What’s With The White?

White is reflective and stimulates openness and creativity.  Spiritually it signifies light, goodness, brilliance, illumination, understanding, faith, beginnings, cleanliness, sincerity and purr-fection!  You will find so many wear white in Aswan, Egypt “ Home of the Nubians”;  where you will find our relatives, the blackest of the blackest, so close to the Sudan. They see me in my white and say, “Cousin, are you Nubian”?  Now with my Upper Egyptian husband, I will really fit right in.   White gives me energy and I love being surrounded by it and those wearing it.

My All White party was a hit. Everybody enjoyed themselves, some a little too much.  DJ ORANE gave them all they needed to work with, even giving those from the Bay, TOO SHORT! And they got down,  So I was told.  I cut out early, I never stay anywhere til it’s over.

All in all, a grand time was had by all and rooms for next year are already going quite fast.  The dates are July 23-30, 2020.   Paperwork will be ready sometime today.  Suites are so in demand. If you requested one, You have 30 days to get your deposit of $400 pp in to us. We have a waitlist already for the oceanfronts.

Thank you to TREE HOUSE owner, Gail Biggs Jackson Brooks and her awesome staff. Also a big  Thank you to all that joined in to help me celebrate my birthday. When is it?  EVERYDAY THAT GOD SENDS IS KAT’S BIRTHDAY!

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