There’s Something About Paris

In this business for a group, among other things, there are two important things that are needed: Good reliable transportation and a good hotel. The first group rolled in to Charles de Gaulle airport and our drivers were all in place throughout the morning. Robin flew in on Air France with 13 of the group, at least half were in business class and now totally spoiled and saying ; “No more Economy”. As they were dropped off ; I was posted up in my usual spot, the lobby to meet & greet everyone.

To dinner the first night Instead of 1 bus we had 4 black MBZ V Class vehicles roll up with 3 GQ suited brother chauffeurs and a pretty middle eastern Muslim sister, Soriyah, dressed head to toe in black. Kattrax showed the group what we’re working with.

That night dinner was at the iconic Babylone Bis, a West Indian restaurant where we’ve been frequenting since 1994. How did I get on their wall of fame with the likes of celebrities like Marvin Gaye, Snoop, Sean Paul? I don’t know but I appreciate them and the royal treatment they extend to our groups.

The next morning on the schedule was a full day with Ricki Stevenson’s Black Paris Tours by private bus. We were delighted her precious daughter, Dedie flew in to be with us and join master Guide, Miguel as he shared a wealth of knowledge on the tour, which included a stroll through Little Africa.

Saturday was every bit a highlight for all. Our capable driver, Jokunda from Mali, drove us safely to Nicolas Feuillatte’ Champagne house in Epernay where all were taken on a tour which covered 1 km throughout the ultra modern facility where they learned the entire story from the planting of vineyards to the finished bottled product. Afterwards, the group had a grand ole champagne tasting time. We topped off the day with a 4 course lunch where we were again treated like royalty and the chef and his sous-chefs came out to bid us farewell.
All in all, it was a very good day and we relaxed on our 2 hr bus ride back to Paris.

6 thoughts on “There’s Something About Paris

  1. Hey KAT, I so enjoyed this post, feel like I’m there with y’all!!! The champagne house tour looked delicious!!! Also, so exciting to see some familiar faces like Jan and Kathy!!!

  2. Be still my heart!
    You truly bring travel dreams to life Kat
    Thinking such a unique opportunity of a lifetime to really learn about champagne Surely these travelers will appreciate it as the ultimate libation that it is . . .
    As usual Living vicariously
    Onward dear travelers lovers of the places in the world

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