Paris – Things To Do

Yesterday was Sunday in Paris. A leisure day for the group. A day to do whatcha want, whatcha like. Some enjoyed a cruise on the Seine River, which happens to be a 10 minute walk from our hotel. Others did the hop on hop off boat and after met up in the bar at the hotel celebrating Karin’s March birthday and did she have the champagne flowing. They kept bartender, Merci Dieu very busy. Yes, that’s what his mother named him. Translated: Thank you God. The ladies were having such a great time as I passed by; they corralled me in, said they wanted to pay homage to me. So we took a photo and the champagne continued to flow as I went about my business.

Others couldn’t resist the opportunity to stop by the Basquiat Exhibit at the Louis Vuitton Foundation which will be running until August 28th. Then there is the Faith Ringgold “Black is beautiful” exhibit at the Picasso Museum which will run until July 2.

There is always, something fun and exciting to do in this city.

6 thoughts on “Paris – Things To Do

  1. Hi and thanks for sharing! Looking forward to our group’s time there.🤗🤗Mena 

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  2. Yass Hunty to that hotel Bar it is everything Good to see the vines still there ! Jake Lamar spoke with us there and some of us met up for drinks a couple of days after being out A blessing for Merci Dieu. . .
    How cool the some of the group took the cruise —looks so smoovf
    Sighing such a variety of things to do in Paris
    I loved how close the hotel is to everything

    When I went not sure the Louis Vuitton Foundation had been formed
    But such a great thing
    As usual living vicariously
    Bon Jour

  3. Kat, God’s Blessings and thanks for such an amazing glimpse of things happening there in Paris on your watch..
    Love you much
    Momma Maxine Reid

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