Kat’s Kibbles & Bits

Greetings Travelers, back from Afro Colombia and back to work, tying up loose ends.
Let’s take it from the top of 2024. VIETNAM & BANGKOK. Yes, such an overwhelming number on the waitlist I said, why not add an additional week.
Week 1 – March 16-28. Week 2 – March 25- April 4.

FIJI – April 22 for 8 nights at RADISSON BLU on trendy DENERAU island – lovely beach, awesome eateries & bistros, zip lining, jet skiing, and yachting. We will pass on Coral Coast because the real action is on Denerau.

ICELAND – 5 star hotel in Reykjavik on the wharf, “The EDITION” the Blue Lagoon, lunch at Lava Restaurant, and night chases for the Northern Lights. Just like the Great Migration; if we see it we will be blessed, if not we will still have an incredible time. It will be late October. There would be a greater chance for Northern Lights in January but we would be gambling with Horrible inclement weather out of New York.
Well, that’s it for now. Don’t delay on any of the above because the space won’t last long.

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