Chi Town or Cape Town?

11 straight years in Cape Town this same time of year and I’ve never experienced such high, gusty winds.  It really felt like we were in the “Windy City” , feeling the effects of the almighty hawk.

Upon our arrival, our cheerful, knowledgeable guide, Desmond De La Cruz was standing by to meet and greet us. Just like our Joburg guide, Joe; I knew they all would love him.  It was almost time for our welcome dinner in the Atlantic Restaurant so we had to hurry. We didn’t have far to go.  It is located in our hotel, the fabulous TABLE BAY.   Upon entering the dining room,   The table was impeccably set and I couldn’t be happier. Rveryone seemed happy with their selections from the menu and the wines I chose: a Cabernet, a Riesling and a Chardonnay seemed to make them happy as well.

The next morning would be an early start for the Cape Peninsula tour along the Atlantic seaboard past Camps Bay then over Chapman’s Peak Drive.  As we entered the Cape of Good Hope they all had a chance to see ostrich and baboons.  It was so very windy, I imagined what Vasco de Gamma and those other  explorers experienced sailing through this ferocious  Atlantic Ocean not in the spring but in the dead of winter.

Since we changed our itinerary slightly by flying to Kruger, this group missed our diamond shopping in Joburg but got a surprise stop at Shimansky here in Cape Town.  By the time they got to Green Market Square, ready to barter and make some deals;  it was even windier. The vendors were packing up.   I know they  were saying, “to hell with this…. we are outta here”.

I’ve seen it half this gusty when the ferry to Robben Island would not operate so I was worried the weather would not permit it the next day. So sadly, that’s what happened but  They made the best of it.    They were itching to do more shopping on Long Street anyway so that was it and then a chance to interact with the local residents of Langa Township tour afterwards.    Tonight some are going to enjoy some Cape Town jazz and others going to the multi level Gold’s Restaurant to enjoy a true African evening.

Tomorrow: The Winelands Tour — lunch and wine tasting followed by our farewell dinner.

In closing, you all know I’m about uplifting and promoting my sisters and brothers.  Joyce Crum’s college room mate, Gwen Tabb and her husband Willie of Michigan are on this tour.      Shout out to Joyce, “Thank you”!!   Gwen is a very talented and awesomely gifted jewelry designer.  I’ve posted some of her DST, AKA & OMEGA bracelets.  They are absolutely gorgeous. She’s got tons of designs and she will even customize.    I can’t wait to get my signature “White & Silver Kat” bracelet and my specially designed bracelet for  F1 race car driver, Lewis Hamilton ( who is racing in the Singapore Grand Prix tomorrow).  Go, Hamilton!!!!  Whatever your heart desires,    If you need that bracelet,   drop me an email and I will hook you up.


Good bye Joburg, Hello Kruger

It was time to say farewell to Joburg until next year as we prepared for a new and exciting adventure.  Before leaving,  the group spent the day at Lesedi Cultural Village where they learned all about tribal life as it once was and then were treated to a bountiful feast.  Some remember Joey and Susie Smith of San Francisco, who were on the Greek Isle cruise 2013 he led the group in all the new line dances, then 2015 on the Montreux/North Sea Jazz tour; I don’t remember what he did but I know he cut up, and then 2016 Australia/New Zealand he did that remarkable dive off the yacht; well somehow he managed to get in the chief’s chair at Lesedi and his new name is “Chief   Dahbazee”.   Joey is quite a guy, a stranger to no one!!   After the Lesedi visit, a few wanted to visit the Lion Park to get up close and personal and pet a few.  I love to see individuals venture out on their own

The next morning, we prepared for Kruger beginning with our  1 hr flight to  Hoedsprit.  They all had been briefed that there was a strict 20kg (44 lbs) weight limit on the 1 checked bag and a carry on not to exceed 7kg (15 lbs) but we said 11 just to make  sure all would be  in compliance. This was no joke.  In 7 years my “World Traveler” carryon had never been separated from me on any flight but I knew I would be forced to give her up on this small aircraft at “sky check”.  That’s when they take your carry on at the aircraft to store in the baggage compartment.  I sucked it up  and got through the separation,  After all it was a short flight.

