Barcelona Now, Maldives 2018

After our 6 hr flight from NY we finally made it to The W Barcelona.  In my opinion it’s a very sexy hotel and I love it.  Some had been here for a few days and already made their connections and introductions, noting the best restaurants around and my wine-Auxs making their way to the annual wine festival held here.     As you can probably tell, I’m at a point in life where I say just give me all the down time and relaxation I can be given and I’m one happy sista.     You know, like my time in Fiji. I want more of that.  Tomorrow we board Carnival’s newest and biggest ship, THE VISTA.   That 4 month old baby is big and pretty with the most to do on board.  Our stops will be Sicily, Naples, Rome, Florence, Marseille, and Palma — all very exciting but having spent so much time in most of these ports the past 6 years, my focus will be on the ship, however I can never get tired of one of the world’s most spectacular coastlines —The Amalfi Coast outside of Naples and our private  tour and feast at a very special restaurant in Positano. This year we are shutting it down —-we have the entire restaurant .  I also look forward to returning to Marseille for a special treat. Stay tuned.

Just to get you excited for 2018…. When asked where would I like to go that I have never been and surprisingly my newest team member, my lovely daughter DeeDee has the same response:  THE MALDIVES.  Yes, over water bungalows set in the Indian Ocean, pricey as all get out but you know how I give it to you…the absolute BEST EXPERIENCE at an affordable price. You dont have to be a baller to do what ballers do when you do it the KATTRAX way with plenty of time to pay.    This my friends will be all about “RELAXING” in the lap of sheer LUXURY.   Interested in THE MALDIVES 2018.? Inbox me at  Not on this blog site.  In case you didn’t know everybody sees what you write here.  Your comments are most welcome but let your private messages to me  be that…private.   Peace and blessings, Kat

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