Seriously Jammin’ In Jamaica

We were so blessed in our travels from every corner of the United States to reach paradise on earth. They were reppin’ from Washington state, New Jersey, California, Arizona, Texas, Atlanta, North Carolina and Florida. We had minimal airline delays and my ground transportation was on point. We rolled up to Tree House over 100 deep and they were ready for us.

We are now on day 5 and its been a very beautiful experience. Owner, Gail Jackson kicked it off with her Manager’s Cocktail party complete with a reggae band, drinks and appetizers. Saturday was a leisure day and the kiddies celebrated great grandson King’s 5th birthday. His mom, Casey laid it out very nicely and Ms Myrie my cake lady did her thing, 4 perfect, tasty layers was like a wedding cake. Sunday, gospel brunch was all that. Minister Robin Eldridge took us to church. Her message was soul-stirring and Ms Eddie’s baby daddy of 56 years, Travis Williams aka uncle Travis gave us an A selection from his ever growing repertoire. A few hours to rest and we were ready to board our 2 catamarans. I dont know what went on, on Ms Eddie’s boat but a grand time was had by all on my boat; swimming to the caves, snorkeling, sliding, dancing and dining on jerk chicken, salad, coco bread and an open bar. Mr Richard Greer of Atlanta was on hand to take photos. He does a great job with those candid shots. Today will be swimming with the dolphins and day 1 of the cooking show in the mountains. A best kept secret set up by granddaughter Casey was the river rafting limestone massage on the Great River.

I know I’ve said this is it but after careful deliberation , Ms Eddie & I will do it again. Rooms are already being claimed and deposited.

July 20-27, 2023 are the new dates. It’s got to be July for the lobster lovers! To book, email myself or Ms Eddie. This year sold out within 3 weeks last year.

5 thoughts on “Seriously Jammin’ In Jamaica

  1. Oh my guudness Aw ree ( phonetic co sign! )

    Oh Katt such a thrill to ‘see’ the and ‘hear’ of the happenings on this trip!
    It’s your other ‘home’ in spirit . . .
    Something about that spot on that beach Mayne !

    Love it
    Nuthin like the TreeHouse to get yah right!
    Living vicariously though your
    fabulous travels !

    Yea Mon!

  2. Most definitely bringing the kids who didn’t make it this year. This has been an amazing trip so far and all the memories being created are priceless.
    Deuces!! ✌🏾til the next one see you there!

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