Kat’s Kibbles & Bits

Just back from a great Ghana tour and now preparing for a 3 city stop through the country of Colombia in 2 weeks. Now I realize I’m guilty of saying, “No more” for various destinations. Well it’s not that I’ve lied but it’s just like the pain of having a baby and while those labor pains are still on your mind, one might say, “I’m not going through that again” but as soon as the painful memories have left you; you’re ready for another little one.
That said, it looks like we’ll return to Ghana in 2024. I’ve been invited by Nana Tseasewaa III Queen Mother of Gwira Akyinim Elmina to attend their annual BAKATUE FESTIVAL. The Bakatue Festival is celebrated by the Chiefs and people of Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana. The festival, established at least as far back as 1847, is celebrated on the first Tuesday in the month of July every year.

Some of our most loyal supporters who missed out on the ICELAND TOUR have been on my case to return to Iceland. If it happens it will not be attached to the North Sea Jazz. I’m really done with the Amsterdam airport. Our focus will be on returning to the BLUE LAGOON where the geo-thermal waters are 102 degrees year round.I can feel that experience now as I write. The other attraction will be THE NORTHERN LIGHTS, which like the Great Migration cannot be guaranteed but we’ll sure give it a shot between September and April.

Curating and escorting my special tours has not only been my passion but also my mission in life. How can one just end their “mission” when it’s a gift from God? How can I end all the relationships I’ve developed and maintained worldwide down through the years? I guess it’s not my call.

8 thoughts on “Kat’s Kibbles & Bits

  1. Good morning Kat! Seems you had a good time in Ghana. Please keep us in mind for Iceland 2024. Still hoping to have a chance to come to Vietnam with you! 😇Have a great day Kat.

  2. Good Morning Cuz:

    This is the BEST NEWS EVER. I am so glad you listened to you heart! Can hardly wait for the dates!! You know I will be signing up🤩

    Hugs, Cuz Nez🥰


  3. And we are so blessed and honored to have you with all of the passion love and spirit of traveling the world that you bring us and share we /I truly appreciate you beyond words
    Thank you KATT !telling you today
    Ashe and Amen
    Deb W

  4. Good Day,

    Hope all is well with you. I heard it was warm in Georgia, not sure if you’re there or on the move. We got 3 types of weather patterns here in Oakland all at the same time. It’s sunny in West Oakland, rain out by Keller and hail in San Leandro and sun and rain in Hayward. So much fun.

    Did the begging for Iceland work? Please let me know if it gets on the schedule. If it’s for 2024 I want in if there are any single room slots. I need a Blue Lagoon booster visit 😀



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