Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Greetings Travelers! After being on LOCK through the pandemic; the inherent need and desire for wanderlust abounds worldwide. Since borders have opened up the floodgates too have opened up. It’s been those that think about travel before they close their eyes at night, those that think about travel on their daily commute and those that work from home staring at that blasted computer screen. Since July 2021 myself and the adventure seeking Kat Traxers have made our way to Jamaica, Paris, The Maldives, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, The Netherlands, Iceland and Kenya. I’m here as a witness to tell you the flights are going out full. No more hoping for an upgrade to business or first class or even just getting your favorite seat in economy because the space gets booked up immediately. That said; Egypt and the Red Sea Extension 2023 is 11 months away and yes filling up quickly. Some of you blog followers have expressed an interest but have yet to commit. My old Sunday School Superintendent Deacon Andrews (rip) would say, “It takes money to buy land.” Then he would pause and say, “In California”. Oh if he knew how things have changed. So, what I’m saying is this; If you really want Egypt and you’ve been dreaming about it for years; Charlie “Yardbird” Parker’s music would tell you, NOW’S THE TIME. We are about to book our domestic flights now within Egypt which are included in this amazing package. Those are the flights from Cairo to Luxor and from Aswan back to Cairo. That’s after our glorious 4 days sailing on the Nile river. You still have a little time so don’t get left out.

Kenya, Kenya, Kenya 2024 has taken off like a rocket. For real? Yes! We are hoping to see the Great Migration and we have taken over the entire camp, all 16 tents. One tent could be available today if the deposit does not arrive today by 5p eastern time.

What else is available? Negril and Tuscany (possibly). Hop on the waitlist. It’s very short. Ghana is all wrapped up. We leave early February but their new online procedure to secure a Visa has been a headache. Nonetheless we are excited to be returning and I’m excited that my vision for the Ghana tees has come alive. It will be a collector’s item for sure.

In closing, The Egyptian Odyssey gives you more bang for your buck so snag one of the remaining spots. Inbox me at rivoli98@yahoo.com or call 510-499-5909

Egypt, Egypt, Why Do I Love Thee So?

It was my childhood dream to travel the world and now to date having touched almost 70 countries, all 7 continents, and 91 cruises; I’m often asked, “Kat what’s your favorite destination”? Well I’ve got plenty but what’s at the top of my list is my beloved Egypt. I’ve been going since 2011 when they had the revolution. I was there with Ms Marie Napper and feeling safe and comfortable we had the time of our lives with the best security. Maybe it’s because of when I had my past lives read in 2005 I was told I was of Egyptian royalty, possibly a queen in the 17th century. I do not know but what I do know and what all my clients that have visited know; is that I am treated like royalty and they like the family of royalty.

There is so much controversy on whether or not Egypt is Africa. They didn’t teach me that in school but look at any map and you will see it’s in the northeastern corner of Africa. Those that jet set 45 mins for a day trip from Aswan to Abu Simbel find themselves 12 miles from the Sudan border. Aswan, home of the Nubians; blackest of the black with their own culture and language. No, most do not speak Arabic. Was Nefertari black? Yes she was a Nubian Queen married to King Rameses II. She was his favorite wife. Their marriage grew into one of the greatest royal love affairs in history. The temple which Rameses built for her at Abu Simbel is one of the largest and most beautiful structures ever built to honor a wife and celebrate peace. She wed for peace and it ended the hundred year war between Nubia and Egypt.

Last month some of our group tested the waters of the Red Sea. Now I, as some of you have been to the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera but baby when I tell you there’s nothing like the Red Sea Riviera; trust and believe when I say it’s the piece de resistance, all inclusive resorts like you wouldn’t believe and unbelievable beautiful weather. It’s a world apart from Cairo, Luxor and even my beloved Aswan. We are returning next November and there is still space and in the words of my brother, J Fox: “Treat yourself don’t cheat yourself”. The way Kattrax has laid out this tour; it is truly another one of our trips of a lifetime.

Speaking of trips of a lifetime, Kenya & Zanzibar 2024 is just about maxed out with deposits. Those that went in October know what time it is and will be returning for part 2 when Kattrax will have a take over of the entire all inclusive tented camp, hoping to see the annual Great Migration. Tented camps are reminiscent of the 1920’s when the rich and famous did their safari experience.

Let Kattrax Tours take you to places you only dreamed of.

Hidden Genius Project

Greetings Travelers,

We are losing our sons, grandsons, and great grandsons. I lost mine 18 yrs ago to an unsolved murder. I can name at least 10 of my high school classmates that have also lost theirs. In 1967, my 18 yo high school friend was gunned down by LAPD for no reason of which Angela Davis wrote about in her book, “If They Come In The Morning”.