Another “no joke’ was the damn airport. It’s not big as a minute and the collection of luggage, well another no joke.  We waited outside in the hot sun waiting for a tractor to bring it to us and then we identified ours and it was loaded onto the 3 vehicles that would transport us — another freaking hour to the camp. I was beginning to feel a little “Jim Jones-ish”. No, not my boy the rapper but the Rev. (With tractor on the air strip and the Kool aid ).      You all already know, this was not my cup of kool aid  and most definitely not the Kat’s Meow.  Our driver, wanted to stop so we could take pictures as we passed all kinds of animals.  That was cool but I had to tell him,  ““look, let’s keep it moving, we have some place to be”.  Plus I was thinking about my hot stone massage appointment I went through so much trouble to make.  I sure did not want to miss that.

After arriving at the camp, we were given an orientation and then served a very delicious lunch. I quickly cut and headed for the spa. It was truly what the doctor ordered.  Later we met our Rangers and Trackers. Wow! What a team we had. Bradley and our Tracker was Orlando, a brother who was amazing.  At one point he left us, set out on foot to find the leopard we had briefly sighted, He didn’t find that one but he did find one.  Nice job!!! Then we saw a pride of Lions —- about 8, the king and his boys on the prowl in search for food.  Who would it be???

Tonight dinner would be at a “Boma”, around an open camp fire.  Boma-  dates back to pre-colonial Africa when native groups such as Zulu & Xhosa used wooden fences to enclose livestock and fortify family homesteads.  A few of us watched workers set up the buffet and Mama Africa, an elderly woman was unbelievable doing her normal routine with at least 5 bowls on top of her head.  Dinner was amazing:  salads, soup, grilled veggies, beef fillet with this mild creamy horseradish, sausage, chicken skewers all from the grill with chef Brotha Man doing his thing.

You already know, I had a date with the outdoor shower under the midnight African sky.  Trina from Boston  wanted to experience it but was apprehensive because she heard monkeys and baboons on her roof earlier in the day.   I tried to convince her to go for it but I knew a little monkey business would not stop this Kat.

After my wonderfully, hot shower I put on the warm velour robe provided and then realized  Ole scaridy Kat was in this huge family suite by myself.  Damn, usually I have a room mate…..It would not be “lights out” tonight  but definitely “lights on”; every last one of them.  One day my prince will come along to enjoy this game reserve experience with me.   He knows who he is.  I’m patient.

This morning, while the group went on the early morning drive, I watched the African sunrise from my bed.  In a few hours, after breakfast, back to the spa for me for the Jewel of Africa treatment —- crystals and warm oils for 90 mins.   After lunch and before the evening drive, there will be Congo Bridge (bid whist) and champagne on my deck.

Needless to say, all are having the time of their lives.  Tomorrow morning, after the Game Drive and breakfast, we fly to my beloved CAPE TOWN.


Joburg, City of Gold and Diamonds

We flew one of the best airlines to Johannesburg.  The routing is a bit longer but the experience is so well worth it.  Some flew from Chicago, some from San Francisco, some economy, some Business Class but whatever the case, they all enjoyed the experience. Flying on  Emirates’ A-380 is one experience not to miss.

Our flight landed at 5:10am and as we walked off the plane there was an airport rep with a KATTRAX GROUP sign.  Our group had airside “meet and greet”.  The rep ushered us through Immigration, stayed with us to collect all luggage and handed us off to our guide, Joe Motsogi who was patiently waiting for us in the arrivals hall.  Joe has been my Joburg guide for several years.  He is a soft spoken, very knowledgeable, most humble gentleman who was part of the peaceful protest in Soweto back in 1976 when the racist police opened fire on the young students. Killing, injuring, abducting and even burying some alive.  Every time I think about the cruelty I get emotional

Most hotels don’t start check ins until 3p but we had favor this day.  Before 830a we were all in our rooms at the fabulous 5 star Michelangelo.  This is my 11 straight year coming to South Africa and The Michelangelo has always been my hotel.  It’s the perfect location; adjacent to Nelson Mandela Square and one of the largest malls, Sandton City.  It is truly a city within a city where high end shops abound as well as restaurants with fine dining.  Our welcome dinner was at Pigalle –   A 5 minute walk from the hotel within the mall.  All wines and the menu selections were selected by yours truly.  There was a choice of a  huge seafood platter filled with giant Mozambique prawns and other goodies, or duck with orange sauce, or salmon teriyaki or beef filet.  The amuse bouche, the appetizers and the decadent desserts were all on point.

