Another Kattrax Best Kept Secret

So many that have missed out on the 3 trips we’ve done to Fiji have been asking “When are you going back”? My response, “no time soon”. Well I think it’s time I changed my tune.
Looking back and thinking about all those wonderful memories we’ve experienced in a far away place where the people look just like us; has made me realize how much I miss that place.

What do I miss? First of all, the love they show us. They claim and treat us as family every time we go. That Business Class nonstop from SFO on Fiji Airways was definitely the cat’s meow; from the use of Virgin’s Clubhouse to their in fight service and the fully lay flat seats. Dining on Denerau Island is a foodie’s dream; the Lomani Wai “in the water” dining experience at Radisson Blu was unreal. The beaches, zip lining, jet skiing and the top notch spas are all calling my name.

When are we going? I’ll leave that up to you.

17 thoughts on “Another Kattrax Best Kept Secret

  1. Yasssss I loved it !
    The spa The early morning walks so peaceful
    The food at the dinner
    All of this tour was life changing
    The best kept tropical place

    Glad you are curating another trip

  2. The Warwick was amazing !
    The henna bought a pearl ring to accentuate my hand and arm
    The people so gracious and caring
    Beautiful voices
    Pastor preached that Sunday !

    Funny I had my natural then a gentleman on the plane flying in thought I was a native ‘Sister’ LOL
    We had dinner at that restaurant and closed it out food was amazing Laveta had that seafood that looked like a prawn . . . It was huge! Called them a funny name
    The Warwick was a site of a Hallmark movie
    I found out later
    Yass Hunty

    🎵🎶Memories 🎵🎶
    Singin like Gladys Ha ha ha
    Huuum gotta go find my picture albums !
    Forgot the year but in my spirit Could live there ! Feel like home

  3. Ooh Wee! That planes looks better than Emirates, which I thought was just awesome. Is this a great trip for a couple or just your Sister Friends?

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