More Paris Pics

Week 1 has ended and a beautiful time was had by all and they have all made it safely to their respective homes. We are now into week 2 and another Kattrax reunion: Michael & Cynthia Stacks of Miami, Dennis, Clinton, Sonya, Joan, Martha, Mena from the Bay, Dianne & Donna of North Carolina and several other newcomers we plan to see on upcoming tours.

Cousins Lisa & Weldon Clemons took a lovely pre anniversary photo with Lady Eiffel in the backdrop before saying au revoir Paris. Then cousin Karla from southern Cal arrived for week 2. May 2024 sold out in 3 days last week so it looks like Robin and I will add a second week. May 2-9. We’ll see how it goes.

Yesterday’s Ricki Stevenson’s Black Paris Tour kicked off with a visit to Little Africa Village Boutique. Our private bus dropped us off at Chateau Rouge and we made our way with Miguel & Dedie through the colorful market with the freshest of fresh vegetables, fish, all types of meats, and past the fabric and tailor shops. Upon arrival at the boutique, Jacqulin gave an introduction on the boutique’s beginnings and then several purchased the loveliest prints, clothing and fabulously designed jewelry. Miguel is an amazing historian and storyteller and always has everyone’s undivided attention. He is just a wealth of historical facts and knowledge.
Lunch never disappoints in Neuilly and the tour would not have been complete without a visit to the Black Madonna.

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