The next morning we were picked up for our city tour, a stop by President Mandela’s home, then on to Soweto, the very emotional Apartheid Museum, the famous Vilikazi Street where the 2 Nobel Peace Prize winners, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu once lived.  Our lunch was in a private room at Sukhumzi, also on Vilikazi Street and just for our group we were treated to a tribal performance of singing and dancing.

Since last year, I’ve been thinking about Wangthai Restaurant and their succulent grilled KingKlip fish with the spicy cilantro sauce so that’s where my second dining experience would be.  I was joined by Deborah, Sonya and Gloria. I can’t speak for them but I was quite satisfied,  Several others took a taxi to Moyo’s in the Melrose Arch. It’s a 7 level restaurant where all kinds of fun things pop off — face painting, cigar Lounge, and music to name a few.

Today, our last day would be spent at LESEDI CULTURAL VILLAGE.  I will be certain to share some of their photos later.   I stayed behind, took a private car to Harley Davidson for DeeDee,  picked up a few things for the kids at nearby store and do what I do…. work on future travel.  So far so good… the group loves the  Michelangelo and they are blown away by the bountiful breakfast. Just wait til they get to Cape Town at The Table Bay Hotel where they have over 243 items on the breakfast buffet. They will be totally blown away.   In the past,  the fabulous Table Bay hotel has been home to our beloved Barack Obama, Michael Jackson and Mary J.  It’s straight fabulosity, also adjacent to one of the largest malls at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

Early tomorrow morning we fly 1 hr to Hoedsprit to be guests at Thornybush Game Lodge for 2 nights, 3 days where we will search for The Big Five at KRUGER. Because of this flight , the group was cautioned on the 44 lb baggage limit and 1 carry on 11 lbs.  This group wins the prize!  There are 32 in the group and This is the first time all were in compliance.  They listened, they showed up and they showed out —– some with weights of 26 lbs.  Husbands were giving me props for instructing their wives on what they did not need to pack.  As Gwen Tabb of Michigan said, “Kat you put it where the goats could get it”.  Yes….. it’s a great group.

The Kat Has Landed – In the Maldive Islands

It’s been a real journey but I and others made it. We were coming from everywhere; west coast, east coast, and the midwest. We were on some of the worlds best airlines: Singapore, Emirates,  and Qatar.  I have been wanting to fly Singapore Airlines since I started in this industry decades ago and the opportunity finally presented itself.  I tell you it was the best then and in my opinion still tops.

Sometimes we have to step outside of our comfort zone to experience all that God has created for our enjoyment.  Two others were with me from Sfo nonstop to Singapore – 17 freakin hours.  Was I happy about that long flight ? Heck no! Plus it required a change of planes then a 4 hour flight into Male’  (pronounced mah lay). Wait…there’s more.  After landing in Male, we were greeted and walked over to the domestic terminal  where we ran into tour members; Kellea and Toronda who had flown in on Qatar.  We then waited to board a small aircraft which took us to a dock  where we boarded a speed boat and the captain literally “rode the waves”. The ride was a mere 7 minutes to the SUN ISLAND RESORT AND SPA.  The time now was after 2am.  Check in was smooth plus the staff arranged to serve the 5 of us an “early” breakfast.

Even though it was night time, it was plain to see the resort was gorgeous.  Now, I’ve got clients that have done this “baller style” spending $10K for a 5 night stay  in a villa with a plunge pool including paying $300 for the transportation to their resort.  I knew this experience could be done nicely for less for those wanting to get a taste of the Maldive Islands.  Our resort is the largest in the Maldives and it is the only resort on our island, Nalaguraidhoo in the South Ari Atoll.

Since August I have escorted to Brazil, South Africa, Egypt and Dubai, a total of over 150 clients and friends  You can imagine all I’ve had to deal with. This trip I plan to get in some serious “me” time, spa treatments, parasailing, and even going on a fishing excursion where after the catch it’s all about throwing it on the grill and gettin’ down.  No promises but I will try to share experiences as the days go by.  On Dec 10th I will be celebrating my Deedee’s birthday.  This trip was initially planned for her but things changed for her and at any rate, here I am and enjoy I will.


