Marvelous Marseille and Mysterious Marrakesh Oct 2019

After returning from Marseille last month,  it was such a hit for those that experienced it; an idea was born to return next year but this time  combine it with its North African neighbor, Marrakesh, Morocco.  I had been  to Casablanca and Agadir in the 90’s with my mother (rip) but Casablanca was just so so. It didn’t show me the mystique and  the intrigue I was hoping to find. Even so, I do have stories to tell like when I was in search for the “fictional” Rick’s Cafe in the movie, Casablanca. Was I ever on one. Yes, a real goose chase.   But all  my mama would ever do was shake her head and say, “Now Kathy”.   Lol.   Little did I know then, It wasn’t even filmed in Casablanca.  It was entirely filmed in a Hollywood studio. Oh, do I have stories.  Perhaps that is what led me to eventually meeting my “was-band” years later  at the famous, Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica. Stranger things have happened.

Once I got this new tour destination in my head, trying to make it work was not happening. It had to be affordable once approximate airfare was attached from JFK to Marseille to Marrakech then back to JFK.  I slept with the folder on my bed day in, day out checking every angle and possibility.   I was making headway with the properties and the tour inclusions but the proposed air was giving me fits.  My MVP told me to stick with it, don’t give up, it will be a great tour. Then I got Simon involved with navigating the roadblock and then there was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Simon!  I didn’t want a Riad, did I Robbie?   I wanted a hotel. Well we got a Riad not far from the Medina (funky cold Medina???) Probably not, Tone Loc. But our Riad is a bad ass Riad.  In addition to our 5 nights in Marvelous Marseille, we will offer you 4 nights in Mysterious Marrakesh – daily breakfast, welcome Dinner, a full day city tour including all entrance fees and lunch, a Day tour to a Hammam, herbalist, bakery, and Caravanserai including entrance fees and services.

Spa lovers, the Moroccan Hammam takes spa to a higher standard of full body bliss. Though the exact experience may vary from place to place, it’s usually divided into 3 steps: Bare it all in an extra hot steam room to open the pores; get lathered in olive oil based black soap and scrubbed with the traditional kessa glove to remove dead skin; and finally get immersed in COLD water by bath (or bucket) for an invigorating finish. The result? Silky smooth skin and a refreshed feeling that can beat even the hottest of days in North Africa.

We are offering 2 Tours: Oct 2-11 and Oct 12-21. Land cost $3780pp. Projected air cost from NY $1286.  The first tour is Marseille to Marrakech. The 2nd is Marrakech to Marseille. Single rates on request, and Jr Suites in Marseille also on request.

If you were tentatively holding space before this pricing and you’ve changed your mind; inbox me privately at and we’ll give the waitlisters a shot.

Flyer, Reservation Form,  Website Update are forthcoming.




One thought on “Marvelous Marseille and Mysterious Marrakesh Oct 2019

  1. so are you creating us an add on? I think there is a seaside village on the way to Cassablanca – so 3 nites???


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