Notorious Medellin, No Mas

We hated to say adios to Cali but excited to move on to the next stop of Medellin, once the most dangerous city in the world with the drug cartels and Pablo Escobar but that has all been cleaned up.
We arrived at the airport and met our 2 guides, Sam & Daniel. This group is so large it had to be split between 2 buses and 2 guides. Dubai in October is another biggie but after that I’m back to my magic number of 20-30.

Our first day of touring was to Guatape. It’s a resort town east of Medellin about a 1hr 45 mins drive. It’s known for its houses decorated with colorful bas reliefs. It sits by the Peñol-Guatape Reservoir, a busy water sports center and “The Rock” – 740 steps to reach the top. There were quite a few in the 740 club, a few in the 125 club and then a couple like myself in the Zero club because that was not for the faint of heart. Ain’t no shame in my game. I own that!

Its been a little rainy off and on but still warm. However We had great weather at the Rock. We are celebrating birthdays and having fun – Happy Birthday Valie, Rosie and Darlene. After the Rock, then a fabulous lunch by the water; they took a boat ride and partied down.
Tomorrow we head to my favorite CARTAGENA,

WordPress still acting up. Not publishing pictures. Will try later.

4 thoughts on “Notorious Medellin, No Mas

  1. Thank you this is a priceless trip for me. 


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    div>“Contentment  is a rare bird, but it sings sweetly

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