Cartagena, So Much To Love

Today the group was treated to an historical tour with Carlos and Cesar. I understand that after the tour some worked Carlos for the best places to shop for linens, cigars and authentic emeralds.

Meanwhile back at the Legend I was enjoying the Caribbean Sea view from my terrace and my VIP status calling upon my Butler for whatever my heart desired. Today is Van’s birthday so a few of us celebrated with him for dinner at Cande’ a Caribbean style restaurant. Its interior has changed considerably since my last visit in 2019 but the food and level of service is still a 10 out of 10.

In 1621 the Clarisa nuns built this monastery that over the years has been renovated and transformed into this remarkable 5 star hotel. They still hold onto some traditions. One in particular is every night at 6p the waiters don these hooded garments and walk throughout the hotel ringing bells and carrying lanterns. In the early times this ritual was done by the nuns, lighting candles in an effort to conserve electricity. I must admit this spooky sight can easily catch one off guard.

A nightly ritual

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