In Paris We Celebrate Life

Week #1 we started with Karin Robinson-Smith and she hadn’t stopped. Next up was Mercedes Orozco. She’s just getting started and then last night the 25th anniversary for Ron & DeLisa Crosby we celebrated black love at Villa Masaai complete with sparklers, champagne and the Tony’s “It’s Your Annuversary”. Yes right there in our African restaurant. Later, The group was picked up in 4 stretch limos to take in a few night lights in this beautiful city. Yes, we had the street on lock for our pick up. As usual, I get a private Mbz ride to the hotel. Time for the Kat to get her rest.
There was a young lady from the UK at our hotel who just flew over for the day and night to load up on her Dior.
She said oh wow, so many beautiful Americans. She said they say Black don’t crack. My response, Yes baby, that’s so true!

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