And On This Day in The Maldives…

After giving thanks to the Most High One for allowing me to spend another glorious day in paradise; this  morning, Michelle and I hit the main restaurant for a quick, but healthy breakfast. After all we had just arrived a few hours earlier but we had reservations to make….spa treatments, a fishing excursion, Lobster night, etc and to get the lay of the land.  We ran into Elvin and Joyce Crum and we all strolled around the property for a bit.     If you know Crum, you know it’s always a pleasure being in his company. He’s got the true gift of gab and he never fails to keeps it 100!

I made all  my reservations, took a much needed very long nap and was ready at 8pm  for lobster night at the Seafood Market.  Michelle ordered the grilled lobster and I, Lobster Thermidor.  I’ve got to tell you it was the best Thermidor I have ever had and I’ve had a lot.   We also shared some grilled prawns out the shell.    Everything was freshly caught and seasoned to the ultimate perfection.  Service here is on point. The servers make sure you have all that you need.  While waiting for dinner, I strolled over to say hello to Della, Sandy and her friends Gillian and Anthony.  They all seemed to have enjoyed their meal and Della was raving about the seafood rice.  Now you know I needed to check it out.  Again, another hit! It was the best seafood rice I’ve ever had.  This is real talk! I cannot tell a lie. I casually walked over to the salad table and out of nowhere a chef appeared and offered to make me any salad at all.  Mmmmm, I said how about a Caesar salad.  He said no problem.  Now,  Caesar dressing can be a tricky thing but he mastered the hell out of it, not too tangy, the perfect consistency and with a subtle taste of anchovies.

In a few hours when I wake, I will walk down the rear stairs of my unit and put my feet in this Indian Ocean before a light breakfast and before my much needed Swedish massage.

I haven’t held a fishing pole since the 80’s  when I went deep sea fishing in the Farralon Islands so I’m truly looking forward to this experience.  Maldivian fishermen know where the best fishing spots are around their islands and how not to come back from a fishing trip with empty hands.  I am so ready to enjoy my catch grilled at the island BBQ restaurant afterwards. Stay tuned, more to come….



Sunday was off to a great beginning for me.  This has been the most relaxing time for me since my last Fiji run last year. Well, Kat what about that fabulous Mykonos trip for your birthday in July?   Yes, relaxing to a degree but I still had to have on my Tour Guide hat. After all, one wants their  birthday details to be purr-fect and that in itself requires  worry and brings a great deal of stress.     The Maldives……worry free.  Everybody’s doing their own thing. As my mother would say,  “Minding their business and leaving yours alone”.   Yes, mommy, I’m sure you are smiling.  Your baby girl got it in this time around.

For starters, I eased down my back stairs, marveled at the beauty before me and got into the sea. There was turquoise blue  water as far as my eyes could see.    I decided to skip breakfast and not be late for my appointment at the ARAAMU SPA.  They have over 50 different treatment options and I was about to do part 1 to recover totally from the strains of modern life ; a Swedish massage with medium pressure put me in a blissful state of mind, body and spirit.  Part 2 will be Tuesday when I get my foot and leg massage.  Afterwards, I rested and prepared myself mentally for this night fishing excursion.  Sonya F,  Alicia R, Michelle R and myself signed up and made up a group of 12 on our boat. There was another boat of about 16 also going out.   It was straight fun!  Well, if you know me well, you know I can fall asleep anywhere; on a plane, on a safari, sitting straight up in bed and yes now we know…,.on a night fishing boat.  I caught  2 fish. The first was when I was sound asleep.  We didn’t have poles, we each had a line.  I felt a slight tug and bingo bango, I pulled up a decent sized banana fish.    My adrenaline was flowing now and I was ready for the next.    My next one was a much much bigger red snapper.  That’s what’s up.    The deal is, whatever the catch and whoever is down meets up at the Fish Market/BBQ Grill where one of the chefs will clean and cook them  for you.  Today was a good day and as Cube sings, I didn’t  have to use my AK. or in my case ; I didn’t have to summon Goldie for assistance.   Yeah, let her get some rest.  It’s been a rough year for both of us ….11 foreign countries, 8 different carriers, air miles flown – unknown, and last but not least over 320 personalities that I personally escorted and interacted with.    This does not include the “dirty thirty” and all the “50 year  birthday” milestone groups I put together this year  but did not escort.  Some ask,  “Kat, how do you do it”?  My answer :  “Only by the grace of God”.

