Tailor Made Vietnam

One of the most beautiful countries in the world that unfortunately does not get its due justice. Trust and believe, we bring love and they give love. This will be my 4th visit and I cannot wait to return. You will get to experience this specially curated tour with Kattrax. You will visit North, South and Central Vietnam and for those that opt for the 3 night Bangkok extension will enjoy the beautiful country of Thailand. Aspiring chefs will enter the famed kitchen of the Blue Elephant Cooking School for a one of a kind culinary experience. As I write this blog, I passionately feel every bit of it.

Those on the Interested List have already received the paperwork and are already locking in. There may be room for a few more. I don’t know but If you are interested…do not delay as the max on this intimate tour is 30. Kattraxonline.com has already been updated so check it out.

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