I’m About That Yacht Life

After the 2 yachts last year for my birthday in Mykonos; I just had to have another one.  Although it’s going to take a lot to top that unforgettable experience, it gave me great joy to share this one with friends in Negril.  She is a 58’ Flybridge of Italian design, equipped with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  The first 20 that signed up for this year’s Getaway were treated to the Yacht  (she only accommodates 20).  Our food was delivered first, then a bus picked us up and transported us up the beach to BOARDWALK where we were then shuttled out from the shore to the Yacht.  We had 2 lovely ladies as our cruise directors who made sure we had everything we needed. Our lunch was  prepared by Tree House chefs.  We dined on chicken wings, fish fingers, pasta salad, coco bread,   patties,  freshly sliced pineapple, watermelon,  mango, and papaya.  The drinks were free flowing and of course, up on the top deck was smokers delight were those that indulged.  DJ DeeDee (a new name for my daughter) had the hottest music on the Kat-a-Maran Sunday and duplicated the sounds this day that kept everybody dancing or like yours truly….toe tappin’.

We cruised over near Booby Cay then down to Ricks Cafe and at a point several jumped into the crystal clear water for a swim.   We had a brief shower but that didn’t stop a beautiful sunset.  Wow! What an AWESOME day!

Next year’s dates are in: JULY 23-30, 2020.  These guys are already calling out and claiming favorite suites and Rooms.  Of course we will have the Kat-a-Maran and maybe even the Yacht again but remember she can only take 20.

Last night was my All White Birthday Dinner, we roll out of here this morning but stay tuned for the party  pictures.  It was a beautiful affair.


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