms here are on the petite side ( call me spoiled) but the grounds are absolutely gorgeous and everything else gets 2 thumbs up.

The lively spread you see is from a restaurant in town called Rhum-Ba.   Denerau Island has it going on with the restaurants —–something for every palette and pocketbook.    Until next time……


When we said goodbye to the Coral Coast this morning, we literally had no idea what was in store for us.  En route to Denerau Island we stopped at a “Village” not the Village on our itinerary but as divine intervention would have it, we were led to another which proved to be the inspiration we all needed today and a true blessing in more ways than one to those who so graciously received us.  We sat in and worshipped at the village’s Methodist Church and shared our free will offerings in their tithes box.

Next we were asked to visit their community hall to participate in a KAVA CEREMONY. I guess the drink is similar to cocoa tea in Colombia in that it slows you down, and de stresses  you.  This ritual is set aside for dignitaries as a welcome.  We were the first group to ever attend on a Sunday— their day of worship and rest.  We were honored.   Kava is a drink made from the pepper shrub and mixed with water then passed around to drink from the bowl and clapping of the hands. We had to designate two men, to act as our Chief and a Spokesman on the receiving end……yes….Cousins Van and Darryl respectively. They represented us very well.

After the ceremony we were told how they make their pottery, a process passed on from generations past.  A rare exception was made to allow us to purchase the very well made items.

On our onward journey to our next hotel on Denerau Island, our guide, Dan told us some fascinating Fijian history.  Over 3500 years ago it’s believed they set out in canoes from Thebes, traveled up the Nile to Tanganyika (now Tanzania) then over to FIJI Islands.  Of course some debate that but it’s taught in the schools. They are not just black but proudly say they are from Africa.

Back in those early days there were tribes. They were fierce warriors, good vessel builders and there was some cannabalism going on.   They would cook and eat their enemies in a heartbeat (no pun intended) smh. So, the last known meal was of the right Reverend Thomas Baker, a Methodist missionary from Sydney on a mission to introduce these heathens to Christianity.  Well, as the story goes in the late 1800’s; a Chief picked up the Reverend’s comb which got stuck in the Chief’s  nappy tight curls.  Baker upset, retrieved his comb from the  Chief’s hair.  In their custom; it’s disrespectful to touch another’s head.   That sealed Baker’s fate.  They chopped him up, boiled him and ate him.  They even boiled and boiled and boiled his leather boots thinking they were part of his legs but that leather was just too tough to eat.   The remnants of the boots are now in a museum in Suva.   Some years back,  descendants of that tribe have made ceremonial apologies to Baker’s descendants for what was done to him.

The SOFITEL FIJI RESORT AND SPA is a lovely property and Denerau Island is an exciting place to be.  Already, several have arranged to jet ski, parasail, cruise around the island and of course, my spa lovers will be visiting THE SO SPA.

We are here for another 5 nights with the beautiful people of FIJI who always greet everyone with BULA (hello) sometimes it’s BULA BULA and we have learned and know how to say VINAKA (thank you for all the wonderful services they provide us).


Fiji, in the mid South Pacific has a mild tropical climate all year, having 2 seasons: summer and winter.  The “dry season” is from April to October where there is less risk of tropical cyclones.  In selecting destinations it’s very important for me to offer you an optimum time to travel and enjoy as in I only go to South Africa and Egypt during their springtime — Oct, Nov; avoiding unbearable heat in Dubai in July and August and avoiding Jamaica in August and September.  That being said, we will return to Fiji during their dry season next year and I so look forward to it.  In the morning we will say goodbye to the Coral Coast and head to DENERAU ISLAND which is separated from Nadi by a short causeway.  There we will spend 5 nights and 6 days…..yes, more relaxation for me

It’s only been 3 nights and 4 days here on the Coral Coast.  Even though time has been short; everyone seemed to have made the best of their time from enjoying spa treatments to zip lining and hitting the trails on ATV’s to the waterfalls to being entertained by the Firewalkers to lazing at the beach or doing the Kat thing of enjoying the incredible views from their balcony.

Tonight a few of us will be dining at the Japanese restaurant, Sazanami. I’m excited !



Oh please let me count the ways… But you know just like that man or woman you love to the very core of your soul or even the one you fell in love with at first sight; you may not be able to list each and every reason but you know each one deep down in your soul.  If I didn’t have family and Doc, I would stay here 4ever.  Yes, I lived in Jamaica for 3 years and thought it to be a Nirvana but FIJI takes that  Nirvana to a higher level.

Last night I made my usual exit immediately after dinner and surprised those appointed to sing Happy Birthday  to me .  In a blink Kat was G O N E  so they sent a crew to my room with a guitar player to serenade me.  How special was that????

The photos of the gorgeous sunset and the navy blue starfish on the beach are courtesy of Sandy Redmond and the photos of the handsome Fijiian  brothers are courtesy of Juanita McVey and Paula Smith.  Thank you!

4am this morning found me putting FIJI 2017 in place. Yes, my friends….its on and crackalackin’.  Stay posted up on this blog site as well as kattraxonline.com for future updates. I can tell you now it will be the last 2 weeks in August and it will be an intimate group so get in where you fit in. 10 spaces GONE as of today, without exact dates or price.    As I sit chillin at the adult only pool bloggin to you and vibin with 2 of my Kattrax VIPs from Chi Town and the Big Apple, Veda and Toronda respectively; I give thanks to the most HIGH ONE for allowing us to come together yet again in another part of the world HE has so beautifully created.

Last nights welcome dinner in Pappagallo, their Italian restaurant, was nice.  Service was attentive even though there were  a few hiccups that were dealt with but in spite of it all  I still gave them  2 thumbs up for service with a smile and great  effort as they tried to rectify the situation.  Tonight several have made their own reservations at the popular seafood resto, “Wicked Wailu”  or the “Lagoon Bar and Grill” .  Until next time…….Keep God in first place,  HE will take you places you only dreamed of .



FIJI, The Most Beautiful Place On Earth


Our nonstop flight from Los Angeles on Fiji Airways was smooth as silk from check-in to landing at Nadi International airport.  We crossed the International Dateline so we lost a day.  We are 19 hours ahead of pacific daylight savings time.

Now, I’ve been around the world and I know that  it’s true;  but before leaving the airport In my heart of hearts I knew this place was like home.  Aside from all the smiling black faces that looked like me; everybody had smiles on their beautiful faces.

Our meet and greet rep was waiting for us as we exited the terminal and we had the biggest, classiest motorcoach in the parking lot.  The WARWICK FIJI RESORT was 90 minutes from the airport and it was a very enjoyable ride to the CORAL COAST.  The reception we received upon arrival is one I will not soon forget. Daily breakfast is included in our stay but never the first day. We were invited to a bountiful buffet with everything from A to Z.  They even had an Adults Only Breakfast section.  That’s where I ended up with a fabulous view of the ocean.

I was blessed with an upgraded suite with a 180 degree view of the ocean.  There were fresh orchids and plants throughout the suite and bathroom and complete with a huge balcony.

Fiji is known as the world’s friendliest paradise.  I honestly see how it got that label. How wonderful it would be if the people in every place we want to visit were as warm and friendly as Fijians.    If you missed this one; yes, you get a second chance to come with me because even though I haven’t been here 10 hours, I know without a doubt…. I will be back in 2017. If TOTAL RELAXATION is what you seek; baby this is it.  After 3 nights here we will go to Denerau Island for 5 nights and I am so excited!

Until next time……