Today was an absolutely AMAZING day!   We started at 830 when we we picked up by one of thee most down to earth guides EVER!   Linda, the guide that keeps it 100.  She will truly be missed by me when we say goodbye on Tuesday and head north to Cairns (pronounced kanz).

We probably saw all there is to see in this fair city from thee most exclusive neighborhoods to the red light district.  We saw Russel Crowe’s 14 million dollar spot that he added another  9 mil to get it the way he wanted it.  We had several photo opps along the way and believe me, the group took full advantage .  Our private 1 hr tour of the Sydney Opera House was set for 1145.  I had work to do so I passed and waited for the group at our reserved tables downstairs.  There I was sitting alone  at this long table for 20 with several signs that read : RESERVED FOR THE KATTRAX GROUP. Imagine the looks as folks strolled past looking for an empty seat.  I loved it!  You know I was just waiting for someone to approach me about it.   Lol.   The very unique restaurant is called THE OPERA KITCHEN.

The group arrived on time, raving about how wonderful the tour was. Lunch which was included was about to blow their hair back.  There was a 3 tier gourmet tasting platter for every 2 persons facing each other:  Tier 1 had sushi, sashimi, dim sum, dumplings, fresh pickled ginger, soy sauce and a dollop of wasabi.  Tier 2 had a prawn salad, a Caesar salad, 2 oysters on the half shell and plank roasted salmon.  Tier 3 had a mini wagyu burger, a mini chicken burger and a cup of French fries and ketchup.  What a feast that was prepared for us and what a site to behold.

After lunch we made our way to the pier to board our cruise around the bay aboard one of Captain Cook’s cruisers. They were treated to champagne and dessert.  It was a perfect day to cruise the bay — sitting inside or outside, upstairs or downstairs.

Will I come back again? After a mere 2 days, I would have to say YES!!!!  It’s the same amount of hours as going to DUBAI. So what the heck?   If you missed this one and want to do it the KATTRAX way next year; inbox me at

Until next time!  Keep God first place. He’ll take you places you only dreamed of.








3 thoughts on “ALL AROUND SYDNEY

  1. Thank you for sharing. Know that I am so jealous of that beautiful sunshine as I look out my window at snow. This is a trip I must take.

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  2. Kat, You really know how to live.=! I hadn’t considered going there, but I think I will put it on my bucket list.

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