We had an early start this day and what a day it was.   We had 2 buses and our driver/guides were spot on.  Graham and Steve,  2 very nice and totally knowledgeable guides.  It took us about an hour to reach The Blue Mountains where the views from the look out points are magnificent.

Why are they called “blue”?  Because what the eucalyptus trees give off, mixes with the particles in the atmosphere, creating this scientific phenomena.  This was home to Aborigines hundreds of years ago and they  would do daily “burn offs” to prevent wild land fires.   That no longer happens so now it’s easy for fires to take off and get out of control.  We learned how the early explorers made their way through and then  800 or so convicts cut through to make a road.   From 1798 to 1888 over 160,000 convicts were sent to Australia, the penal colony. They  were mainly from the UK.

On our way to The Waradah Aboriginal Center, we passed through the most quaintest villages, i.e Leura, Katoomba.  These are Places Aussies  visit for getaways. I wouldn’t mind a day or two here to kick back.    Once at the center before the presentation and show;  several were making lovely purchases and handcrafted  items made by Aborigines.    To hear the story of their heritage and culture was fascinating.

After leaving the center, we headed to the BOILERHOUSE  for lunch which was included —2 lovely courses and beverages of our individual choices. Before heading back to Sydney, our last stop was the Botanical Gardens where Graham and Steve set up a bar with champagne flutes in the picnic area to toast to our onward safe journey.  What will it be,  champagne, mimosas or OJ?  What a splendid way to wrap up the day.

We have a very early start in the morning.  We say farewell to Sydney and fly to Cairns, then drive 1 hr to Port Douglas.  I so look forward to chillin on our 3 day stay at the fabulous  SEA TEMPLE from where we will head to the GREAT BARRIER REEF.

Next year will be the same time, same place.  Get ready –  MARCH 2017

See you tomorrow  in Port Douglas!




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