Paris News!

It’s official: There will be another week added in May 2024.
As I sit here in Paris on this beautiful sunny Sunday morning, several thoughts run through my mind. One being; anyone who has always had a desire to see Paris from a black perspective really needs to see it with Kat & Robin; the true black Paris trailblazers; Kat in the early 80’s and Robin & Kat together since the late 90’s. Who better to show you the BEST OF BLACK PARIS than the original 2 Black Paris Divas and Kat the pioneer before there was even a Black Paris as it’s called today, back in the days of Haynes Soul Food Restaurant, Sharon Morgan and Bojangles and last but definitely not least Percy Taylor & his Percy’s Place. Time has brought about a change but we are still serving up Paris on the black side with true style & finesse.

May 9-16 – SOLD OUT

May 2-9 AVAILABLE – Maximum 24 Participants

If interested, inbox me at or call


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