Rive Gauche Y’All

Today, Sunday another leisure day. A day when our participants strike out on their own and do whatever their heart desires. After all, in a matter of 3 days they’ve got the lay of the land and even before they arrived they received our emails on where to go along with Do’s and Dont’s.

This being one of our days off Robin wanted to visit one of her most favorite cafes, Treize au Jardin which is situated on the Left Bank (rive gauche) which happens to be in the Latin Quarter. It was called that centuries ago when the educated had to speak Latin. There you will find the Sorbonne Universite’ and other schools of higher learning. Treize is across from the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens where Robin use to do her homework when she studied at the Sorbonne. The few times I’ve rented apartments in Paris, it’s the bohemian Latin Quarter that does it for me.

Curtis, Yvette & Gwen made their way back to Little Africa and parts of the 18th arrondissement while some headed to the famous Paris Flea Market or even a 3 hr train ride to Amsterdam. Mena, Kathy & Linda did some retail therapy by hitting LV and other high end stores and then an appointment to go all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night and enjoy the spectacular view while sipping champagne.

I might also add, Lady Eiffel is also on the Rive Gauche, Y’all!

3 thoughts on “Rive Gauche Y’All

  1. Yassss Hunty The Luxembourg gardens is other worldly Went with Marilyn Gainey after that gospel brunch on the boat!

    It us such a beautiful place play places for little ones
    The statue that is a world sister hair and body and all
    So much history there!
    Latin quarter was such a cool
    Place to the energy!
    Walked along side Notre Dame cathedral
    Didn’t get in line to go tour
    Oh yes I remember it well!

    I just walked and looked in the windows at Louis’s place ! Did not want to be tempted Ha ha ha
    Have pictures of the window display That was spring 2011? Or 2012?
    Paris is fantastic sooo much to do soooo much to see So much to learn
    Truly a historic city I get chills thinking I walked where famous folks walked To say that is an understatement . . . Sighing

    Love this account Katt
    Living vicariously and remembering

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