Cartagena, So Hard To Say Goodbye

It was our last day. The day to do whatcha want, whatcha like. For me, it was one more visit to the So Spa Sofitel. So so similar to their brand in Fiji. Also a special time for me to vibe with friends over lunch at Carmen’s.
The shoppers had to get in their last bit of shopping. Then there were the few that visited one of 27 tiny islands of Islas Rosario with Carlos as their private guide. Rosario Islands are located south of the Bay of Cartagena, about one hour away by boat. Isla Baru is accessible by land for those that don’t want to brave the rough sea as there is now a bridge.

As we prepared to leave some were presented gifts by their housekeepers; monogrammed towels. Ms Pat and Ms Joyce were delighted with their tan leather passport holders.
We all hated to say goodbye to Carlos Sarmiento, the best tour guide in the world. I know I’m the authority on that, having visited over 70 countries and all 7 continents. If you want the best getaway that’s only 3 hrs from Miami and you won’t break the bank; call me for the Carlos experience.

2 thoughts on “Cartagena, So Hard To Say Goodbye

  1. Yuasssssss! For the Sofitel spa experience! Closing my eyes and remembering. . .

    Cute little pesky friends the masked water babies coming a little close ( I’m fighting them at home they want to take up residence LOL but I digress )
    Anty way I think I might could chance the boat ride to that island Just something about the ocean peace riding it

    It’s nice you plan in free days. We do appreciate that Kat!

    7 is the perfect number —you made it having been to all 7 continents ! Congratulations! Special
    Place in that club !🙏🏽 blessed
    Welcome Back
    Rest up til your next adventure . . .
    Will have to motivate myself to go to Cartegna!
    Happy Thursday

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