Ghana…Back Home Again

We are into day 4 of our 8 day tour. I generally start to blog immediately upon arrival in the country and that’s because I want to encourage those thinking about a particular destination to join us on the next outing but as a lot of you already know, Kat has already scaled back considerably.
Here we are and again it’s been an emotionally charged experience in learning about how our ancestors suffered at the hands of the oppressors. We visited the site of the “Last Slave Bath” to the “Door of No Return” to where the narrative has been changed to the “Door of Return”as we here now are welcomed back to learn the horribly incredible path our ancestors had to endure. We’ve had as before amazing guides at the sites we have visited. At the invitation of my dear friend, Queen Mother Nana Tseasewaa III, of the Elmina Village we stopped by the Elmina Beach Resort briefly to say hello en route to our lunch at Coconut Grove Beach Resort minutes away.
The dungeons of Cape Coast Castle is always emotionally charged and draining but it was the reality. Our naming ceremony at the Torgorme Village has been an unforgettable highlight for the group.

Our dining experience thus far has been second to none dining at some of the best Ghana has to offer for lunch and dinner: Tam Tam, Treehouse, The Mix, Telande Tea Garden and the Royal Senchi.

Tomorrow we fly to Kumasi, the Ashanti region for a 2 night stay. Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Ghana…Back Home Again

  1. I love the pictures of home! Is it not amazing to find out just how resilient our ancesters were, and continue to endure all of that – the crossing of the Atlantic – slavery – and what we have today! Enjoy!!

  2. Pretty amazing trip Kat Woman! You are always on point and that young Chef Daniel is by far one of the best cooking young people I Have met; he can throw down! Every single dish, down to the creamy vinaigrette was simply Scrumpterou! Thanks, as always, for a great experience.

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