This resort is filled with a countless number of things to do and  many dining options.  Our package comes with breakfast and dinner included  in the main restaurant but then for a small fee, you can dine wherever you choose.  I love their cashless system…just pay up at the end for any  extras you opt for.   I skipped breakfast again, stayed in bed til 2:00pm, enjoying the ocean view from my room, then threw on a swimsuit and made my way to the Main Bar, past the pool and at the edge of the sea.  I knew some of our folks were bound to be there talkin’ that talk,  drinking that yak and talkin smack. Yes, I was right!!      What? No Michelle?  Someone said, “ Oh she’s in negotiations inside at the bar”.   It seems the bar manager knew her well. She stayed put until he gave her a good price on a bottle of Barbados rum.  Smh and Lmao.

Crum mentioned how good the live band was last night.  He said they  did reggae and a little bit of everything.  I hate that I missed it but I can’t do it all.  Tonight in celebration of my Deedee’s Birthday; I chose the Thai restaurant at the end of the pier. Happy birthday DeeDee in absentia.   Dinner was great!!! I love you!

To the young ladies itching to get a taste of the high end Maldive Islands:  Hold onto your dollars.  You can’t go wrong here at Sun Island Resort.  When you find Mr. Right and decide to say, “I do”, let him do it big baller style and spend his $15K for 5 nights on another island.   Again,  The Kattrax Group made a positive impression just like the staff in Mykonos hated to see us leave and told me we were the best group they have ever had.  I’m sure these folks will be saying the same thing.  They take care of us, we take care of them.

Don’t go!!!   I’ve got Kat News and Kat’s Kibbles and Bits to share in my next blog….Stay tuned !



The time has come to say goodbye.  Am I ready? Not really but I will definitely return to Sun Island Resort on the Ari Atoll Island of Nalaguraidhoo which lies south of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, and a 4 hr flight from Singapore.  The 35 min  flight from Male’ (ma lay) to Maamigili offers spectacular views if arriving by day. You then board a waiting speed boat for a 5 min ride to Sun Island Resort, the only resort on the island and the largest resort in all of the Maldives.

Once here, you will find a myriad of activities to participate in.  An over the water bungalow is definitely the way to go.  Their cashless system is perfect. Your card is not even asked for until check out so don’t even bother about getting their currency before leaving home. Not many institutions sell it anyway.   After check in and once you get the lay of the land; enjoy the tropical gardens, the 5 restaurants, plunge into the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, spend a relaxing day at the many beaches, the spa is to die for,  or just lose yourself in an endless walk along one of the longest uninterrupted beach shorelines of all the islands in the Maldives.

If you are even contemplating joining me on the next adventure here, inbox me, let me hear your thoughts.  The next blogs will be in February when we visit the Cape Coast Castles of Ghana.

The Party Continues On The Amalfi Coast

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been on the Amalfi Coast and this trip would not have been complete had I not stopped by my favorite restaurant in Positano.  After flying in from Mykonos to Naples, we were picked up at our hotel to enjoy the coastal scenery of one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. Our final destination would be LA TAGLIATA, where the Italian cuisine is better than any you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.  It was good to see Mama Dora and her sons again doing their thing like no others.  I don’t really care for Italian cuisine but the way they throw down is unbelievable and so damn good.  We had at least 8 courses, from anti pasta, salads, vegetables, grilled meats of lamb, thick azz porterhouse, sausage, kebobs, and  even rabbit –  no not that gamey wild tasting stuff. This was sweet, tender and delectable.  The red and white wine continued to flow, the decadent desserts were to die for and all topped off with shots of limoncello.

I was too excited throughout because our driver agreed to take us to Sorrento so I could buy my CAPRI WATCH.   I had been fiending for it for over a week   I got it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAT!!   It’s been epic, it’s been phenomenal.  Will I do it again?  You betcha!   Next year it will be in effect after the pre birthday party in Negril-   Yes we got the yacht already in place.  Then the after birthday party in Mykonos with more yachts.

