Shop Til You Drop and then…

Today was the shopping excursion with expert shopper, Robin. Our private bus picked up the eager shoppers at 10am and as they say in Formula One Racing: Lights Out or as Jackie Gleason use to say: “And away we go”. Galeries Lafayette; there are 3 buildings: one for house and food products, one for men’s fashions and the main building with 8 stories, more than 2000 brands, a number of cafes, bars and restaurants and a great view of Paris from the rooftop. So when they’ve tired of shopping they head to Lafayette Gourmet, the perfect place to explore French food culture. They say if you love food, you’ll find heaven in Paris. I love lemon tarts and was in heaven when Robin brought one back for me from Chez Meunier at the Gourmet.

I can pass on the shopping. It’s just not my thing. So I decided to break my fast at noon by visiting African Lounge at their new location. I enjoyed an appetizer of avocat et crevette (avocado and shrimp) while watching on a big screen their continuous stream of celebrities we love, past and present. Tonight it’s dinner at one of my favorite Senegalese restaurants, Villa Maasai followed by our traditional Paris by night in stretch limos. Tomorrow is the Louvre Museum, our last day and no doubt folks will be getting in more shopping.

One thought on “Shop Til You Drop and then…

  1. Too too fabulous for words!
    I’d find a nice place to eat in there!
    Anticipating the night Diamond views of Monsieur Eiffel’s tower!

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