Mothers, Nanas, Big Mamas, Mimas, GGs and friends : Let’s help ours become winners. My childhood friend, Eugene Lemon, Senior Innovation Educator, heads up The Hidden Genius Project. This brilliant project trains and mentors Black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities. They are now accepting applications for the program in Oakland, Richmond, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

More of Kat’s Kibbles and Bits

Aside from dealing with travelers that want to make my life miserable. I’m okay.because this is not Burger King. It’s Kattrax Tours. Travel is a multi billion dollar industry which means we all have choices when it comes to travel. 4 decades in this industry and by the Grace of God I’m still standing and with a very good reputation. A big thank you to those that have trusted and supported me down through the years.

Good News!! Britney Griner is on her way home. Nothing short of a miracle. Travelers, remember even if cannabis is legal in your state don’t get careless and travel with the products.

TEAM RAPHAEL WARNOCK – Another miracle. Voter suppression is real in these red states. I’m 4th generation Northern California and I’ve never stood in line to vote. I’m a transplant to Savannah GA now. In the midterm I stood in line in 90 degree weather, no protection from the sun for 1 hr and a half. It was brutal but I refused to be defeated. In the runoff; a different story. I stood in line “early voting” almost 2 hours in the rain, couldn’t find my umbrella but I and so many others hung in there. I thank God for the Warnock victory.

Egypt Nov 2023 flight schedules and fares are loaded. Business Class is $3126 r/t. 7 of us have been ticketed and I was advised by Ms McCree an hour ago there appears to be only 3 Business Class seats available. The economy fare is $947 Roundtrip. There are plenty of those. The economy seating configuration on the 777 is 3-4-3. Business class has lay flat seat. The configuration is 2-2-2.

Tuscany has had a cancellation. If interested let me know.
Kenya 2024 deposits are rolling in. Their deadline is 12/15. If some don’t make the cut; you may be able to join us. We are hoping to take over the entire “tented camp”.
Vietnam March 2024?info will be available any day now. The program will be Saigon, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hanoi & Bangkok.

Well that’s it for now, until next time Stay safe, stay focused and stay positive.

Kat’s Kibbles & Bits

It’s been a great recent travel experience from September to November: South Africa, Kenya Safari, Egypt, Nile cruise and the Piece de Resistance; the All Inclusive resort on the Red Sea; Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera. We decided to switch from Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghada when the Climate Control Conference (COP 27) jumped on top of our already planned and confirmed dates. With over 200 countries being represented, it wouldn’t have been a good time. At any rate, Hurghada was the bomb diggity but next year it’s Sharm; the one destination I have longed to visit. We will be at Rixos All Inclusive with her 8 swimming pools, 1 indoor, 9 a la carte restaurants, 11 bars and for the young at heart an Aquaventure Park. So if you’ve signed up for next years Egyptian Odyssey, add on the 4 night extension. It’s a mere 1 hr flight from Cairo but in another world. The flight is included as well as your last night in Cairo in preparation for your flight home.

I’m happy to see so many Kat Trackers experiencing Business Class lately. You cannot beat those lay flat seats. Yes, a bed not a seat is the way to go. Emirates Business Class is super nice but Qatar has since been voted #1 in the world. They even have sliding doors on the QSuite lay flat seats. Singapore is #2; the food, spaciousness of your seat area, and their flight attendants are so attentive. Carol, Myron and I can vouch for that on the Australia trip. Emirates is #4 behind ANA. I was disappointed in Emirates space on the A380, and the 777 it was tight, the food presentation was on hit but choices and taste left a lot to be desired. The lounge on board is slick but being a non drinker I couldn’t care less.
If there is any way you can treat yourselves at anytime, Business Class is the ticket. Post pandemic flights are soaring, up by 43%. In February SFO to Dubai on Emirates was less than 4K round trip but now it’s 8K

Remember to treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself. You only live once and you sure cant take it with you. The down side is, once you get a taste of it, it’s hard to go back to economy. Like in Ma & Pa Kettle: “How ya gonna keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Par-ree?”

My suggestion though for flights to Cairo next year , be it economy or Business; for convenience and ease, fly EgyptAir nonstop from JFK. Go the day before, spend the night in NY and start fresh the next day. Those will be the group flights. Their arrival and departure times cannot be beat.

Yacht’Nik Is a Cautionary Lesson and Alleged Scam for Black Women Booking Luxury Trips

Sharing a message from Robbie Bell of Miami, Fl

My dear Kat Woman:

I am asking you to share this story with my fellow travelers in your group. I just want to make sure you know why I have been hanging with you since 1995. I also feel that others may feel the same way. There are numerous horror stories about travel and Black travelers for sure, as this article so clearly points out, need to be cautious about who they are dealing with.

I am assured my experience with you is what you say it will be and typically MORE!

I love you girl and all you do. I thank you for your diligence in making sure we have and enjoy a stellar experience. I know my money is invested in the best of experiences. 

Thank you for all you do!
Love you!

