Cali Colombia, Salsa Capital of the World

We are a group of 41 with 31 being regular Kat trackers. So once again, it was a “family reunion”. This my first time being back since we barely escaped before borders were closed March 16, 2020. The spirit said “Move” and I obeyed after being here in Cali 3 days. They remained shut until May 30th. Can you imagine ? Others that returned to get a taste of this Caribbean flavored South American country where our African roots run deep, are: Valie Jones, Joyce Smith and Briana Moore. We miss you Joyce & Elvin but your baby girl, Na’Imah is carrying on the Crum positive vibes. Getting into the country was not as seamless as it once was. Immigration and Covid protocols have made a difference.

The focus here is salsa. The people eat, sleep and breathe it. It’s a way of life and we are here to experience all of it, from the history, to art and various styles of salsa dancing. 3 days here and 2 restaurants down, we will eat our way through this country at the best places. All of my tours to Colombia are centered around being in Cali on a Sunday afternoon in order to visit Viejoteca Pardo Llada. It’s only on Sunday and where the OG’s step out to show their fancy salsa moves, drink rum and dance, dance, dance and welcome us foreigners with open arms.

Tomorrow we fly to Medellin (med a jeen or med a yeen) depending upon which coast you’re from. This platform is acting up so please forgive any typos, duplicate pics or unfinished sentences.

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