Something About The Water

Our last blog mentioned we will again Kat Track back to Ghana and Iceland. Ghana is so rich with our history and culture it’s difficult not to return to learn more and more about our ancestors. When we return we’ll spend 9 nights divided between to beach resorts; Labadi Beach in Accra & Lemon Beach in Elmina on Cape Coast.
Our 5 days on the coast will be spent enjoying the annual Bakatue Festival.

Believe it or not the Ghana and the Iceland package without details or cost are over half sold out. The 102 degree geo-thermal water in Iceland is an unbelievable experience as is lunch at the Lava Restaurant overlooking the Blue Lagoon.
We’ve had several new blog followers that have been buzzed in by long time Kat trackers. I look forward to them joining some of our unforgettable journeys. There is 1 prerequisite and I say to them: “If you don’t read your email, these are not the tours for you”. Believe me, this aspect is most important.

In closing, just know there are a few rooms left for Ghana and the Iceland “interested” list is just about maxed out. Moving forward, the Kattrax magic number is 30. I like keeping it nice and cozy.

15 thoughts on “Something About The Water

  1. Hey,

    Are Ghana and Iceland together or two different trips? We would love to go to Iceland and what year?

    Omg…here we go again. Lol

  2. Hi Kat! Please put De’borah and I down for going back to Ghana with you in 2024!!!!   Thanks,Yvette

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  3. Hey Kat,

    I hope you are well. Dana is in Ghana now. My granddaughter and I spent a couple of weeks there in 2018.

    I’m interested in Iceland. Please put me on the “interested” list, if you still have space.

    Best, 636,

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