Robbie Bell


Ma Salaama, Hurghada

Our last full day in this seaside resort town we opted for a city tour. It was about 40 mins from the Steigenberger Ras Soma. En route we saw tons of new construction for mega hotels and resorts. The town was bustling with tourists mainly Europeans, lots of shops & restaurants. The view from the top was amazing and the Marina would make you think you were in south of France; a very cool area to stroll and dine.
Here are a few parting photos. I look forward to next years extension in Sharm el Sheikh which I understand is better.
Until next time, take care & Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃

Paradise On The Red Sea

This morning as I watch the pool attendant do his daily maintenance on my private pool, I reflect on the serene events of yesterday. It began with 2 hrs of spa treatments at the Midvida Spa, followed by lunch at Maya Seafood Restaurant at the edge of the sea.Talk about service- the designated beverage young lady, Sara remembered each drink we ordered the day before. Well my tonic water was easy but Jan & Wilemma had instructions.Amazing! Jan informed me there was a cancellation on the yellow glass bottom snorkeling boat. So a quick run to the room to change, advise AJ and we were on our way for another amazing adventure. This was a private excursion. Yes, I love me some private. Jan & AJ were down for the snorkeling but my choice was to enjoy the ride and view the underwater life through the glass; colorful fish and scuba divers from nearby boats.
Our qualified Captain, Adam a transplant from Cairo hit his playlist of Alexander Oneil, Joe, Me’Lissa Morgan and it was on for me. We asked Adam, “What do you know about this music”? He said once he heard Joe he was hooked and just started searching. He also informed us he does not like Cairo because not enough of his “color and people act differently than what he likes, however he loves the quiet suburb of Heliopolis ( where my colleague Tarik’s office is located) . I can vouch, it is nice.
Once Jan & AJ emerged from the deep, all I could hear was “awesome, amazing, the sights were unbelievable, the best snorkeling ever”.
I was on straight cruise control, enjoying the music as I reflected on the past 15 days with an amazing group with positive energy. Everybody was a star but the brightest star of all was the coolest cat, cooler than the other side of a pillow; Mr Elvin Crum. He is a stranger to no one. I gotta talk to his agent, Mrs Crum about putting him on the Kattrax Tours payroll.
It’s been a wonderful tour, now on to the next episode.

Egypt or The Caribbean

The group departed last night on various flights to their respective home towns. Jan, Wilemma, Wanda, Alton and myself flew 1 hr from Cairo to Hurghada. Hurghada is located on the coast of the Red Sea and one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations. She has beautiful beaches and perfect crystal clear waters. Normally the water is an intense blue-green; occasionally it is populated by algae and upon dying off turns the sea a reddish brown color.
We were greeted and driven 30 minutes to our resort, STEIGENBERGER RAS SOMA. This resort which is right on the sea is huge. We are on the All Inclusive plan which means we have access to all 5 restaurants and 4 bars with one remaining open 24 hours. I have never seen a buffet restaurant of this size. It appeared to be almost the size of a football field. Seriously!

Before 10a we were in our rooms. I was in an executive suite with a private pool. I may not get in it but I sure like looking at it. The resort has plenty of pools to go around; 3 and cabanas galore. Meanwhile down at the beach quite a lot was going on; speed boat rides, glass bottom boats, kiteboarding and just laying on the beach soaking up that vitamin D.

It was beginning to look and feel a lot like the Caribbean.They have nightly live entertainment but after a wonderful dinner at the seafood restaurant, Maya; I passed on the show and retired to my room to get in a little rest. Tomorrow will be a full day for me; 2 spa treatments, a city tour and later dinner at the Asian restaurant; Benisuma. Reservations are required at the a la carte restaurants but even though Maya and Benisuma were completely booked, the Food and Beverage manager did an override and we were accommodated.
This was a perfect way to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

As We Leave, We Celebrate

The time has come to say farewell to our old and new friends. It’s been an epic 12 days in Egypt. Our last full day in Aswan I hosted a surprise reception in my villa for our guide, Vivian. She popped in without knowing the group would be there. I presented her with her gratuities envelope and a lovely crocodile cross body bag. She has been with us every step of the way from day 1. In addition to being an accomplished Egyptologist, she is most humble and down to earth. It was a very good day.
Later on that evening a few of us met up on the 13th level for dinner in the Panorama Restaurant. Unbeknownst to Elvin & Joyce Crum we wanted to celebrate their 46 year anniversary. What a lovely couple! I’m honored to have had them travel with Kattrax for almost 2 decades. In the morning we fly to Cairo for one last night in preparation for the flight home. 5 of us will continue on to the 5 star All Inclusive Steigenberger Resort in Hurghada on the Red Sea. It was to be Sharm El Sheikh but when the pandemic forced the COP 27 (Climate Control Conference) to roll over on our dates, we changed our course to Hurghada. Next year hopefully there will not be a conflict of dates for any international conference. I look forward to our next year’s tour with a 4 day extension in Sharm.