Much love,  Kat



And On The 5th Day…She Rested

Today is my actual birthday and the entire 5 days here in Mykonos has been a celebration of epic proportions.  As the old blues songwriter  Lightnin Hopkins said, “I’ve had my fun….if I don’t get well no mo’”.

DeeDee and I slept in til noon, then off to Lady Finger to eff with the Chef.  We totally had him change his recipe for their steamed mussels and he obliged us with our request for “mussels in garlic and white wine”.  DeeDee had a salad and I catch of the day.  She sipped on margaritas and I on my drink of choice – tonic water. Afterwards, we chilled poolside, even though the sun was blazing, we were chillin’ like west coast villains.  I reflected on how good God has been to me, how HE has blessed me to see and enjoy so much of what HE has created in this universe and to be the vessel to share and to show others to Dare to Dream, to live their lives to the fullest and enabling me to bring the world to those unable to travel due to health challenges, as well as to those incarcerated that so look forward to the sunshine I bring on that side of the concrete and razor wire via my blogs.  They have come to call it, “Getting stamps in their passports” and for this I give thanks.

As the group sat around the pool having lunch, saying their goodbyes; loud laughter could be heard coming from Alisha J’s balcony where she and others enjoyed her jacuzzi and several bottles of wine.  Again, it’s about enjoying yourselves. I got another cake, candles and a happy birthday song.    Things got a little emotional as we said our goodbyes to the wonderful staff.  It made my heart glad to hear comments such as, “This is the best group we have ever had here”,  “We don’t want to see you go”, “Everyone is so nice”.  After the hugs and tears,  the bartenders offered up a couple rounds of gold tequila shots for the drinkers.  They learned, with Silver, use lime.  With Gold use orange slices.

Half the group goes home tomorrow.  The party continues for the  other half hangin with Kat.  We fly to Naples. We will be picked up for our Amalfi Coast Tour up to one of my favorite restaurants, LA TAGLIATA in Positano, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with the ISLE OF CAPRI in the backdrop ( Bey and Jay just left there last week by private helicopter).  By the way,  The Amalfi Coast is one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world.

Stay tuned… It ain’t over yet!



Yikes! Yachts Everywhere


Miss Juanita and the Captain of her Yacht

Everybody was pumped up for this sailing adventure but the one that gets the prize for the most contagious excitement, the one that made me feel this experience that I planned for my guests was something she would forever remember is Juanita Pree McVey.  At press time, I still hadn’t received her pics so they will be forthcoming.

Our private transportation picked us up at 930 to drop us at Port Ornos so we would set sail by 1030.  Everyone should have already  known their positions as in which vessel they would be on but if they didn’t, after “Goldie” announced “If you don’t know, you won’t go”, they started pulling up the assignments on their devices.  Lol. Today was extra special and I nor Goldie was about to play with folks.

Tenders carried us to our respective water crafts and once safely on board it was on and crackalakin’.  Hostess with the mostest, Robbie Bell, was still runnin’ things and that was okay by me.  After all, It’s my birthday and I’m on vacation.   The fellas and Alisha J donned life jackets and jumped in the beautiful turquoise blue water.  Both vessels moved together in tandem and stopped together at a nearby beach.  At one point we looked up and here comes a speedboat pulling some kind of  rubber tube with 3 familiar faces, howling with incredible laughter.  We’ll I’ll just be damned…it was none other than our Three Amigos; Darryl, Davion and Edward. Smdh.  I know exactly who the ringleader water baby was that orchestrated this activity but with me   It’s all about having fun and letting the good times roll.

While they were out scoping the beaches, our crew was preparing a feast for us: Jumbo prawns,  mussels in wine sauce, risotto with mushrooms, Greek Salad, cheese salad, Feta Cheese,  and bread. Those on the other boat were getting the same 1st class treatment.  Music is my life and at a point, DeeDee was ready for some of her music, no not the latest rap but one of her old school playlists  that she knew moms would enjoy and it was poppin for real then.

The crew put on their Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday and I was serenaded by those on both boats as Felipe came marching over to me with this Orange Pie with a candle in it.   I made my wish and I hope it comes true.

We hated to say goodbye but the time had come.  This sailing day was all that I hoped it would be and MORE….  Truly a day that will forever be remembered