The Culmination To Our Culinary Tour

As our time was winding down, everyone was trying to get in the last bit of what was on their personal agenda.  Kattrax gave them a well rounded itinerary and they still had time to do their own thing.  Shout out to Luchan Baker and Janice Manuel (Bay Area transplants here in NOLA part time) on hand to offer their helpful hints and suggestions  to the group. So happy to have y’all hangin with us. Big up to Jess Peters, NOLA resident who worked closely with me on this project. I can’t thank you enough.  What a guy!!

The Whitney Plantation, about an hour   away, was high on everybody’s list and all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, even though it’s  a very emotional experience.  12 Years of Slavery and other slave movies have been filmed here.  The Plantation Tour is definitely a “must see and do” when visiting NOLA.

Jean Perignon and I had to check out the Praline Connection, located on Frenchmen Street for lunch.  They have some of the best, freshly prepared soul food around.   The collard greens, red beans, and fried chicken were all seasoned to perfection and their bread pudding gets my vote for the best I tasted here.  We got boxes of Pralines to take home and they have more varieties than you can shake a stick at.

Our strategically located hotel in the French Quarter (Vieux Carre’) gave participants the ease of moving about and being walking distance to most of what we were doing without worrying about ridiculous parking rates and congested streets in the Quarter; this location only made the best sense… Bourbon Street, Canal Street, Deanies, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, Mr. B’s Bistro, Court of Two Sisters,  Brennan’s, Cafe du Monde, etc. all steps away from our wonderful HOTEL MONTELEONE. Other places in the city are a short Uber ride away so when coming make sure you download the Uber app.

If you missed this tour and want to join the next one; follow my blog for upcoming details or else you will miss it again.  Keep in mind, there will be a cap on the number of participants.

Next up: CRUISING ANTARCTICA – Feb 16- March 4th…..Our 7th Continent!

One thought on “The Culmination To Our Culinary Tour

  1. Hey Cuz:

    The New Orleans trip looked like the bomb…but hell, I can say that about every tour blog I have read. I can hardly wait for this pandemic to be over so I can become apart of the KATTRAX TOUR experience.

    In all of my other travels, I have relied on having a travel companion, but I KNOW I can travel alone without the concern about having someone to relate to. So, I am saving up my retirement funds in preparation of many days of luxurious travel with my cuz and her group.

    Have the best Sunday ever🤩. I have begun my day of sports TV viewing. GO LAKERS👑🏆

    Hugs, Cuz Nez🥰


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